• Love for Bat Pony Music: Forest Rain - Colony (feat. Wubcake) (Covering Crusader!) [Pop Punk]

    In response to Crusader's Acoustic love song to a bat pony, Forest Rain teamed up with Wubcake and with the help of iRhymeTheSongs, they made a new version of the song using the power of Punk Rock music! Enacting such a tender and lovely scene between pony and bat pony anew with the help of a cute cover art by StormBlaze, the song is starring the incredible vocal talents of both Forest Rain and Wubcake who totally do wonders at embodying themselves as pony and bat pony in this setting, and the definitely very rocking instrumental is bringing epic solos and heavy riffs alike to uplift the soul of the listener. Now this beauty of a track is sure to conquer the heart of the beloved bat pony!