• 45 Amazing Plushies for Fluttershy Day!

    Yeah, she kinda freaked me out too.

    People want to cuddle Fluttershy, and that causes a lot of plushie love. I've mixed in a few great ones with the new stuff from the last year, so expect some new and old.

    Get em all below!

    [1] Source

    Fluttershy beanie plush Bronycon 2019 by Epicrainbowcrafts

    [2] Source

    Fluttershy with Socks by ButtercupBabyPPG

    [3] Source

    Wet mane Lifesize Fluttershy - comission open Jan- by Epicrainbowcrafts

    [4] Source

    Fluttrshy Plush by nekokevin

    [5] Source

    Fluttershy Faux fur Cuddle size 3 feet / 90cm long by Epicrainbowcrafts

    [6] Source

    Fluttershy Lifesize 50 inch /130cm custom plushie by Epicrainbowcrafts

    [7] Source

    Fluttershy Large Plush by SophiesPlushies

    [8] Source

    34inch Blushing Fluttershy plush by qtpony

    [9] Source

    [SOLD] Flutterbat 110 cm by NakedSkull

    [10] Source

    Fluttershy plush by meplushyou

    [11] Source

    Flutterbat plush by DoctorKoda

    [12] Source

    Flutterfilly by fireflytwinkletoes

    [13] Source

    Fluttershy Lifesize Plushie by FluttershyHiker

    [14] Source

    Flutterbat plush with apple by meplushyou

    [15] Source

    by Meplushyou on Twitter

    [16] Source

    Yay! by ZizZaz

    [17] Source

    by Meplushyou on Twitter

    [18] Source

    by Varonya on Twitter

    [19] Source

    Laying Flutterbat Custom Plush by Chibi-pets

    [20] Source

    Flutterbat Plush toy by DoctorKoda

    [21] Source

    Lifesize Fluttershy - Extra detailed mane by Epicrainbowcrafts

    [22] Source

    Fluttershy by PlanetPlush

    [23] Source

    Flutterbat by WhiteDove-Creations

    [24] Source

    Cute bunny | Fluttershy Plushie by Ponimalion

    [25] Source

    Fluttershy in 65cm by rtry

    [26] Source

    Flutterbat Beanie by Peruserofpieces

    [27] Source

    Flutterbat plush for sale by My-Little-Plush

    [28] Source

    Cuddle size Fluttershy standing version by Epicrainbowcrafts

    [29] Source

    Fluttershy plushie toy by DoctorKoda

    [30] Source

    Fluttershy by KetikaCraft

    [31] Source

    + Lying down Fluttershy Plush + by LionCubCreations

    [32] Source

    Lie Down Fluttershy by Azurier

    [33] Source

    Standing Handmade Fluttershy Plushies by Azurier

    [34] Source

    + Plush Commission 3 of 7: Fluttershy with socks + by LionCubCreations

    [35] Source

    MLP Fluttershy Plush by Little-Broy-Peep

    [36] Source

    Handmade Fluttershy Custom Plush by NazFX

    [37] Source

    Cuddle size Fluttershy plush by RosaMariposaCrafts

    [38] Source

    Flutterwonderful by P0w3rPorco

    [39] Source

    Flutterbatty During the Magic Hour by FluttershyHiker

    [40] Source

    Fluttershy BIG plushie - llifesize mlp fim plush by LanaCraft

    [41] Source

    *FOR SALE* 45inch laying Fluttershy Plushie by shindeeru

    [42] Source

    sitting Fluttershy Plushie by rtry

    [43] Source

    MLP Rainbow Power Fluttershy plush by Egalgay

    [44] Source

    Lifesize Fluttershy plush by RosaMariposaCrafts