• 17 of the best Starlight Glimmer Songs for Starlight Day!

    I wonder if she can actually play it, or if she just used it as an edgy decoration?

    Onward to music! we have 17 of the best tracks to listen to for Starlight Day. Get them all below.

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    Daniel Ingram - Say Goodbye to the Holiday (µThunder Remix) by µThunderMusic

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    Faulty & John Kenza - Sweet (feat. PegasYs) by John Kenza

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    Jyc Row & UndreamedPanic - EQUALIZER (feat. Agatan, Metajoker & MC-Arch) by Jyc Row

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    【Music】twinkle (ft. namii) by Vylet Pony

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    Plum Creek Rhythm Section - "Glimmer" [Official Lyric Video] by PlumCreekRhythmSection

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    We're Friendship Bound (Remastered / Extended Remix) - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by Toby Macarony

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    PegasYs - Glimdonk [Glitch Hop] by Ponies At Dawn

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    General Mumble - Goodbye, Holiday by Mumble Etc.

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    Alternate History (VIP) by Hay Tea

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    "Teach Me!" - Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Sparkle Song! by VocalScorePony

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    NeverLastStanding - Tantalize by NeverLastStanding

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    ShobieShy - House of Glim [House] by ShobieShy

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    Freewave - Shiny Happy Ponies by thefreewave

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    ♬ | fuzzy purple pancakes | starlight original song | strigidae by strigidae

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    eksoka - The Way of Dawn by eksoka Music

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    Fortune's Favour - By Reverbrony by Reverb Brony

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    [Lo-Fi] Tw3Lv3 ~ Starlight's Dream by Tw3Lv3


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