• Fanfiction (Souted): Trixie and Prince Charming


    Author: Rixizu

    Description: Princess Luna couldn't be more proud of her newest student Trixie. The filly was bold, smart, and daring to a fault. Unfortunately, over the last couple of months, Trixie still hadn't been able to make any friends in Canterlot at all and had adapted poorly to life in the castle and the Night Court. Trixie was an oddity to the upper echelons of society, a poor filly with no money or title to her name at all and a notorious troublemaker. Determined to do everything in her power to fix this, Luna sets Trixie on a playdate with one of the foals of the Night Court nobles to get her student the friendship and love she needs. And Luna has the perfect candidate, a lovely little colt Trixie's age named Prince Blueblood.

    Trixie and Prince Charming