• IDW My Little Pony Short Comic Box Available to Order Through Your Local Comic Shop!!

    The Ultimate My Little Pony Comic Storage Box has finally been revealed!!!

    This is something I have been looking forward to ever since IDW and BCW teamed up a few years ago to do a Transformers Comic Storage Box.

    Anyways, there were a couple of My Little Pony Comic Offerings that were overlooked when IDWs solicits went up for November 2019 last Friday.* Most of them were the usual Trade Paperback collections and reprintings, a couple of comic variant covers for both the Holiday Special and MLP:FiM #84, and this beautiful piece of folded plastic and/or cardboard!

     If you are a My Little Pony comic collector, you definitely need this box! You'll be able to find the full order information after the break!

    *NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond my control, and which I will not go into, I was unable to post the solicits last week.

    BCW: My Little Pony Short Box 5 Pack

    Calling all My Little Pony fans! Looking for a place to store your favorite issues of MLP? Keep your comics safe and spruce up your space with this special short box from IDW, Hasbro, and BCW! Designed to match your existing short boxes, this specially themed My Little Pony box will hold up to 175 comics. With easy instructions and colorful art, this short box is sure to be a great fit for all your My Little Pony adventures!

    Featuring the art of Andy Price, Tony Fleecs, and Valentina Pinto!

    Diamond Order Code: SEP190690

    Order Due Date: September 26th, 2019

    Final Order Cutoff: 10/14/2019

    Don't delay, get in contact with your Local Comic Shop Today!


    Thanks to our friend Seahawk270 and our friends at IDW Publishing, we have some information about how the pricing for this is going to work.

    The boxes are priced at $45 wholesale for a bundle of five boxes (which breaks down to $9 per box). That $45 is the price your LCS will pay Diamond to get the boxes. That $45 price tag is not the price you will pay to get the boxes at your LCS.

    The price you pay will be higher than $9 per box. How much higher? Well, that depends on how much of a profit your LCS wants to make off of this box since they can set the price for these boxes at their stores. Be sure to get in contact with your LCS to find out their pricing for these boxes.