• Compilation Album: Never Say Neigh - Black Stable Vol. 2 [Dubstep]

    It is here, the second installment in the community's leading parody of the Dubstep scene's leading label Never Say Die! Lots of hard-hitting-ness in this one too, as you could expect! The album opens with a very creative and nostalgic track by AJ Young that samples many community classics (can you recognize them all?), Hoofy's contribution is themed around Nightmare Moon, Paloris' track includes amazing pony rapping from N. Hollow and sick instrumental parts inbetween the vocal parts too, UndreamedPanic's track has got an intriguing story and makes awesome use of epic and emotional choirs, and that's not all! Down 74x9, SKUNKED, and Suskii's tracks showcase amazing sound design and insane hard-hitting-ness too, parodying the label! With both pony/brony tributes and quality Dubstep, this is an album that you shouldn't miss!
    Download the album from Bandcamp here! And if you want to join Never Say Neigh's official Discord server to stay updated, it's over here!