• 2020 Brony Thank You Fund Calendar Now Available for Order

    The Brony Thank You Fund has announced that the 2020 calendar is now open, dedicated to ponifying a bunch of anime for each month. A full list of artists and conventions you can pick it up at can be found below. All funds go toward pediatric cancer research.

    Go get it below.

    Do you wish your school held a cultural festival? Do you harbor a craving to go to the beach and smash watermelons? Are you drawing up plans for a giant mecha-pony in your spare time? Well, have we got a calendar for you!

    Yep, it's calendar time again, and this year we're dealing with a bad case of Otaku Pony Complex! Imagine a world where it was ponies that populated your favorite anime. One Punch Mare! Space Parrot Captain Harlock! Madoka Maregica! All your favorites get the pony treatment, from Attack on Titan to Yu-gi-oh! and even Death Note.

    The calendar features the best pro and fan artists, and includes details and trivia about the anime, as well as the usual VA and staff birthdays. Last year we sold out in November, so order now to make sure you don't get stuck with a boring old non-pony calendar next year.

    Calendars will be available at BABScon, Everfree Northwest and BronyCon. You can also get one mail order on eBay for $15 plus shipping. All funds benefit pediatric cancer research at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, a worldwide leader in research and treatment.