• 25 Awesome Fanfics to Read for Fluttershy Day

    Fluttershy discover all those weird fanfics you all write about her. reaction above.

    We've got 25 fanfics to read today! This list is different from last year, so if your favorite isn't included, its probably in that one or the year before.

    Thanks to Whisper Key again for scouting them out for us!

    Slice of Life

    Fluttershy and Celestia Play Chess by BronyWriter
    When the mane six go to see a Wonderbolt's show in Canterlot, Fluttershy decides to not go as crowds of that size make her too nervous. So, Princess Celestia decides to spend the day with her instead while her friends are away. The two decide to play a few simple games of chess to pass the time...

    An Ordinary Day by alt-tap
    Fluttershy lives a happy life. Every day is special. All of her friends are lovely ponies.
    Today is a day just like any other; she wakes in the morning, does her chores, sees her friends, takes a nap and sees more of her friends before an evening of relaxation.
    Just an ordinary, wonderful day.

    Calendar Chaos by Impossible Numbers
    Fluttershy put down the marker pen and frowned at her calendar. “I just thought: When is your birthday, Discord?”
    On the sofa, Discord stopped eating his saucer and stifled a chuckle. “Birthdays? Come now, Fluttershy. What makes you think the Master of Chaos wastes his time on birthdays?”

    Fluttershy's Secret Kissing Story by Ara
    Fluttershy remembers the kisses she'd shared over her lifetime, reflecting on the different circumstances and how she'd grown as a pony.

    We Were Bunnies by Heartshine
    Fluttershy asks Twilight what happens after death. Or if there is anything that occurs before life. The answer, it turns out, is complicated.


    The Fluttershark by cogwheelbrain
    The Fluttershark: elusive; yellow and pink; lots of teeth.
    Also practices friendship. Underwater.
    Swim faster.

    Fortresshy: The Nine Fathers by Tatsurou
    Red Team had been given an assignment. It wasn't the usual sort of assignment. They were assigned to defend their base 'until further notice'...and then never received notice. All announcements sounded pre-recorded, and enemy assaults were few and far between. The enforced inactivity was slowly fraying the bonds of the team...
    ...until something unexpected arrived. A tiny creature appears one day in their fortress, in need of compassion and care. Somehow, she finds that in this group of strange individuals, as she becomes their baby.
    Crossover with Team Fortress 2.

    "You Do Know She Wrestles Bears, Right?" by -TGM-
    Fluttershy might be stronger than she looks.
    At least, that's what Rainbow says. Applejack's skeptical, to say the least. Especially after she just lost an arm wrestling match. Besides, that sweet, gentle pony couldn't win a tug-of-war against butterflies, much less be stronger than her, right?

    Alone by Stereo_Sub
    Fluttershy is alone for the day in her cottage. With nopony around to interrupt or eavesdrop, she takes the opportunity to have some fun...

    Cidershy by Salivanth
    It's Fluttershy's twenty-first birthday, and her friends expose her to the wonder of cider for the first time. But how will the adorably shy pony react to this intoxicating new beverage?

    What Fluttershy Saw by SockPuppet
    Fluttershy comes home from school early, learns more about pegasus magic than she ever wanted to know, and vows to live on the ground for the rest of her life.


    This View of Life by Powderjaggy
    Discord and Fluttershy go on a nature walk. They talk about life, and also death.

    I, Fluttershy: Kill the Dawn by President Dead
    500 years have passed since the awful reason for Fluttershy’s suffering was finally revealed to her, and after a devastating series of events which all but put an end to equine society, Equestria has finally stabilised under the benevolent rule of Princess Twilight Sparkle.
    But when an apocalyptic external incident threatens to undo all that Twilight and Fluttershy have worked towards, an old friend of Fluttershy’s arrives to pose a terrible question and an impossible choice, the answer to which perhaps found in an unspeakable past rooted in agonising guilt and profound despair.

    A Friend to All by Azure_Shadow
    Things have changed in Canterlot High after the events of the Fall Formal. Sunset Shimmer no longer bullies anyone, and the school is now free from her iron grip and all are happy about it. Well...everyone except Sunset Shimmer herself. Even after multiple events to atone for her previous actions, most students won't do anything but shoot her a cold glance. For the first time in her life, Sunset Shimmer feels alone and unwanted in the world. This may all change when the last person she'd ever expect to speak to again asks her one question.
    "Um..are you ok?"

    Help by Daemon of Decay
    All Fluttershy needs is a little bit of help, and everything will be fine. She can always count on her friends to help her in her time of need. They're such good friends. But... where are they?

    Watch the Skies by take flight
    When Rainbow Dash leaves to care for her dying mother, nopony is more heartbroken than Fluttershy. Every morning she watches the horizon, waiting for Dash's return.


    Such Sweet Poison by AugieDog
    When Twilight becomes determined to unravel the mystery of how poison joke does what it does, Fluttershy agrees to help since her reaction to the flower is the least debilitating among all their friends. Things don't go as planned, of course, and the experience changes Fluttershy and Twilight's lives in ways neither of them could ever have imagined.

    In Quiet Moments by Krickis
    Nurse Redheart loves her job. She’s the head nurse at Ponyville Hospital, and she helps take care of everypony in town. It’s a very rewarding job, and she loves it very much. At least that’s what reminds herself of every day.
    The only thing that Redheart loves more than her job is Feverfew, her pet skunk. So when Feverfew gets sick after the veterinarian’s office is closed, Redheart knows there’s only one pony she trusts with her beloved pet’s care.
    Meanwhile, Fluttershy seems to think that Feverfew isn’t the only one with a problem, and that not all ailments are physical.

    Letters of Love by Glitch_319
    When Sunset Shimmer finds out her best friend Fluttershy hasn't been asked out to the school dance, the young girl takes it upon herself to change that, with an anonymous letter. Little does she know, how it'll change everything.

    A Chance by elmago02
    It's Friday and the classes just finished. All of Fluttershy's friends have plans for the weekend, leaving her with no one to spend it with. Suddenly, the one person she has feelings for asks her to spend some time together. Is this just a dream? No, this is a chance life just gave her.

    Shedding Velvet by Dott
    Harmony is dying. Order and chaos are out of balance. Something must be done; a sacrifice must be made.
    Fluttershy knows this, but she does not accept it.


    A Wrong-Sized Tail by Impossible Numbers
    "Fluttershy has tail extensions!" And thus was revealed a secret that Fluttershy hoped would never come out.
    There's nothing wrong with having a short tail. Looks aren't everything. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Fluttershy knows every cliché, every truth, every comfort statement; it doesn't help what she sees in the mirror when the extensions are removed.
    So how to deal with the fact that ugliness – however cruel its judgement – is also in the eye of the beholder? An eye, more to the point, that has difficulty looking away, no matter what the beholder wants or needs to see?
    Perhaps, in the end, it needs another set of eyes to do the beholding…

    Gone by Charles Spratt
    This was the summer that everything went wrong. This was the summer that my best friend vanished.

    Jolene by Jade Ring
    On the surface, it's an ordinary meeting between friends. Fluttershy and the former Princess Celestia are friends, aren't they? How could they not be?
    And because they're friends, Fluttershy has something very important to discuss with the former leader of Equestria. Very important and very personal. It involves fears, doubts, and the romantic life of the creature who was once Equestria's greatest threat...


    We Need A Medic by Onomonopia
    It was supposed to be an easy summer for Fluttershy. Spend the summer learning how to ride around in an ambulance so that she can get the extra credit needed to get to veterinary school early. Something not too difficult that she could get some life experience with.
    Yet this will be a summer she will never be able to forget. Instead of simply riding around in an ambulance, she gets sucked into a reality of mechanical aliens, robots in disguise and a war between two factions that has gone on longer than any human or pony has been alive.
    And then there's Ratchet. He's a jerk.