• Equestria At War - 1.6 "Sundered South" Mod Released

    The Hearts of Iron 4 conversion mod, "Equestria at War" has officially released it's 1.6 installment, bringing on yet another giant swarm ponifications for you all to spice up your world domination with.  The amount of stuff in this makes me think it's one of the most extensive game mods out there in ponyland.

    Head on down below for the breakdown straight from the creators!

    "I promised my friend I would play Equestria at War and its actually a very well done mod, I was extremely surprised" ~ Daniel Sjöberg - Developer at Paradox Interactive

    Equestria at War is a My Little Pony total conversion for Hearts of Iron 4, the comprehensive WW2 strategy game by Paradox Interactive.

    The 1.6 "Sundered South" release has just come out, fleshing out splinter nations in the event of an Equestrian Civil War. As Nightmare Moon and Celestia fight far to the north, the ponies of the south must make their own way. 

    Play as Cabelleron or Daring Do as they battle Nightmare Moon cultists in the jungle, help the new workers republic of Baltimare turn their movement from a confused uprising to Communist utopia, or take the reigns in Las Pegasus where nervous tycoons wish to sit out the war, much to the displeasure of their citizens.

    Mod Features
    - A complete custom made map of the continents of Equus and Griffonia, with cities, populations, histories, and detailed terrain.
    - 60+ nations with focus trees, each with their own unique combination of lore, focus trees, events and mechanics.
    - 300+ character portraits and 1000+ icons specifically made for this mod, with hundreds more drawn from across the MLP fandom and the HOI4 modding community.
    - Custom mechanics to represent the magical fantasy universe of MLP - magical equipment and resources, different races such as Changelings, Ponies, Undead, Griffons, Deer and Diamond Dogs, each with unique technology and special mechanics.
    - A rich interactive world of choice driven storytelling, featuring detailed political branches and complex events, totalling over 800,000 words of writing. (and a complete Russian translation too!)

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    Common Questions
    Do I need HOI4 expansions to play this?
    No, the mod is compatible with the base game.
    I'm new to HOI4 - what do I need to know?
    Check out the primer on our Wiki.