• Fluttershy Day Discussion - Character Development, Episode Ideas and More

    As one of our main mares, Fluttershy has been with us since the beginning of the show. Always the shy one, her character arc to develop her assertiveness was a rather slow one with subtle changes to her character season after season. This usually put her in contrast with her friends who seemed to develop their character in leaps and bounds, whether it is becoming a Princess, joining the Wonderbolts or opening up a chain of boutiques. Besides her quest to come out of her shell she is of course known just as well for her relationship with Discord which has made for many interesting episodes throughout the show's run while also making Discord a far more sympathetic character.

    Now that the show is over, what do you think of Fluttershy's character arc? Do you think it could have been handled better or were you fine with it? What sort of episodes ideas do you all have that you would have liked to see Fluttershy take part in?

    Discuss all this and more in the comments!

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