• My Little Pony: Pocket Ponies Gets an Update

    Pocket Ponies has apparently recieved a new update for all of you out there collecting them all. A Bunch of new levels have been added, new ponies, and more masters and teachers to battle it out against.

    Head on down below for the patch notes.

    What's New
    Everypony, new adventures await you at the School of Friendship! A whole
    new area is available to explore: the Forest Path!

    • NEW LEVELS – 27 new arcade popping levels to complete!
    • NEW POCKET PONIES - Play exciting challenges with Pocket Ponies from
    the new collections: RETRO PONIES or PETS!
    • NEW MASTER & TEACHERS – Face-off against newcomers, such as Gabby,
    Apple Bloom, Trixie and Zecora. Rank high enough to take on the new
    Pocket Pony Master: Fluttershy!
    • A few bugs have been squashed

    Thanks to Whothehay and Squeakybelle for the heads up.