• 23 Awesome Fanfics to Read for Starlight Glimmer Day!

    They may not have hooked up in the show, but in fanfiction, anything goes. Below the break, get 23 more fanfics from out scout Whisper Key. These are different from the ones last year, so if your favorite isn't here, it's probably over there.

    Now go read some glimmy

    Slice of Life

    How We Burn by Cold in Gardez
    In the library of Twilight Sparkle's castle, there is a book where none should be. There is no record of it being entered into the collection. It is not in the card catalog. It has never been checked out. Before yesterday nopony knew it existed.
    It is the only book she has ever tried to destroy.

    Sunburned by Summer Dancer
    Sunburst might be a grown stallion, but that doesn't keep an overprotective sister like Sunset Shimmer from smacking a filly.

    The Land of The Dead by GaPJaxie
    Twilight learns what comes after life ends.

    You Forgot Your Toothbrush! by FamousLastWords
    Dear Princess Celestia,
    About that Spike-looking toothbrush. It’s not what it would seem…

    The Memory Machine by Cold in Gardez
    Flim and Flam aren't the kind of ponies one should trust with powerful magical artifacts. Reformed villains like Starlight Glimmer probably aren't, either. But there's no harm in the Memory Machine.
    You can't change the past, but maybe you can drown it out.

    Freak Like Me by Lucky Seven
    Starlight Glimmer, recently reformed pupil of Princess Twilight Sparkle, has a question that only one creature in Equestria can answer.


    Heaven of a Hell by Rambling Writer
    Once upon a time, Twilight went to hell. It wasn’t that bad. It was pretty great, actually. It had a library! A big one. Like, bigger-than-the-universe big. But then Twilight went and got herself kicked out of hell, and now she’s depressed.
    There’s only one logical solution: with Starlight’s reluctant help, Twilight is going to break into hell and invade its library. Oh, it’ll be tricky — trying to find one specific location in an infinite dimension tends to be a bit hard — but the infinite knowledge it’ll provide is too good to pass up. Twilight will find that library if it kills her (which, since this is hell, isn’t the worst thing ever in the grand scheme of things).
    There is absolutely no way this can possibly go wrong.

    Analytics by GaPJaxie
    When Twilight creates an amulet that bestows ultimate knowledge, she must face her greatest foe yet -- statistics!

    Lost Faculty by FanOfMostEverything
    As the former Bearers of Harmony and future Council of Friendship prepare to take the reins of the nation, something has to give. In this case, "something" is their positions at the School of Friendship.
    This leaves said school's new headmare in a bit of a predicament. After all, the school now has two headponies, one counselor, and zero teachers.
    At least qualifications were never a big concern.

    The Faculty Hotness Ranking by CategoricalGrant
    "'Colts will be Colts' is not a sentiment that applies here at my Friendship School!
    Times have changed. Kids or not, everyone, students of friendship included, have to answer for these sorts of disrespectful displays. Now, all of you, down to Counselor Glimmer's office, immediately! I'm going to have a long chat with her about what to do with you all!"

    Twilight's Secret Shouting by BronyOverlord
    Twilight has a secret. Specifically, she's been studying something in secret for the past couple of months, and won't tell anypony what it is that she's doing.
    Unfortunately for her, Starlight is curious.

    Silent Savior by RarityEQM
    Did you know it's possible to save Equestria without lifting a claw, or even breaking a sweat?
    Spike has saved Equestria 196 times since Starlight moved in.
    This is one of those times.


    A Crazed Gleam by FanOfMostEverything
    The plan had been perfect, taking everything from Twilight Sparkle and trapping her in a no-win situation. Then Twilight showed Starlight the alleged consequences of her actions.
    But there's a bit more to the story. Starlight Glimmer has paid a heavy price, but there's one more debt to call in.
    After all, Discord doesn't make idle threats.

    You Left Me Standing At My Front Door by milesprower06
    Starlight Glimmer has been taken under the wing of Princess Twilight Sparkle.
    Now, with parchment in front of her, she tries to empty the broken heart she has carried for two decades, and writes to the only friend she had growing up.

    The Long Con by Jade Ring
    This is the moment that she has been waiting years for.
    After all this time, Equestria's new ruler pays a visit to her most valuable prisoner to fully map out her failure. Years of deception, manipulation, and betrayals have led to this one moment, and she intends to savor every look that crosses the Princess of Friendship's face.
    And after, when the alicorn truly understands how perfectly she was played, there will still be one final bit of business that needs to be settled...


    Resting Witch Face by Aragon
    Trixie and Starlight discover witchcraft is real, and do the obvious thing about it.


    The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers by scifipony
    Starlight Glimmer's past and future collide in Canterlot a few years before the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration. Still bruised by the loss of Sunburst, runaway Starlight Glimmer tries to forget her recent past at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns but the crimes of that past and Celestia's original protégé, Sunset Shimmer, make that difficult. What happens will change Equestria forever.

    Pandemic by ASGeek2012
    Lazy Pines is a small town in the high country of Colorado, easily overshadowed by the bigger sights to see along Colorado State 9. When influenza strikes the town hard, it is little more than a statistical blip in a typical flu season. No one thinks any more of it as the initial wave of infection passes ... until the other symptoms begin to manifest.
    Meanwhile, during what should have been a routine trip to Canterlot, Twilight Sparkle stumbles upon a strange anomaly which turns into an all-consuming mystery. As she discovers the complex web of magic stubbornly maintaining this mystery's secrets, she grows worried what it could mean for herself and her family.
    And as the residents of Lazy Pines struggle to understand -- or even believe -- what is happening to them, two worlds have irrevocably been set on a direct collision course.

    Daddy Issues by Justice3442
    Once upon a time, Starlight Glimmer told Sunset Shimmer that, she, much like Sunset, was an orphan. Fast forward to Starlight somewhat reconciling with her dad and Twilight keeping her dear friend Sunset, in the loop…
    “Not well” is one way to sum up how Sunset reacts.

    Nothing Left to Lose by Freglz
    Some things can't be changed.
    Starlight believes otherwise.

    Shining Together by Bookish Delight
    "Hey, it's Starlight. Meet me at your portal in an hour. I'm coming over."
    Sunset Shimmer was enjoying a completely ordinary day when those words appeared in her journal.
    Whether or not it will stay ordinary... well, they'll have to play that one by ear.


    Starting Over Again by RHJunior
    There are consequences for meddling with time, and Starlight Glimmer has fallen afoul of them. But Twilight Sparkle just might have a work-around...
    An alt-timeline version of "Step Right In And Start Again" by shortskirtsandexplosions.

    The Persistence of Destiny by Cold Bolt
    There are good reasons why most unicorns want nothing to do with time magic: it's dangerous. One tiny slip-up could have far-flung consequences no one saw coming, something few understand better than Starlight Glimmer now that she's seen it for herself.
    Which is why, after testing a temporal spell of her own creation results in her waking up in her old village with a nasty headache, she sets out to fix her mistake at any cost... only to find that destiny seems to have a different plan in mind for her, and a rather unlikely set of allies.