• Game - Price of Fear: Origins is now available


    We've got a new game for you all tonight! Price of Fear: Origins is a remake of the original Price of Fear, an effort by the game makers to remake some of their earlier games.

    If you're looking for some pony horror to help wrap up the weekend check out the game after the break.
    We are glad to introduce you Price of Fear: Origins, the reimagination of the legendary original game, and his series. We've updated graphics, mechanics, and more other stuff. As and recent Price of Fears, Price of Fear: Origins is following by a new formula of Fair Hardcore.

    Of course, it's not all we want you to see all stuff with your own eyes. Despite the fact what the game is a reimagination and a reboot, it's still connected with the original roots. Haven't got a chance to meet the original? Or you stick with the Price of Fear: After Dawn? Relax, you can boldly start with this part.

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    Price of Fear: Origins Screenshots

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    As always, thank you for your support in such hard times!
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