• All Good Things Glimmer: Starlight Glimmer Day Begins

    With all of chaos going on as of late it might be a bit more of a footnote than usual that spring is finally here. And as spring rolls around so does our annual celebration of all things Starlight Glimmer! Hopefully with so many of us at home as of late at least we can enjoy a bit of Starlight goodness throughout our day here on Equestria Daily as we celebrate another one of our Appreciation Days!

    Haven't gotten your Starlight stuff into us yet? Well, you have until 12pm PST to send your media into submit@equestriadaily.com with the subject reading Starlight Glimmer Day followed by the type of media you're sending in.

    Example: Starlight Glimmer Day - Comics

    We hope you all enjoy and wish you all a great day ahead! Keep stopping by for more of our regular postings as well as Starlight Glimmer goodness.

    Twitter: Calpain