• Games: Price of Fear and Alice - The Bleak Figures Released!

    Two new horror-themed pony games have been released just in time for the Halloween season! Produced by Cybertronix Games, you can find screenshots they included for both games, as well as the download links, after the break!

    Heya guys! Long time we didn't post new stuff to you. Don't worry, we are alive, and also, it's a Spookctober! We've prepared two gifts for you.

    Alice: The Bleak Figures is a pony adaptation of McGee's Alice and direct continuation of Alice: Madness Return. The game contains severe changes. However, it follows the general spirit, which was established by American McGee.

    Price of Fear: After Dawn is a new page in the Price of Fear franchise, the series takes back the horror side and brings detective elements to it.

    Also, we have refused from texted UI and choose interacted UI like in the Dead Space series. Now, this is a standard for our upcoming game, and believe me, it not the end.

    Our discord and site communities are growing up, and all of that is your merit. We are always active there!
    Keep up expanding our pony family!

    Also, we are periodically updating our new and old games. So don't forget about to check the version of the games at our site or discord channel. Maybe they are already got an update

    Alice: The Bleak Figures Screenshots

    Price of Fear: After Dawn Screenshots

    As always, thank you for your support in such hard times everypony!
    We are 3 years with you yeay!

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