• Letters to the My Little Pony Staff - The Letters! (Part 1!)

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    If you missed the announcement last week, we started collecting letters to the show staff in the aftermath of season 9 being officially confirmed to be the last. They tweeted out their love of the fandom, and we are going to flood them right back with some of ours!

    I expected about 100 or so to come in. I did not expect to double that and then some.

    A few things- If you sent one with a bunch of bolds/italics/emoticons/images I had to strip those, as they break things. If you included a full real-life name, I axed the last name as I don't want to get an email in five years saying it needs to be removed. You'd be surprised at how often that happens!

    This is set one of two. I think there actually might be a cap on how long these posts can be before people's devices stop working, and this will most likely exceed it. It's a lot of words! Part 2 will arrive tomorrow.

    Anyway, I'll shut up. Go read the letters below!

    Letters to the My Little Pony Show Staff!

    To the entire team (yes, including you, Faust (in spirit), and the VA's of the show and of course, the team behind the scenes:

    I only first heard about the show in 2013. I paid little to no attention back then, but I started listening to fandom music in the end of 2014, only because I liked it. I had no idea it would lead me down to where I am right now.

    I only started watching it in full from S5 onwards, but I feel like I have known so much about the show and its lore.

    I want to extend all my thanks to you all, for having me go down this ride that seemingly never ended. Especially since you have introduced me into a show that made me learn more on friendship, and introduce me to a fandom where I have made more friends.

    To you, the ride may be ending, but for me, I'll never end this ride. Because it completes my life. Be proud of what you created, and what resulted.

    As in the words of Dr Seuss:
    "Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened."

    Thank you all.


    Dear DHX,

    You guys may have made some remarkable things before, but nothing compares to the gratefulness of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is truly one of the best cartoons of the modern age. Sometimes I feel like MLP was the only good cartoon that exists today. You guys have truly inspired me, and dozens of others, to create their own worlds and creations. For all you given us, and from all of us, thank you. Thank you for the amazing world that you've created. Without MLP, what good cartoons would exist?

    Colour Star

    I'm not good with words, but I still wanted to write a little something.

    To me, Friendship is Magic is more than just a show. A wonderful community was built around it, and you can be proud.
    I hope you realize how much impact you had on so many people, giving them joy and inspiring them to create music, drawings, comics, fanfics, animations, games.
    The show may be ending this year, but what you created will last much longer. Let's celebrate the final season as it should be!

    Thank you, sincerely.

    -- Alexandre

    This show has meant so much to me over the years. I've been through a lot of stuff mentally and it was really rough. This show is and always will be a beacon of light in my life. When I think of ending, I try to find a new beginning. Thank you all so much for the smiles over the years. I will never forget how much y'all have impacted me and my well-being. I don't know what the future holds, but what you lot have done will always have a place in my heart forever. Thank you for everything

    -- Taloon

    To the people responsible for bringing My Little Pony G4 to life.
    This are my words for the last year for the Magic of Friendship. :(
    I started to be part of the fandom since 2011, when I got to know the show on my own and out of curiosity, after discover on the Internet I realized that I was not the only one, everywhere the same thing happened. Until I admitted that I am a brony at the beginning of 2012, when I saw the first full season. Witness the fandom boom in 2013, fame, memes, conventions, Equestria Girls, the movie. I learned to value my friendships and to make even new ones! The fandom and the series changed me in a way that I never expected. It was an incredible 9 years, knowing that it will come to an end will split my soul and my heart totally. I think we never hope that this series would reach us so deep in our being.
    I do not know what would happen in the future, or if the fandom would change.
    I can only tell you that watching My Little Pony g4 was the best decision I made.
    I hope I can endure this year, the difficult and painfull for all of us, especially me.
    I can only say, thank you My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. For let me begin my life as a brony.

    If there is a single word I can use to say how My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has changed my life, it would simply be "Life-changing" - and in absolutely every single way possible. Ever since 2011 when I first started watching the show, the very passionate community has driven and inspired me to do what I love; which is creating music. I was one of the people in the very first wave creating music for the fandom, 8 years ago. I built up a relatively large following I would NEVER have had, performed my music at dozens of conventions across the world(!!!!), and met hundreds of fantastic and amazing people who have similarily had their lives changed as well. If it weren't for the show, I wouldn't be pursuing my passion of making music to this day, nor would I have the current lifelong friends I've made. Through the show and my music I met the love of my life, my very best friend, who I am engaged to. I owe my entire life to the show's existence, and conversely to the entire team of wonderful people who helped create the show - the team of people who set in motion the events that made me who I am today, the people who allowed me to experience the entire world through my fandom-driven music, pursue my passions, and fall in love with and get married to the girl of my dreams(we're going on 5 years, now!). I really do owe my entire life and well-being to every single person who helped work on the show. I can't express my gratitude enough. Nor can the hundreds of thousands - if not more - people who have had their lives changed because of the show. I'm sad to see its ending, but I'm happy for what it has given me - and I forever will be. To everyone who worked on this show - thank you. Your work literally means the world to me, and I hope you realize the extent of what your work has given to people like me. Thank you. So much.

    Three years after My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic debuted, I had no idea it existed. I knew about My Little Pony, but had no idea that there was a new iteration. I was out of the loop on pretty much everything back then. One night in November 2013, I went over to a friend’s house to hang out. We were looking for something to watch on Netflix and she suggested My Little Pony. I was completely against the idea, but she told me I could make fun of it the entire time, so I told her I probably wouldn’t shut up through the whole thing. She put on the first Equestria Girls movie, and I didn’t speak throughout the whole thing. I remember being so into it that absolutely nothing could distract me. I was mesmerized by the story, the animation, the characters. When it was over I told her that I thought it was legitimately good. We then put on episodes from the show, I specifically remember the first two episodes, Too Many Pinkie Pies, and Swarm of the Century being some of the first episodes I watched. The next day I discovered there was a community of fans, bronies, and my friend went to Hot Topic and bought me Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie plushies and that officially sealed it for me. Those two characters are what originally had me hooked until I watched the first three seasons (and season 4 at the same time) and I grew this unexplainable connection to each of these characters. I saw a little bit of myself in all of them. Then, one season later, along comes Starlight Glimmer, who tugged really hard at my heartstrings after the season 5 finale and continuing on through season 6 until now. I relate to her in every single way and everything she’s been through spoke as a metaphor for a lot of what I’d been through in my life, and I mean everything. Well, except for casting spells and whatnot, but even some of that spoke to me, again, metaphorically.

    To the ENTIRE cast and crew of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: You didn’t just create a great TV show. You created something that changed the lives of many, including myself. I was never once ashamed of loving this show, I never tried to hide it. It was the first thing in my life that I was so outgoing about. Seeing a little bit of myself in all of these characters and falling in love with these characters taught me to love myself. I don’t feel loneliness anymore because not only did I grow such a connection to this show, but I learned to appreciate everyone and everything else in my life close to me. Sure, I still get the social anxiety that Starlight noticeably had, but once I’m in the situation for a bit, I’m more outgoing than I’ve ever been.

    The show also sprouted the most wonderful fanbase I’ve ever interacted with. The brony fandom is so unique and special in the best ways. I only wish I was able to interact with them more often and that I’d discovered all of this a lot sooner.

    Reading that season 9 would be the final season made my heart sink, but no matter how long gone it will be, my love and connection to these characters will live on forever. I also look forward to the future of the brand, whether that will be a new generation or whatever’s planned. I have hopes that whatever comes, whether it’s new stories, new characters, whatever the case may be, that I’ll grow new connections, all while never forgetting the ones I already have.

    Thank you all so much for all of the wonderful journeys and the most amazing characters ever created. It’s difficult seeing Friendship Is Magic coming to an end. Saying goodbye to the program won’t be easy, but there will never be a goodbye to these characters. They will live on for eternity, and whatever the future for My Little Pony holds, I look forward to it. I have faith that it’s a bright future.

    Thank you again.

    A fan for life,

    Dear Friendship is Magic Staff,

    One day, sometime during the month of May, 2011, I came across your humble show as a lonely, introverted, self-doubtful little twelve-year-old. The circumstances that led me to saying, “Screw it! I’m just going to watch one episode to see what all this fuss on the internet is about”, were simple, probably about as common as any other fan. But I will always value that one night, were I watched the whole first season without stopping, until the sun came up the next morning.

    It’s a blur to me now, and I only remember the moments when I clicked play on 'Friendship is Magic Part 1', and when the screen went black after the end of 'Best Night Ever'. Those ten or so hours fundamentally changed the person I was, and unlocked a feeling I had never truly felt until that moment: happiness.

    It sounds incredibly corny, but being the aimless wimp in a country of tough guys (Venezuela) hadn’t done any favors for my self-esteem, mood, and overall purpose for existing. Those twenty-six episodes, in a way that I cannot and will never be able to recall exactly, gave me the first thing in my life that I truly loved and felt passion for and ownership of. Not necessarily a sense of community, like it was for many others, or a sense of enjoying something outside of the realm of normalcy (even though I did my best efforts to hide it, which proved to be futile). No, it was the show itself which channeled its lessons, its characters, and its stories into me and shaped my very life.

    Who knew that a kid who one day was desperate to please others and follow the trends of the masses, because of one silly pony program, turned his life around, realized his passions, and became the structure of the man he continues to be to this day? The man about to graduate college to become a writer; the man who is eclectic, empathic, entertaining, free-spirited, self-confident, outgoing, and happy all the time? Life truly is bizarre.

    So thank you. Thank you for crafting such a perfectly quaint, inviting, pleasant, and beautiful world and characters. You changed at least one life for the better, guaranteed. Thank you for taking me through experiences that have taught me everything I am now. I will never stop appreciating it. You guys, during those first two seasons, gave me the first things in life that I truly, deeply, violently loved more than myself, and they shaped the foundation for who I am and who I will be until the day I die. And I will always look back on these eight years, of all the people I’ve met, of all the choices I made, of all the accomplishments and memories with nothing but pure glee.

    Thank you for nearly a decade of entertainment, something I always keep coming back to and will always be my favorite story, no matter how convoluted it has gotten. And here’s to good luck with G5. I know it will never impact me the same way, but know that you have my undying support, as little as that actually matters. Keep telling good stories, keep being smart, keep seeking to inspire the kids who watch your show, and keep close to your heart the messages that reached so many of us, and your next project will be as much a hit as your previous one. It’s that that people connect with the most.

    Thank you,
    A fan.

    PS: Lauren, this is a message to you directly, in case I never get to meet you in real life in the circumstances that would allow me to say this: your message got through to at least one person. Your vision of honesty, loyalty, kindness, generosity, laughter, and yes, even magic (I interpret it as the primordial feeling of togetherness, the necessity for man to be one with kin) left an impression on that aloof kid so much so that he is probably only still on this Earth because of your simple little show. Thanks.

    My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has really changed my life for the better. Now growing up, I've had lots of friends. In fact I became of the most popular students in high school. But before I watched FIM, I never really understood friendship. Luckily THAT all changed. Not only has this show become of my favorite cartoons of all time, it's the one thing, besides Disney and heavy metal music, that really helps keep me sane from all the bad, frustrating, and disturbing stuff happening in this world. Thank you all very much for all your hard work in this gem of a show.

    David Wallgren

    To everyone who has worked so hard to bring us lovable and awesome small, pastel horses (and other creatures), in the 2010s, here's my message to all of you. I would like to thank each and every one of you, because without my curiosity towards Friendship is Magic across social media, my world would have been duller than my time in school, and I wouldn’t have had a reason to smile and rejoice despite all that has happened over the past 5 years of my stay in this fandom, as well as its 9-year-long run. For you see, the color scheme is very calming and very joyful, the characters have different personalities, not to mention the story gets me entertained in every episode. I would also like to thank all of you for all the lessons taught here; lessons that are sometimes not taught in school. Examples of these are that "we can do anything if we believe in ourselves", "try and try again if you fail", and that "being assertive doesn't mean changing who we truly are". It felt real good hearing those lessons at the end of every episode, especially uttering the following words, "Dear Princess Celestia...". And without this wonderful show, I wouldn't have discovered Equestria Daily and I wouldn’t have made lots of new friends along the way, albeit living from different countries around the world, and best of all, I wouldn’t have harnessed my drawing abilities even further. To cap it all off, I would like to thank you for bringing me Fluttershy, the Element of Kindness, the creature caretaker…my “one and only” amongst the characters in the show. Yes, she is a shy one with a strong heart, an animal caretaker, to think I was surprised that she had the same traits as I am, and that is just amazing to say the least. Overall, Friendship is Magic is truly a show like no other, a show that even the young and old, of different genders and races, can enjoy and relate to, a show that helps and will help everyone come together in friendship, love and harmony. And with Season 9, the Final Season, on the horizon, my only wish for you is to make the most of what we have so far, and to end it with a positive note, much like what we’ll do to BronyCon when it also ends this year: a proper sendoff to an event that brought so many memories, memories that we as a fandom will cherish for years to come…or at least when G5 comes. Again, to M.A. Larson, “Big Jim” Miller, Meghan McCarthy, Daniel Ingram, all the writers, animators, Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, Cathy Weseluck, Ashleigh Ball, Tabitha St. Germain, and all the wonderful voices behind our amazing characters…everyone, including the masterminds behind all this, Lauren Faust and Bonnie Zacherle, I thank you. May the flames of My Little Pony continue to ignite in our hearts towards the future!

    To the MLP team. Look, I understand that all things must come to and end but...
    Never mind that. Let's try this again. Dear MLP staff. Thank you for all that you have done for the past 9 years...
    No. This is not good enough. Dear MLP staff...

    Who am I kidding. It's impossible to put what I feel into words right now so all I can do is fail miserably. Please excuse me if I am making no sense. it's just that... I feel like this is too soon. I don't know if this is the right thing to do... No! Stop it myself. You have no right to tell them what to do. They worked hard for so many years! They deserve a break now don't they? Don't be greedy and let them finish the story! You are right other me. They do deserve a break after all the amazing work and amazing things that they created in a decade. I may want more G4 but that is because I am a selfish bastard who never gets enough of the best things and somehow My Little Pony managed to become the best thing for my emotional stability. It's not like all of the episodes made so far will disappear once the show is over. I will always have them around to remind myself how awesome this show was. This is fine. It's...fine.

    Sorry about that. Seems like writing a letter of appreciation about something you love when that thing is ending, is way harder than I thought. Let's try something else.

    Dear Pinkie Pie. Thank you for doing what I literally dreamed of doing with my life if I had any talent to do it. Thank you for making everyone happy.
    Dear Rainbow Dash. Thank you for showing me that doing your best will pay off in the end. I really needed to see that to be able to change a core part of myself.
    Dear Applejack. Thank you for being honest but to be honest... I am better than you at this subject. Don't be sad thou. Second place is still a very respectable one.
    Dear Rarity. Thank you for showing me that fashion is not for me. If it weren't for ponies like you, I would probably be naked. Thank you for being a pro for the sake of those like me who are horrible at what you do.
    Dear Fluttersy. Never change.
    Dear Twilight. My letter to you will have many many pages. Have a little patience please.
    Dear Starlight. I am really sorry that you didn't manage to get your wings this time around. Don't lose hope. Maybe you will get a chance in the next generation.
    Dear all characters of MLP. I am sorry for not being able to mention you all but you somehow managed to become way too numerous. But that is fine because you did a great job. All of you have been awesome and I hope to see you all again in the next generation.

    That was awkward. Ok, I think I am ready now.
    Dear MLP Staff. Thank you for all of your hard work over the years. Thank you for literally saving me from suicidal depression. Thank you for showing me how inner peace looks like. Thank you for making me so happy. Thank you for giving me more joy than I could ever hope to get. Thank you for everything that you did so far. I will never forget them as long as I live. Is this really the end? I honestly don't think so. I look forward to your next amazing works from the pony world.

    Thank you.

    What i love about My little pony friendship is magic is reformation why? well it seems very sweet to give someone a second chance; especially if you see or know what happened or what is wrong with them and how can that be helped and even if they reformed themselves over time through experiences (like i will use for a story i'm doing); i feel like I've seen this lesson showed through out my life and a lot of it is in this show.

    In conclusion just like twilight said:
    "When you first sent me to Ponyville, I didn't know anything about friendship. I met somepony tonight who was having the same problem -- your sister, Princess Luna! She taught me that one of the best things you can do with friendship is to give it to others, and help them find it themselves! And I'm happy to report that all of Ponyville has learned that even if somepony seems a little intimidating, even scary, when you offer them your friendship, you'll discover a whole new pony underneath."

    thank you for giving this show to everyone who loves it

    As we know My Little pony FIM The end is something that makes us sad but at the same time we must is happy for it has been a wonderful experience Who would have thought that a program aimed primarily for girls had a success and broke the genre in addition to creating a wonderful fandom of fans If maybe with good and bad things but this friendship is magic is fantastic allowed us to know and share something special This allowed the fandom will create both artistic material , events , animations and reactions to the episodes and many more things For me this was fantastic and I will continue to be a fans as always from within the 2011 This allowed me to know very good friends and even participates with something in the fandom since i am still participating in bronies radio Latin America My Little Pony FIM means to me many things, but the happiness that a given in these years and in my opinion we must follow is that it will be difficult but we must give you an opportunity to what's new So thank you My Little Pony by so much happiness to live with very good people, friends and the important thing of all is that friendship is magic to follow bronies

    I loved Friendship is Magic, ever since I saw second episode of season 1. After that, it's been fun, hilarious, adventurous at the same time. I'll be sad when the show comes to it's series finale, but, that doesn't mean my love for this won't end with it. I'll be looking forward to see any future My Little Pony projects.

    To the staff of My Little Pony,

    I am not so good with writing out my thoughts but I will do my best...... Your show is inspirational to kids of all ages and to adults too. My favorite non-pony character is Discord and my favorite pony character is Fluttershy. I love it when you guys have them as best friends because they look so cute together (not in a shipping way). There is one thing ask for the final season, it's that you finally give us Discord's background story and I mean more like where he came from and why he attacked Equestria in the first place. I have waited patiently ever since the season 6 final and I'm pretty sure I'm not only one who wants that story. But other than that I am happy with your show. Ok I'm getting off track...... It was your show, actually, that got me inspired to pursue animation as a career. I'm taking a community college class for 3D animation for one semester and after that I'm going to work on getting into a film school in LA. I LOVE 2D animation and want to become a good 2D animator for Hasbro in your guy's next show! I hope one day I can make it come true but right now I have no animation skills and not too familiar with computers but I will work on that. I hope you guys have an epic last season!

    Sincerely yours,

    To everyone involved in the process of the show,

    Thank you. I'll try to make this quick. I never thought something like a cartoon (especially this one) would have made such an impact on my life. I've met great people, and have seen some great things come from this fandom. Not only fan-made content but the charitable causes we support, just because this fandom was, and still is deeply rooted in the "love and tolerate" and the "friendship is magic" ideals. I'm sad to see it go, but I can't wait to see what the future holds for the next generation. Thank you for all that you've done!

    - Zenith343

    To me friendship is magic, is making friends with other people's like friends, family and neighbors, and being for them and to help them for what they need, cause from the show my little pony friendship is magic it helps us a lot about friendship and help others people and I'm really thankful about these show and they really change my life thank you very much Hasbro.

    To the staff,

    Hello. I am typing this as a big thank you to this generation of ponies. I didn't start the show until May of 2017. I got hooked into the show ever since. This show is quite amazing and even though I didn't get into the show as of late, at least I got into it than never. I like the animation, lighting, characters, and story. My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash because of her confidence and that she acts cool. Thank you for the awesome show and I'm looking forward to the next generation!

    Sincerely, Dominic

    Dear. Mlp. Staff. Im. Wanted to say thanks for everything. That you made so far. And. For 9 seasons you mwde this the best also why im bought up watching thie show back in I 2012 or 13. The middle of season 2 and it was Amazing. And. It was amazing also you made some cool and amazing episodes but there was some bd and awful episodes but. Im want to say thank you for everything you done with the show and everything. Also my favorite pony or horse is Twilight sparkle and rainbow dash why because. Twilight is an smart character or pony because she never give up sometimes give up but. 5o keep trying. And the leader and the princess of friendship. And rainbow dash. Because she fast and speed one. And Loyalty. To her friends. Also im wanted to say thanks to writers and the actors to be in the show. OK. Also im wanted to say that im will be in this community. And the fandon will never die it will keep going. And without MLP There wouldn't be bronies. In the start of 2010 or other MLP Staff. And you all to keep on trying neve give up on something you loved to do. Also. Im want to say that. The fandom. Will keep to grow. And thnkd for nd everything you. All done to make this show amazing and the best as well. And when it even n Saturday. Come im be watch new episodes of this show. And. Having a great time or day watching it. And. Yeah but. This show ha done amazing job and one of long runnin show I'm every saw to it and im hope you Mlp Staff to. Start to finish this show or Series with an bang. Everything your done for everyone all around the world. And im hope you Mlp Staff to keep going and also my favorites eps that are the best which pinkie pride. Which was the best and funny episode that you made so far because it im was laughing so much I I watching that episode. The songs in tht episode were beautiful and amazing

    And. Mlp. Thank you. For everything you done over th past 8 seasons. We all whole lot of fun. Like r Have Great episodes and funny episodes meh episodes and we hve some awful and bad episodes. And good ones. Yeah. Without you and everything that you done so much for the Community or the Fandom. Like without ponies there would be no ponies no converntions or others. And thanks again

    And let keep the fandom growing

    Thank you FiM, for memorably designed ponies with unique personalities and lots of fanfiction that's better than anything in canon.

    Introductory Note:

    I originally wrote this letter in April 2018. I believe that this letter captures my crucial feelings regarding the show without superfluous information. It was originally written for some imagined form of the ponies, probably sitting somewhere high up in the sky on a cloud, but behind every meaningful cast of characters is the team who brings them to life, both old and new. Thank you for everything you have done and good luck with your future projects.

    Dear Ponies,

    Thank you for being there when I was at my weakest - when I needed someone to comfort me most. It means a lot to me because no one else was there to help me feel okay. Although there were people around me in my everyday life, I wasn’t comfortable enough to tell anyone else about my feelings.

    Thank you for staying around. I know you probably have a lot of places to be, but you always managed to be there for me. It means a lot to me because I was neither comfortable nor determined enough to seek out friends and I felt lonely. Not much has changed, but perhaps more now than ever I notice the opportunities to seek out and build friendships. The loneliness is no longer as apparent.

    Thank you for introducing me to the art, works, and feelings of many other people, things I would have never discovered if you had not come along. These people all share the same adoration for you as I do, perhaps in different ways, but nevertheless, adoration. It means a lot to me because you introduced me to another side of humanity that I may have never discovered otherwise. It forced me to rethink my perceptions of human nature constantly as I was building them. I’m still not sure what human beings are like underneath it all.

    Thank you for being there and giving me something to be interested in for a while. It means a lot to me because my life had just begun to become dull - a monotonous repeat with little changes day in and day out. I’m sure I would have found something to be interested in if you had not come along, but I would have not learned the same lessons in the same way. Your presence allowed me to perceive and admire beauty, something that may not have happened otherwise in the ultra-masculine expectations of my culture. In this way, you helped me to notice the beauty within the monotony, such as the veins in the leaves and the trinkets scattered along the sidewalk. You taught me that there is not one perception of beauty, that it comes in all forms, whether it be the blooming flowers of a spring tree or the melancholy beauty of a trashed umbrella, stuck in the bushes beside a roadway.

    Thank you for making me smile. I suppose this would go under the first thank you of this letter, but I’ll put it here to wrap everything into a neat bundle. I was sad when we first met, but you made me smile until my cheeks hurt back then. I’m grateful for that because I had never experienced such joy until then, and though I can’t be certain I’ll ever feel that way again, I’m grateful that you gave me the chance to.

    Much love,

    Post Note:

    I am on the verge of finishing high school. I have since made some meaningful, close friends.

    To the staff at DHX Media, Hasbro Studios, and all affiliates,

    In light of the events that will transpire leading up to the end of your hit TV show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, I want to thank you for giving us a show that revolutionized the world.

    When I first heard about the show through toy advertising, I didn't care. That all changed in summer 2013, when after seeing a few fan made modifications of video games, I decided to watch the pilot episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I was enraptured, and fell in love with it.

    The stories your creative team of writers like Mitchell Larson, Meghan McCarthy, Josh Haber, and of course series developer and creator Lauren Faust, have really been a lot of fun to watch. I like that you can actually connect with any character on the show, and the morals are very much needed right now.

    The score by William Anderson, and songs by Daniel Ingram also convey anything that happens in the show as well in any light.

    The voice actors most of all like Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball, Tabitha St. Germain, and Andrea Libman breathe life into everyone you see and makes the world more believable.

    And to everyone else behind the scenes, their great art design and animation are superb. I really enjoy that, too.

    As a fan, I believe that this show, building upon the foundations of past My Little Pony series, is one of the greatest television programs ever. I hope that season nine will be the greatest ride in the show's history. I, among the millions of fans across the nation and the globe, thank you very much for a great show, and I hope all of your future works will be successful.


    Matthew Townsend-Farr

    Dear staff,

    I would like to thank you for being here for all of us all the time and I hope you will still be here in the future. And now, here are several words about what Friendship is Magic means to me. It was very difficult to summarize it in several paragraphs. When I wrote it, I cried.

    So, when I first heard about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I thought it was just another cartoon for little children. Oh, I was so wrong!

    After some time I got into a difficult life situation. My friend then persuaded me to try at least one episode of Friendship is Magic. So I tried it! And I couldn’t believe it! Not only it was a show of high quality, full of unforgettable and well-written characters, humor and great stories, but it also helped me a lot. I realized what I had done wrong in my life, how many people I had around me and that I should appreciate them. I started to notice positive things in my life and thanks to that I managed to graduate. Now I'm studying at the university instead of getting drunk in depression.

    Unfortunately, due to Friendship and Magic, I lost one friend too. He could not understand that I was watching My Little Pony. On the other hand, I found a lot of new friends who liked me the way I was. I also managed to improve my family relationships. We had had a lot of arguing before. But friendship lessons helped me find compromises, and since then, there is more peace in our home.

    But Friendship is Magic helped me in other ways than friendship itself, too. I had never liked reading for example. But when I was waiting for new episodes, I wanted more lore. So I tried some pony comics. And when I read them all and had to wait for new ones, I tried books. That's how I learned to like books in my 19 years. Today I don’t mind reading at all! I would never believe it was possible.

    Ponies just made my life at least 20% cooler. And when a new movie and a new show come out, I hope this part will remain the same. I hope it won’t be just a cartoon. I hope it will be something special again. Something that will help a lot of people. Something that will show them that friendship is magic.

    Your faithful brony,

    Hearty Bulb

    Ok, mine is a bit sappy, but here goes...

    Before finding FIM I was not the best of people. Cold and uncaring to those around me I was invisible and was content, and when a friend introduced me I didn't care.

    After watching it I was forced to reevaluate how I see the world as well as my definition of a friend. What your show did was give us the same lessons we learned in kindergarten and daycare but through a different lens. Before I was a Moondancer; someone who secreted themself away. But I chose to live by using the Elements of Harmony as my personal code: try to smile, be honest, give unto others, remain loyal, try the nice approach.

    Through applying these lessons I found I'm still a recluse, but not an apathetic one, I smile and joke and help others. Call me childish but someone once said "Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten."

    So for all of that thank you. My world is a better place because of FIM.

    When My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic first came out I was dealing with the passing of my dad and nothing seemed to bring me happiness anymore but when I watched the first episode I smiled for the first time in what felt like years. It brought a light back into my life and helped me so much in that difficult time.
    Throughout the years this show has always been there to help me smile when I couldn't find a reason to and it has helped me deal with my depression and anxiety.
    I am very sad to see the show ending but I am so grateful for all of the joy and happiness you have brought to so many people that needed help through dark times or a reason to smile.
    You have touched so many people with this show and I am sure you have saved countless lives because to others this may just be a show but to the fans it means so much to us.
    Thank you for the amazing nine years of happiness you have brought to us fans. It has been an amazing journey that I am so glad that I could have been a part of and even though the show is ending I will keep those adorable ponies in my heart for the rest of my life.

    By October of 2010, I had a ten month old and severe postpartum depression. I was a single parent and in one of the worst situations of my life. I couldn't escape the soul sucking downward spiral I was in, and I had a colicky baby on top of it.

    Then "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" started. I would watch it every time it was on, often crying when problems resolved and everyone was friends again. I would watch with my baby in my lap, and we'd enjoy the bright colors and happy message.

    As the years went on, my son and I continued to watch. We picked our favorites: Pinkie Pie was his, Applejack was mine. Twilight became his favorite princess, and I cried again when Luna faced the Tantabus.

    I will never forget how My Little Pony gave me a space to heal. It gave me some happiness to hold onto and look forward to, while also giving my brain a break. Thank you for the years of brightly colored magic. I don't know where I'd be without it.

    Ever since I first watched the show in July of 2011, & became a Brony within a month after that, the show has been a huge part of my life. Without MLP: FiM, I wouldn’t have met other Bronies, who became some of my best friends... One even became my boyfriend.


    Dear MLP staff,

    When I first heard that MLP was a popular thing, I thought it was a joke. I thought that it was, at best, one of those "so bad it's good" things. Certainly, I imagined, it couldn't *actually* be any good. About six months later, I decided to watch it... and I have been hooked ever since. I got into the fandom, and watched every episode, some of them multiple times over, and even threw out a few small fan works here and there. Arguments would arise over things, but in the end, at least for me, I remembered that the whole reason we're here now is because of a show about colorful magical cartoon ponies that teaches us about friendship. My favorite episode is Party of One, an episode I really needed at the time, that reminded me how true friends will always be there for you, even if it may seem like they aren't.

    I have never been more glad to have been wrong about something. This show brought me together with many new people, some of whom I would call close friends, and I have the wonderful people in Vancouver, and the writers in Los Angeles to thank for bringing this all together.

    "Do not cry because it is over. Rejoice because it happened."
    - Ludwig Jacobowski

    Thank you, thank you so much!
    My Little Pony has changed my life. I would most certainly not be the same person today without my ponies. I would never have tried to learn how to draw or how to 3D print. I never would have discovered the amazing and friendly fandom that exists today. I don't know what I, being such an avid reader, would have done without the amazing fan fictions that are out there. I would not have made all of the friends I have, and I definitely would not be any where near as sociable today (not that I'm very social anyways). The music this fandom has created, too. I listen to music a lot and really enjoy all of it, from the original show songs that are absolutely amazing, to the remixes and original songs. You all created something special that moved people all over the world, this show saved them, changed them, and improved all of us. I cannot thank you enough for what this show has brought to me and everyone else. I can't even imagine life without My Little Pony. I do know that it would much bleaker, more boring, and I wouldn't like it. Ponies are such a big part of my life, I will remember them always and what they brought and are still bringing to me!
    Thank you all for the wonderful thing you gave me the chance to love.


    What Friendship is Magic Means to Me:

    When a friend of mine first told me about Friendship is Magic, my first reaction was to dismiss it. After all, My Little Pony growing up was considered to be “too girly” and something that in a million years I’d watch. After hearing about it so much, I decided to give it a watch. I went from “This isn’t bad” to “Am I really watching this” to finally “I’ve become a fan!”

    Since that time I’ve been through all the highs and lows of the fandom. The amount of fan created content has been incredible I looked forward to watching a new episode every Saturday while discussing it with everyone on the internet. I’ve been to Bronycon, BABScon, and Everfree Northwest and met so many amazing people there, some who I consider to be my best friends to this day!! I also remember going to meet up when the movie came out and I still keep in contact that group to this day!

    Now as Friendship is Magic ends with Season 9, I want to say thank you to everyone who has worked on the show and thank you to all the wonderful fans whom I’ve met over the years. Finally I want to give a big thank you to Lauren Faust, because if it wasn’t for her creating this show to begin with, we wouldn’t all be here right now.

    As sad as I am with Friendship is Magic ending, it’s never “Goodbye”, but instead “See you around!”. I will carry plenty of memories with me from this ride!


    Thanks for Friendship is Magic. It is one of my all time favourite cartoons. It has always made me happy, helped me to make a few of my close friends, cheered me up when I was feeling sad. I am sad to see it go, but I am very happy to all you staff who have written such great episodes, did superb animation, such awesome characters and great morals to teach kids for generations to come.

    Thanks Very Much. A big fist bump to you from me.

    Joseph Marrison.

    My little pony has always been a show that brought joy to me. No matter the situation i found myself in there was a lesson in one episode or another that helped me through. My little pony isnt just a show its lessons its life its a friend by your side when you need it, i hope one day the human race can learn to be as kind and caring creatures as the ponies of equestria.

    I don't think there are words enpugh to describe all that MLP:FiM has done for me.

    It was my first fandom. It introduced me to the concept of a fandom. It got me out on the internet making friends and learning about myself as a socially isolated thirteen year old. It gave me an excitment and a drive that I didn't know I'd been lacking in my life.

    It raised my english grade from a C to an A in less than a year, and gave me an intrest in writing that continue's to grant me much joy.

    Even though I've long aince left the fandom, I felt I needed to write this thank you. I owe my hole existance as the person i am today to MLP:FiM and I won't ever forget it.

    Dear Staff Members,

    Like many other e-mails probably will, I 'd like to thank you so much
    for working on this show and making it into what it it was, up until
    2015, right before the season 4 hiatus. I owe my discovery of the show
    to my younger sister, though not in the way you might think. She's not
    that young. She insisted I watch Lullaby for a Princess and I did,
    reluctantly. And my interest got launched from there. Spent the next
    month binge watching all the episodes that had come out. I was
    distraught when I realized there was no more next episode. XD The next
    episode that was to come was Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep. And
    what a marvelous episode it was, to keep my interest alive. But while I
    was waiting, that was when I discovered the Bronies. Watched video after
    video after video. And there seemed to be no end in sight. And I made so
    many great friends too, thanks to this show. And now, 4 years later and
    with the end coming closer, I'm glad that I got to be a part of this
    ride. Love and Tolerate are words I try to live by, since I found out it
    had become a motto of sorts, for the Brony Fandom.

    I honestly thank everyone who is or was on the staff for their
    contribution to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And especially for
    Pinkie Pie's Smile Smile Smile. I can't say it's my favorite song of the
    show, but it's the song I owe the most too. A few years back during the
    holidays, I was extremely down in the dumps. More than I had ever been
    in my life. I didn't particularly feel like doing anything. But I
    decided to listen to MLP's OST, see if it could cheer me up. None of the
    songs had done the trick until Smile Smile Smile came on.I remembered
    how the scenes played out in the episode while I heard the music and I
    felt a little change in how I was feeling. I smiled a little and started
    feeling a little better. And that I owe to everyone who took part in the
    song, which was the whole staff at the time. So thank you staff! :D That
    day, I was sure that I was going to be a part of this forever. And that
    feeling hasn't changed. I'm plan to Brony On and Love and Tolerate for
    the foreseeable future.And also thank you to whoever created the
    character knows as Trixie. She's the one I associate with the most,
    inside. I'm not egotistical or refer to myself in the third person. XD
    It's just that she's the only character I can think of that made a
    mistake, but that wasn't on the same scale as Starlight's or Discord's
    mistakes but got a real reform in the show. We all makes mistakes. I'm
    just glad there's a character for those of us who made smaller mistakes. :)

    So. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, the emotions that came with
    them and all the fantastic things that have come from this show. I
    really can't thank you all enough. The show is still just a show in the
    end. But everything it's responsible for, that's so much more than just
    a show or just a fandom to me. So thank you, one last time. And good
    luck to you all for whatever comes next.

    Ashura /)

    Dear. Mlp staff im wanted to Say that. Thank you for for making this Show. So far over 9 Years since it start it in 2010 im didn't get to watch it in 2010 or 11 im saw it 2012 The middle of season 2. When im saw it. It w incredible. An Amazing. The characters the songs the joke and things that made your laugh. So much and the stories a well too

    And then season 3 was meh. But good. With twilight getting her wings which was fine. Then season 4. Was the best one that like so far in this series. OK the 5 6 7 and 8 where Good. As well also. T0o. My favorites ponies or horses are twilight sparkle and rainbow dash. Because they look cool and my favorites because smart and fast. As well too. My favorite episodes are. Pinkie pride. Sonic rainboon freind in deed twilight kingdom 1 and 2. Which is the best two part season finale. Because everything was So amazing. And coolness as well my favorite in the that finle it the fight between Twilight v Triek. Which was Amazing. Also. where you Put starlight. A member of mne6 and. Twilight student. Which was Good for me. And. In season 8. The school idea which was fine as well I like the the student six. Which is pretty amazing. My favorite of the student. Six is. The Griffin. And yoma he yak

    Im want to say thank you for y patience everything you did fr the past 9 years. Of this show. And how make me proud of this show mlp. Staff and. Everything. It not just me. It. Everyone in the community or in the Fandom. Without. This show. There would be no ponies and no bronies and. No conventions. Everything. You did to. Make the brony Fandom. Real huge. And. Let. Mae this. Final season. Of friendship is magic. Off. With an. Bang. And. Make this Fandom. Bigger and. Better then before. And this Fandom. Will never die. And. Im love this. Show so much mlp Staff. Thank. You so much to making this show one of the best show running in long time even. It made. Fun and amazing episodes but there are bad and awful episode but it doesn't matter. If the mlp staff. D Di d their best to make this show one o the best and long as well and Mlp STAFF im want you to keep on going for everyone in this community and everything in the Fandom

    Love. Your. Brony fan Kenny

    And Friendship is Magic

    Dear Cast, Crew, and Staff of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,

    Along with my fellow Bronies, I would like to thank you for some of the greatest times of our lives. This fourth generation of My Little Pony, over its nine-year course, has brought together people from all corners of the globe, from all races, all creeds, and from all walks of life, simply over the fun and magic of the pastel ponies of Equestria. You all, unknowingly or not, have created or inspired the careers of hundreds of artists, writers, directors, song writers, and performers across this fandom. Additionally, you have inspired thousands, if not millions, to push themselves to be greater people, in an effort to live up to the ideals of friendship and harmony that this generation of My Little Pony has brought forth.

    On my own personal note, this show, and this fandom, have helped me through difficult times and tribulations over my three years within its warm embrace. You have helped me through small issues, such as my first years of high school; and large issues, such as my Dad having recent heart issues, and my Mom battling cancer. You have helped me stay strong in the face of those past worries, with the knowledge that things will get better, as they have indeed have, with my high school years near over and all of my family now in perfect health.

    Throughout this entire experience of MLP, I have grown in those strong moral tenants that our wonderful show has presented. I have grown in the ability to be honest to myself, limiting my once rampant anxiety. I have grown in my ability to be generous and show kindness, through works of community services and acts of civil duty. I have grown in my ability to be loyal to my friends, and never let them down, even if times get tough. I have grown in my ability to laugh at my own self, enjoying life to its fullest potential. And with all of this, I have gained an appreciation for the true magic of friendship and comradery, bringing me closer to my friends and loved ones.

    To the coming years and stories of My Little Pony, whatever they may be, I know that I’ll be strong, so long as they’re with me,

    Your friend,

    Shea Dixon

    Dear Cast, Crew, and Staff of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,

    Along with my fellow Bronies, I would like to thank you for some of the greatest times of our lives. This fourth generation of My Little Pony, over its nine-year course, has brought together people from all corners of the globe, from all races, all creeds, and from all walks of life, simply over the fun and magic of the pastel ponies of Equestria. You all, unknowingly or not, have created or inspired the careers of hundreds of artists, writers, directors, song writers, and performers across this fandom. Additionally, you have inspired thousands, if not millions, to push themselves to be greater people, in an effort to live up to the ideals of friendship and harmony that this generation of My Little Pony has brought forth.

    On my own personal note, this show, and this fandom, have helped me through difficult times and tribulations over my three years within its warm embrace. You have helped me through small issues, such as my first years of high school; and large issues, such as my Dad having recent heart issues, and my Mom battling cancer. You have helped me stay strong in the face of those past worries, with the knowledge that things will get better, as they have indeed have, with my high school years near over and all of my family now in perfect health.

    Throughout this entire experience of MLP, I have grown in those strong moral tenants that our wonderful show has presented. I have grown in the ability to be honest to myself, limiting my once rampant anxiety. I have grown in my ability to be generous and show kindness, through works of community services and acts of civil duty. I have grown in my ability to be loyal to my friends, and never let them down, even if times get tough. I have grown in my ability to laugh at my own self, enjoying life to its fullest potential. And with all of this, I have gained an appreciation for the true magic of friendship and comradery, bringing me closer to my friends and loved ones.

    To the coming years and stories of My Little Pony, whatever they may be, I know that I’ll be strong, so long as they’re with me,

    Your friend,


    To start this off, major thanks to the amazing staff of MLP!

    The series has been truly entertaining and it truly taught me lessons that I still use in everyday life! I started watching the series during the time in between seasons 2 and 3, caught up with the help of Netflix.

    My favorite of this series has always been the songs! I got too many to list as a favorite but I hope there'll be some new albums soon.

    The ponies who taught me best was Fluttershy and Twilight on confidence and to be a better friend.

    Thank you all to the wonderful cast, crew, animators, and music for 9 amazing years of life changing friendship!

    Dear “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” Staff,

    For the past couple of years, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” has been a very strong part of my life, and has always been a show I’ve looked forward to watching whenever I had the chance. When I first came across this show back in 2011, I never would’ve imagined the impact it would leave on me as I carried on with life, from high school to where I am now. The adventures of Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and all their other friends in Equestria have been really fun adventures that helped teach me important lessons on friendship, as well as life. Each character has solidified their place in my heart for what they’ve offered. Whether it be Fluttershy’s kindness and character development, Pinkie Pie’s energetic goofiness and desire to make her friends happy, or Twilight Sparkle’s loyalty and determination to help save the day, they’ve all become such memorable characters who I love and cherish with all my heart.

    My fun with the show didn’t stop there though. Because of “Friendship is Magic’s” influence, I’ve gotten the chance to meet other people who love the show, especially at fan conventions, like BABSCon in San Francisco. In addition to this, I also got to meet some of the voice actors, like Nicole Oliver, Tara Strong and Ashleigh Ball to name a few, with each meeting becoming a spectacular memory that I wouldn’t forget. The simple fact that “Friendship is Magic” inspired these gatherings is astonishing, but it’s even more amazing how it attracted so many great people, some of whom I’m good friends with now. Every time I’ve gone to one of these meet-ups, I’ve always felt a big swell of happiness, as well as confidence in trying to pursue my interests in life, whether it’s graphic design, or voice acting. They’ve truly become highlights of each year they’ve happened. My trips to these conventions were all linked to how “Friendship is Magic” touched my heart and encouraged me to get out there and make new friends with these people.

    But if there’s one thing that I’m eternally grateful for regarding this show, it’s that it’s helped me get through some really tough times in the past. As someone who’s dealt with anxiety and Asperger’s many times before, and still deals with these problems today, “Friendship is Magic” has helped me feel at ease as well as a sense of comfort and relief. With each character being relatable, lovable and capable of forming a connection with, many of the stories representing intriguing new lessons, and songs that have been stuck in my head for years, “Friendship is Magic” has helped me get through my troubles and become a better person. Like “The Lion King” before it, this cartoon has always helped me feel better if I was ever in doubt, or if I was scared about something, or if I just wanted to smile and make Pinkie Pie happy.

    So, from the bottom of my heart, as season 9 draws nearer, and with it, the end of this cartoon, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped in making this show what it has become today. Your contribution has been a strong influence on my life and I can’t stress enough how grateful I am. The memories I’ve made from watching this cartoon, from having fun with new episodes, going to the conventions, making new friends, taking the show’s lessons to heart, and remembering how this show has helped me throughout my life, were all thanks to your passion for creating something worthwhile and memorable. I think you all accomplished something extraordinary, and for that, I once again thank you for making this incredible cartoon. I will forever cherish it as the years go on, and I wish all of you the best of luck for your future projects.

    To the staff of My little Pony. To the animators, authors, voice actors,
    to Lauren Faust, and all the people in the background bringing us this show.

    For me, this trip started 2011 with the picture of a colorful animal on
    a web site, that instantly hugged my mind, felt too carefully designed
    to be just random, and made me curious. 8 years later, it has turned my
    life upside down and changed it forever. My circle of friends exploded,
    bringing me in contact with so many open minded people like never
    before. I started giving back by helping organizing events big and small
    for all those like me, and the wave of positive energy from this was
    simply overwhelming.

    I’m sure these 8 years will never be just history, no matter what this
    will always be with me, part of me, part of what I am now.

    Thanks for 9 seasons of fun, action, thoughtful stories, music, and
    wonderful animations. Where ever this train ride will lead us to, I have
    total faith in you bringing us something wonderful again and again.

    Thanks for showing us that friendship is indeed magic.

    404compliant, GalaCon staff

    What Friendship is Magic means to me? That's not easy to answer. Ever since the first episode, I've felt the chills of truth permeate me being. I was skeptical at first, but soon after, I am a full believer of the magic of friendship. MLP became the start of a different type of journey for me, one of self-discovery and self realization that my feelings, as a male, are far more than just tough and silent. Through the lessons and stories, through generosity, laughter, loyalty, honesty, kindness, and that little spark of Magick, I was able to make it through some of the darkest parts of my life. I have been able to regain the feelings depression locked deep inside, all because of those girls and their indomitable spirit. If it wasn't for their courage and strength, I wouldn't have regained mine and have a life where I see the good in the world. Friendship is Magic means a type of freedom to me, where I've been able to open up and be myself, and find parts of me I had thought lost to time. I am a guy, a brony, and I have been allowed to shed the toxic masculine facade and be who I was meant to be. I'm not perfect, but I owe those first steps to those special little pony girls.

    Their faithful student,

    Benjamin S.

    Dear Staff of My Little Ponies,

    I just wanted to say I am a big fan of your work and appreciate everything you put into your show. I want to let you know how much appreciation I have for what the show has done for me. Along with the great laughs and relatable stories there were a lot of episodes that made me take a long hard look at myself for the better, like Putting Your Hoof Down and Honest Apple to name a few.

    Even with my art work your show has helped me. I like to do original characters and develop stories, but I had never put them into backgrounds until I did one of your type of simple backgrounds with mountains. From then on my backgrounds have gone from simple to more complex. And before I knew it I was reading a book on backgrounds to improve even more. This influence not only changed and helped my pony art but my other art work as well. I can't thank you enough for giving me the inspiration to thrive further.

    When I was younger, I was bullied a lot to almost isolation, but when I got older I learned how to make friends but didn't know how to keep them. Thanks to your show it helped fill in the blanks I was missing, and I learned to make life long friends. I can't thank you enough because of it. I really appreciate eveything you have done in My Little Pony G4 and I hope you carry that whimsical, laughable and enjoyable spirit to G5.

    aka tiger-hawk

    thank you for the fun
    thank you for the many times I've cried
    thank you for the inspiration
    thank you for the amazing times
    thank you for saving my life

    pinkie is best pony as she is everything I hope to be

    flutterdash is best ship as its a relationship I would love to have

    and this show has gave me so much and makes me want so much more and made me who I truly am today

    I'm sure you read the subject of this, but I'm going to try to make this quick as to not waste time!
    Over the course of the years of watching mlp (since season 3) I found myself... happier. We all know the story of being depressed and finding ponies, but it wasn't just that for me. I was a horrible and manipulative person, too stubborn to realize that I wanted genuine affection instead of the pain I was receiving. But, then I found MLP:FiM.
    Their smiles, their shenanigans, their laughs, and most importantly their lessons. All of it taught me what I really wanted to be and what a bad person I was being. As the years went by, I found myself growing attached and eventually completely in love with the show. It saved me from the path I was going down and my own depression and there are no words for how thankful I am for that.
    After everything this show has done for me, as well as the fandom, there is no way I will ever forget about it.

    So, what does Friendship is Magic mean to me? It means.. no- represents a sanctuary where you can learn to forgive yourself and become a better person. Something that can bring happiness in the darkest of times. Something I'll be forever greatful that was ever made.

    Dear MLP staff,

    When I first started watching the show back in season 1 after a friend suggested it to me, I thought it would just be another fun cartoon. I'm glad things turned out differently. This show has been a pillar of stability and creativity in my life for many years, and my only regret was not getting involved in the amazing fandom earlier.

    Many of my current friends are people I met through some connection to MLP. Together we've created art, stories, games, and, most importantly of all, amazing friendships. I've always been one to usually sit on the edge of any group, but the MLP show and fans showed me how to open up more and really become part of the community in ways that created lasting friendships.

    I love how the show shares the message of improving through hard work and friendships. Even if the current version of the show is wrapping up, I'll take the lessons I've learned from it to do even greater things in the future. I hope to inspire my friends and any others who look up to me, and thank you for creating a show that gave us all an idea of what the magic of friendship can really do.

    Thank you for all your hard work.


    II must admit that I was never interested in MLP before this gen. Even watching the old gens or the series itself getting mocked by Dexter's lab was enough for me to not get into it because of how girl oriented the show was. It was always about stereotypes but, this gen marked so many changes for me. I was in my first year of high school when the craze for MLP went out, I saw friends talking about it and how glorious it was. I ignored it until one fateful day, visiting an aunt in the states I saw Lesson Zero and Hearth's warming eve. Since then I dedicated my saturdays and sundays, I woke up at 3 am those days for some reason, and watched every single episode from season 1 and 2 until I was able to catch up and watch the royal wedding episode on a stream. It changed my way on thinking on the episode, opened my panorama on how bullying affected many fans, how songs were created and introduced me into letting my feelings out, being a better singer and when I felt down I listened to the amazing melodies. Watching the cmc get their cutiemark, Spike being an actual hero, Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow and Pinkie going out and beyond equestria, Big mac having multiple ships and even showing his femenine side just to help his sister or even the dream of Luna when he became princess, how derpy was almost cut out but the fans made it possible for her to be back in action. It all changed my life in great ways and now I can say I have many friends thanks to it and that this show gave me courage in times of need. I wouldn't be who I am if I haven't watched this series. Those countless saturdays watching the series on streams as I am from Mexico, waiting every week for the next adventure in Equestria.
    Now, having finished college it seems almost like destiny had it planned. I'm in the process of moving into another state and starting a new cycle and so are my little ponies. I am glad it happened, that you made a show that defied gravity and everyone's expectations of a show for girls and turned it into something more than just pink and pretty. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and from many other fans around the world. Hoping to see more soaring adventures, your fateful fan Sergio.


    Just wanted to say thanks you to all the cast and crew who made my little pony: friendship is magic a reality. The show has helped me through some very tough times and has let me do do things I never thought I had the courage to do. I am proud to say that i am a part brony fandom

    Thanks for all you've done,

    Dear Staff,
    Thank you for making this magical show about friendship. I found it twords the end of season 1 and it was when I needed it most in life. It changed my life. I normally felt sad and depressed and didn't look forward to much but after watching about the first 10 episodes I couldn't stop thinking about these happy colorful ponies. I sped through all season one in a few days and was happy and drew ponies every chance I got and told all my friends about them. They all laughed and maybe thought I was joking at the time but almost 9 years later and tons of art, crafts, animations, clothes, cosplays, sculptures and yes even plushies later I'm still making ponies and I wouldn't change it. I went to cons met many of you got pictures and autographs from a lot of you. You showed me it's ok to be different and be me. Sorry for rambling.
    So in the end thank you for changing my life and making it so much better.
    Twitchy Tremor

    The friendship is created when people find common anxieties and feelings as well as mutual trust. There are friendships that are born within a few minutes of relationship and others that take years to do so.

    When I saw MLP for the first time, it was in My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade, that was the reason why I got to know MLP G4. Right there I met the first characters someone who looks a lot like the protagonist after tara strong gave her voice until 2010 and the actress who gave the voice to Rarity. Wysteria and also the ponies who had the same names and different ones and with different personalities, Pinkie pie, Rainbow dash, Minty, Razaroo, Kimono, Sweetberry, Cotton Candy, Sparkleworks, Sunny Daze, Daffidazey, Spike, Zipzee, Tra La La. That's when it all started, but I didn’t know that the G1 mlp existed, which G4 is based on its previous version.

    Since my brother and I saw this magnificent and beautiful show, we were happy our hearts to meet the characters we love such as twilight, rainbow dash, fluttershy, rarity, pinkie foot, applejack and including spike.

    The Friendship is not only for your best friend but rather for each people who becomes friendly with you.

    Thank you.

    Thank you, thank you so much for all the enjoyment you brought to my life, it has truly been a wonderful ride, but as everything in this word it will come to an end... Hope you had as much fun as I had and I wish you all have a wonderful life full of joy, whatever you decide to do next.

    Dear MLP Staff

    I've watched the show since that cold evening in July of 2015, starting with the episode "Party of One", after those 22 minutes of animation, I got hooked, I couldn't stop watching those cute ponies, I spent a lot of time watching season after season, learning the names of each pony, searching about the lore, jammed to those catchy songs, gathered all my courage to buy a ticket to the 2017 movie, and even, buying some toys.

    This is a show I absolutely loved. I never knew the exact reason why, but, this is by far, my favorite cartoon ever.

    Now, that the show is about to end, I have mixed feelings, for one side, I'm sad that the adventures of the Mane 6 is ending, and I'm definitely gonna miss it, but for the other side, I'm glad that is gonna end with a bang, and I'm sure the ending you have prepared is gonna be 20% cooler.

    What I want to say is: Thank you. Thank you for such an amazing show and for giving me 22 minutes of pure joy every Saturday.

    A random 20 year old in Chile

    P.D. Excuse my bad English, I'm still learning the language

    Thanks to all the staff in general including those who left and those who are still there, I have been fan of many shows/series/games, but never been part of a fandom before.
    It was such a nice journey watching the community evolve trough these "pastel colored horsies" and seeing the staff so attached to its fans.
    Also I was never good at drawing, but I never give it a serious try until I wanted to depict my favourite ponies, this show really helped me release a skill I didn't know I had.

    Anyway thanks for all and for lighting me up even in my worst days. Hope "My Little Pony" spirit stays alive in the next gens to come!

    I start seeing MLP since 2013, It help me with my depression, since then i meet many friends and do many things i never believe to do, i am 37 now and im grateful for all the show give me and push me to do.
    Let´s see what the future have to all bronies.

    Raptec Clawtooth

    My name is Evelyn, I’d like to say a few things to the voice actors of Princess Luna and Rainbow Dash. Thank you ladies very much for the two best characters in the whole series. Rainbow Dash taught me that loyalty is key in friendship because without it I don’t think you’re really friends. And Luna taught me to never run from my inner demons to to accept and embrace them.

    Thank you for everything.

    Hi, my name is Maxine and I’m 16 years old, I’ve been watching MLP FIM since I was 10. It’s really incredible to get the chance to write this letter to the people who quite literally changed my life. After I started watching the show I kind of spiraled into a butterfly effect that changed basically every aspect of who I am today. First off, my passion for art started when I started drawing fanart for the show. Since then I’ve been expanding on my skills and I have dreams of going to art school and someday making my own show that could have the impact friendship is magic had on me. Secondly, the character of Fluttershy helped me cope with my anxiety. I saw myself in her and her struggles, then overcome them. A quote that’s stuck with me is one from the episode Filli Vanilli, “sometimes being afraid can stop you from doing something you love”, and it’s true, at least for me. This episode actually convinced me to go on a big school trip 4 hours away from home. And I had an amazing time. It sounds stupid that a fictional character can bring you strength, but it does. And lastly, probably the most fitting thing, I found my best friends through this show. The second another fan saw my pony drawings, we became fast friends. I met even more people through her, many of which were pony fans. A show that preaches the magic of friendship had the power to bring me just that. And that, to me, shows that My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic has done what it sought out to do: bring people together. It’s hard to think where I would be without it. It’s pretty magical if you think about it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. For nearly a decade, this show has been enjoyed by both a male and female demographic alike. As for me, I didn't get into the fandom until 2014. I was going through a phase in which I didn't think that children's cartoons could get better since 2009 was when a lot of cartoon channels went downhill, such as Nickelodeon relying too much on SpongeBob, and Cartoon Network giving up and making live-action content. When I heard about how much popularity MLP: FiM was receiving, I thought nothing of it at first, but I finally caved in and watch the first few episodes. As I continued to watch, I got more and more interested by the show. I saw that this show that could've easily just said "always be nice" actually delved into the trials and tribulations of friendship. It not only opened my eyes to such possibilities with friendship, but it also showed me that grown men can like a show based on a toy meant for little girls. It's gonna be sad to see it go soon, but I had a great time going through this journey with such wonderful characters and wouldn't give it up for anything. No matter what the future holds for this franchise, one thing is for certain: there's only one My Little Pony where Friendship is Magic!

    When I started watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic it was during the fall of 2015 and it has giving me a lot of learning and building me a better. And after almost 4 short years the TV series that I know and love is finally coming to an end it has made me a better person that I am today I only wish they could more seasons like with SpongeBob from Nickelodeon. But the next generation is coming and I hope the Equestria Girls will keep continuing but Twilight and the rest of the characters of Friendship is Magic will always carrying on inside my heart. I will pray for them a better future in the FANDOM and see what they do next in the final season and what the future holds for them in Hasbro.

    I never would have expected to enjoy a show like My Little Pony, but here I am a devoted if low-key fan since the very first season of Friendship is Magic. The show has been a wonderful influence on me and it gave rise to a community that has helped me to turn my creative thoughts into actual action. If it weren’t for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I probably wouldn’t have written nearly as many stories as I have in the last nine years; I might even still be batting around half-formed concepts.
    So, I want to say thank you to everyone who has ever taken part in making the fourth generation of My Little Pony into the masterwork of visual media that it is. Hopefully those in charge of developing the next phase take the right lessons from the last near decade.
    Thank you, and best of luck in the future.
    - C. T. Vulpin, writer.

    I don't think it's an exaggeration to say this show literally changed
    my life. It taught me to accept myself even with my problems, to
    become a kinder, better friend, and set me on the path I am on today
    where I'm working on award winning research to help others who
    struggled like I did. None of that would have happened if it wasn't
    for the initial push the show gave. Thank you for everything.

    ~S. G.

    Dear Staff,
    One of the things I will always love about My Little Pony is how we can always learn something from it. Ever since it started, I have learnt so much about friendship and will always carry those lessons with me forever. Thank you for creating something simply amazing, and I can't wait to see what else you create after Season 9.
    Yours sincerely,
    Spooky Bun

    Friendship basically means three things to me; Bond, Forgiveness, and Ready to Help.
    Without those three, the balance in all our lives would be gone.
    You can have Yin without Yang; you can't have Yang without Yin.
    The meaning of friendship is just as simple and just as easy as that.

    Sincerely, Jay

    Dear Meghan McCarthy,
    Thank you so much for what you contributed towards what I consider to be the most sincere and interactive show on television. It's not often that you get to experience someone's humor and shining example through storytelling and have that contribute to a totally different person's creative outlet. You, the animators, musicians, blockers (and even the ad campaigners) have strived so hard to deliver a lighthearted and often relatable show, seeking to better the worlds of those who simply viewed an episode. I would say that a worthwhile endeavor is worth a bit of hard work and that is very much reflected in your efforts. Thank you for contributing to my life in a positive way.

    -Some dude who watches the My Little Pony show.


    To EVERYONE involved in MLP: FiM...

    MLP: FiM gave me something to look forward to, when I had given up...and I mean one of the 22 veteran suicides given up...

    A 30 year marriage gone, kids not talking to me, living in a converted Holiday Inn aluminum and glass box...if it was going wrong, I was front and center...

    I wasn't into street drugs, but my alcohol intake was increasing, and facing another day in that box was getting harder and harder each time...

    I had seen the Six the two years before, but only sporatically. I liked the idiots, but I wasn't there yet...

    I had horrible reception for over the air television where I was, so I was living on DVD's, just to have the background sound while I drank screwdrivers and watched my sun setting...

    On an impulse buy, because I was bored, I picked up S1...

    And watching the antics before me...I felt "better"...

    I was still an emotional basket case, but somewhere along the way, I kept from sinking further into a suck dead end job and nobody to interact with alone...

    It kept me afloat long enough for a visit from my eldest daughter. She and her family did a halting, stumbling intervention, took me out of the box, moved me and my leftover personal things from my Mother's home to my own little house next to theirs way out here in the middle of Eastern New Mexico, which is still isolated, but because not may folks live out here, not because I was in a city full of people and feeling like Wallflower Blush...

    I woke. Got into therapy. Stayed with that silly, quaint, MAGNIFICENT world that started one day with the words, "Once Upon a Time, in the Magical Land of Equestria..."

    A meetup, (which fell apart when we had someone rat that the Soarin Pie Eating Contest was some sort of hazing, and we lost the auditorium on the UNM North Campus)...

    Yeah. I knew this was coming. Knew it, and HATED it...

    This was my substitute family, the one that got me excited every Saturday. The one that locked ch. 179 on my Joey to turn to first, to see which episode was on...

    They made the bad memory of my ex-wife saying, "We're moving. You are not welcome to come with us..." fade almost into the background completely...

    It's a cartoon. Pastel ponies. Songs. And it held the pieces together long enough for some to get glued and set back where they were supposed to be...

    I owe it, and you people, almost more than I can give, because it literally saved my life.

    I want to save it now. Selfishly. Because I owe it almost everything...

    And I can't...

    That was a bad day for me. But it isn't as bad as those days before it came into my life...

    And now, you glorious bastards...you know just how I feel...

    I can get past it. But not to see what happens next is going to be hard...

    Bug-eye Alicorn baby...
    Maud, before you go...dump Mudbriar, please?
    CMC's...all of you; Babs, Gabby, the whole bunch...
    And please, let Scoot fly; my heart hurts to think she won't fly to the end of the sky...
    Tavi and Vinyl, the best "Odd Couple" since Matthau and Lemmon...
    Lyra and Bonny hunting monsters, together...
    Sunburst and the Hollow...
    The Student Six, who have so much to still live through..
    Ember, Thorax, and the others...
    Even you Chrysalis...
    I can't listen to Delancie talk without seeing that mis-matched draconequus anymore...
    Tempest and her story...
    Autum Blaze and the kirin...
    All those ponies and one zebra, and wondering how their days are going...

    Derpy. I am so going to miss you...you were the first. I wish they wouldn't make you seem so spazz. You're loving, you work hard, and you never give up trying...

    Spike. Did you and Rarity finally find out what everypony already knew...?

    GlimGlam...villain to part of the Magnificent Seven...
    Flutts...get rid of the damn rabbit...
    The Ponk...
    RD...was there any other dream beyond the Wonderbolts...?

    And you, Twi...the one that started it all. I was never resentful of those wings. I just hope that you really don't linger on in your life, without that wonderful bunch of kooks of yours...

    The last 15 minutes should be all of you, one by one, coming into that group, all those bright eyes, for the last picture of EVERY ONE OF YOU...

    Thank you for saving me. I wish I could do more to save you...

    And that is why I hurt this day, for creatures that live, sing, and laugh in my head...and help me laugh, too...

    I dream of a G 4.5...you're older. Twi now gets the letters, and sends a few on to Sunbutt and Moonbutt, mostly for "...remenber when I learned this?" moments, but on occasion when she really needs help...
    The CMC's are now teens, trying to find their place in a more modern world...
    Bug-eyed Alicorn is now a young filly, and has created her own sort of Crusaders...
    The Seven offer their help and steadfastness here and there with a new batch of friends of their own on occasion...
    The Student Six now teach their own contemporaries in their own lands about Friendship...

    G 4.5. My Little Ponies, the Next Generation. And Q is still around...

    Another year...Diarchy, help me through it...

    And Thank You...

    Dear TV series staff, I am grateful and I want to thank you for 9 years of work on the magic of friendship, but at the same time I feel a big sadness in my heart and longing for Mane 6. I saw a design of new projects of the main characters and I admit that it's not (for me) good idea. As for the question of what friendship means to me, let me just say that friendship means something very important to me, just like love and caring. Thanks to the series "My Little Pony: Friendship is magic" I learned a few important things related to friendship and participate in the creation of several articles for the Polish fandom associated with this series and spin-offs "My Little Pony Equestria Girls", because I also often watch. But despite this, I would like to appeal to continue the creation of the series, because without it I feel a great emptiness. In addition, I'm afraid that this may affect the series "My Little Pony Equestria Girls", which will separate from the series "My Little Pony: Friendship is magic" and for meetings of fans of ponies, called the Bronies and Pegasisters.
    My favorite pony number 1 is of course the Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle. I watched events related to her, from learning with Princess Celestia by sending her letters, in which her best friend and assistant, Spike writes, what she learned about friendship (straight from Ponyville), to moments when: receives wings, defeats Tirek and receives her own castle and opens her own Friendship School in which she is the headmistress. Another favorite pony I love is Cutie Mark Crusaders (Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom), whose task was to get their own cutie marks, and when they succeeded, they create their own camp in which they help little filly's to get cutie marks by discovering their skills; they even become teachers at the School of Friendship.
    However, one question puzzles me: is the episode presented in the ninth season, in which Scotaloo will finally learn to fly? Because if it will not be shown, it will be a big disappointment, because all fans of the series began to speculate on why the little mare can not fly and for what reasons.
    True, I understand that everything must have its end, but not in this series, because everything can happen in it. Therefore, I am asking you to please consider my email as my request to continue this series. If you do not have enough money to create more episodes, just ask a well-known film and television distributor (such as Warner Bros Television or Disney-ABC Domestic Television).
    With respect and great request, Brony from Poland.

    I thank everyone on the MLP team for making things possible that I didn't know were possible if it wasn't for MLP I wouldn't have stepped out of my comfort zone when making and meeting friends! I also have stepped out of my creation comfort zone with writing and drawing thanks to everyone for 8 amazing seasons of MLP seriously if it wasn't for any of this I wouldn't have made the amazing friendships I have since I have started watching MLP.

    friendship really is magic!


    I grew up hating anything "My Little Pony". There was nothing of substance behind it. The voices annoyed me and all the characters were 1 dimensional airheads.

    Then one late night I was browsing online and saw an article about this NEW My Little Pony series with the subtitle of "Friendship is Magic" that had taken the world by storm. I had nothing better to do so I clicked a provided link to the episode the article most referenced. Season 1, episode 15; Feeling Pinkie Keen.

    Up until this point, I'd never even heard of FiM but I found myself having to stifle my giggles and I couldn't stop grinning. I've suffered from depression for many years but something about these brightly colored ponies suddenly seemed to make all of that melt away, even if it was just for a little while. I fell in love. Watching Twilight struggle with Pinkie's weirdness delighted me and I scoured the internet for the rest of the episodes and stayed up the entire night, watching the mane 6 and their adventures.

    I was hooked, legitimately emotionally invested! I CARED about these characters and what happened to them. And, everytime they were on screen, the world didn't seem so bad. All of my troubles and worries just disappeared for a while and after each episode, I felt a sense of elation. I even found myself enjoying the music. Going from nothing but rock and metal to these happy and catchy songs was so strange for me and everyone around me thought so too, even moreso when I started talking about My Little Pony, of all things. But I just couldn't stay quiet about it!

    During this time, I had begun babysitting for a family friend, twin 5yr old girls and their 3yr old sister. I decided to download all of the episodes and let them decide if they liked it as much as I did or not. I set up my laptop and started episode 1. It took no time at all for the twins to pull up chairs and fall silent. The youngest noticed and dropped her toys, going to stand between them. They were transfixed and I could tell, this was the beginning of something awesome.

    They loved it and begged for more so I turned to the awesome fans. I began compiling SFW music videos and fan animations for them to watch in between new episodes and burned DVDs so they could watch it all, even when I wasn't around. But something even more special began to happen.

    The youngest, Sarah, had a problem vocalizing. None of us knew why but she never really spoke, even fragmented words. At her age, she should have been forming partial sentences and been able to at least somewhat communicate things through words but she didn't (or couldn't). The only word she said was "no", despite her mom's best efforts. "No" meant everything, including "yes", you just had to watch for the head nod or shake. That was until one day, I asked the girls what they wanted to watch and Sarah quietly proclaimed, "Pony?".

    I found myself in momentary shocked silence before asking, "Do you want to watch My Little Pony?"

    "No!" *head nod*

    I couldn't help but beam. "Looks like it's settled, we're watching ponies today!"

    The twins happily agreed.

    Somehow this show had managed to open a door with Sarah and I began using it as a teaching tool for both her and the twins. For Sarah, I started teaching her how to speak and string 1 to 2 words together to help her communicate. I'd often catch her half mumbling, half singing the opening and many of the other songs. For the twins, I started using it to teach them how to open up and make friends and how to treat those friends.

    This show impacted me so much, I began collecting toys, figures, comics, etc. I went from "everything black" to "omg colors!". It broadened my horizons and opened me up to a world of new possibilities and through me, it opened doors for 3 little girls who then went on to share it with their cousin of the same age.

    At this point, I've also introduced 3 guys and my best friend to the "Magic of Friendship".

    This show has honestly changed my life and I'm a better person because of it. I just want to say thank you, for helping make the world just a little brighter.

    Dearly and true,

    P.S.: My favorite song is Flawless, because it reminds me that I'll never be "flawless" but I'm always changing and growing and no matter how perfect someone wants or imagines me to be, I don't have to be it because I'm just a person like them, flaws and all.

    To all staff,

    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic was an amazing series. I didn't expect to like it and started watching it around when season 8 was released. I liked it so much I spent all my free time watching it until I had caught up. I then proceeded to purchase several things from MLP to help with sales and promote the show. I check Equestria Daily each day looking for more news on the series. It's sad to me to see the series will be ending with season 9. I'm not sure if Equestria Girls is ending as well, if so, that will be even sadder. I feel the series could continue for much longer and I would continue to enjoy it. It's easily become a large part of my life. I listen to a playlist of only MLP music on Youtube every morning and afternoon. The characters, animation, music, and stories are all awesome. MLP generation 4 in all is awesome. I will continue to watch the series even after it has ended. I really hope the generation 4 ponies, especially Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash come back at some point in the future in some way. Also hoping the new movie will involve the generation 4 ponies. At least we still have season 9 coming and Equestria Girls for now. Thank you all for making such a great show. Good luck in your future endeavors.

    Dear creative staff for the show My little pony friendship is magic.

    I am writing this to give you my gift of gratitude for the work and dedication you have thrown into every episode of the show. My name is David Kraft, I grew up with autism and Asperger's syndrome and in doing so . I was bullied relentlessly everyday of my childhood and most of my adult years. From that I sank into a deep depression.

    Then came the day I found your show. It brought me some of the happiest moments of my life. I took the lessons from season 1 and 2 and used them to better myself as a whole. It brought me to my wife and there was a whole pony tribute done at my wedding. It brought me the closest friends I've ever had. I sincerely feel that none of that would have been possible without you guys. For that I am extremely thankful. Best of luck in all your future products. I'll never forget what you've done for me.

    To all who worked on Friendship is Magic at any point of its history:

    Regardless of whether your name gets top billing in credits or doesn’t appear at all, know that you have helped create a modern cultural phenomenon whose fan following has come to rival the likes of Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Harry Potter. Whether knowingly or not, your work has fueled the creation of a fanbase that has defied all expectations before or since its emergence, and went on to become a unique and lasting bastion of creative expression and fulfillment and a sanctuary of spirit and mind for many. Regardless of its original circumstances, Friendship is Magic has forged a community, perhaps a way of life, that has transcended borders and cultures and added a new and wonderful stroke to the picture of modern cultural life, one that will continue to affect things in ways that will take years to fully appreciate.

    You may be working as an outsourcing contractor, or you may be part of the creative direction that made “the ponies” happen, or anything in between, but regardless, your efforts have transformed the franchise of “My Little Pony” from being merely a line of toy figurines, Bonnie Zacherle’s half-failed dream and a butt of jokes – and into something worth investing genuine interest in, a redemption and full realization of that same dream, and a franchise driven by its creative content, not merchandising. You have revolutionized MLP – all because you refused to do your job halfway; you took what could have been yet another obligatory, color-by-numbers animated 22-minute toyline commercial and approached it as a serious creative work, with more integrity and professionalism than many huge-budget productions ever see. Your work spawned a world that has as much, if not more, heart and depth to it as the titanic presences of pop culture mentioned above, filled with characters more realistic and lifelike than most of those present in most other fiction universes. Your great execution of good ideas behind its many aspects of style, story and design, and the consistently clever and non-condescending tone of the show that never felt like it was dumbed down or talking down to the viewer, created a true recipe for success.

    You were involved in making this perfect mixture keep on working for a decade, unfailingly, even as other, newer shows passed into obscurity. The fandom that grew around it went through its own periods of change, matured through phases of explosive growth and instability and into a steady strong presence – and your understanding of the unexpected adult fandom of Friendship is Magic, the engagement some of you were open to, participating in conventions or communicating online, were yet another welcome surprise. While the inevitable chaotic, random and at times unsightly sides of internet culture and fandom were also there, you didn’t let them poison the well, in your impression of us nor in regards to your work on the show. Your interactions with us have been great fun and made for some of the best examples of franchise staff interacting with fans – and I hope that it is as fun for you as it is for us to get in touch with one another.

    You kept your work going strong for a decade, never failing to deliver, and sad as I am to see the show’s run end, I would never dare demand more of you than you’ve already built with such integrity – still, if you wish to continue working on ponies, I hope whatever comes next for MLP will have room for you as well. For a decade you have been ensuring the continued high quality of a show that has become a source of great inspiration to many, in particular, spurring them on to try their hand at creative activities such as artistry, drawing, writing, musicmaking and video creation – all fueled by the strong positive feelings your work has roused in them. I speak from experience, being among those whose first real attempt at writing and artwork had come about through their love of FiM, and though far from perfection, they reinforced my wish to continue on with creative hobbies in the future, enriching my life going forward. The same is true for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide – and the community we have formed over this will go on for a long time hence, continuing to share in our love for what you have brought us and generating exponentially more fan content, enriching lives further still. For some, it is an influence that helped shape their lives and outlook on the world where they otherwise felt lost and alone, and a source of comfort and even opportunities for friendship where they had none.

    Though the official run of Friendship is Magic may be ending, remember that your work has found true lasting love and appreciation. Far exceeding the traditional “target audiences”, it has lifted the spirits of people of all ages and walks of life, on every continent; its core message of genuine positivity and wonders of friendly bonds between people has left its mark on many across the Americas, Africa, Eurasia and Oceania. In its own way, however small it may seem, you’ve moved the world a little closer to mutual understanding and bonds of human brotherhood, with Friendship is Magic’s universal and nonpartisan appeal finding its way to all, regardless of whatever the politics of the day may be. In today’s tense and often bitter world, your work created a common sanctuary of peace and a common ground for bonding. Its influence will continue to affect people for decades to come, making the world a better place. Remember that.

    So thank you, all who ever worked on Friendship is Magic and its many facets, from the bottom of my heart, and, I’m sure, of millions more. I hope we’ll meet again through future works, and that they will be just as great.

    With respect and gratitude,


    This show is the best one I've ever seen, the characters were all very likable, Twilight helped me learn how to socialize better is, Pinkie helped me laugh things out, Fluttershy taught me that kindness can help with a lot of things, even to reform the god of chaos, Rainbow Dash help me realize how important loyalty is, Applejack made honesty look important, and not even a couple of Con-ponies can't persuade her to make stuff up, Rarity showed how generosity can pay off, Discord showed changing your bad ways is beneficial, and you can still stay devilishly charming as well, Spike showed me the take responsibility for my actions, the Cutie Mark Crusaders show to me how important patience is, after Starlight & Trixie reformed, I learned that some people are redeemable, but not everyone is, I've been watching the show since early 2015, after I lost interest and got sick of Adventure Time, and I stuck around until the end, and when the show ends and the story arc is wrapped up, I'm going to miss the show and all their characters, Twilight, Pinkie, Discord, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Spike, Starlight, Trixie, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Princess Celestia, Shining Armor, Princess Flurry Heart, Thorax, Lord Tirek, Chrysalis, A.K. Yearling/Daring Do, Dr. Caballeron, Flim & Flam, everypony, Discord is my favorite character in the show, and I consider him 10 times better than the Ice King from Adventure Time, because Discord has more personality and more character development than Ice King did, and I hope he gets a lot more screen time in season 9, and I personally would like to know his backstory, and whatever threat shows up in Equestria for its final episode, I personally would like to see Discord actually be the hero, so, MLP fim made me happy, and I personally enjoyed the 2017 movie, although the Storm King was kind of a weak villain, maybe we might see more of him and a flashback or he gets resurrected probably, he might get better, thank you Hasbro, and Lauren Faust, for creating the best cartoon of the 2010's Renaissance era of cartoons (suck it, Adventure Time), it would have been needed the show lasted longer, but I think it's better for it to end with dignity instead of it going on for a long time and end up like The Simpsons, Family Guy, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Fairly OddParents when they went on for too long, and my best wishes to everyone involved with the show, thank you all...............

    Dear Staff of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic,
    since 2012 i've been watching the amazing work you guys have put out throughout the years. When I started watching the show when I was 10 I knew this was gonna be a huge part of my life for a very long time. Now I am 17 and show has basically become one of my biggest personalities. It's crazy to say that a show about colorful ponies learning about friendship has changed my life in so many ways. For years I've struggled with social anxiety and the habit of getting stressed out really easily. MLP in a way was like therapy for me and for helping me. Helping me recognize the good things in life and that my problems and situations will work out at the end of the day. Probably the thing I love most about MLP is the one character that I can 100% call my spirit animal, PinkiePie. When I first saw her on TV I automatically knew she was going to be my favorite character. Literally everyone who knows me knows that my favorite character in MLP is Pinkie Pie. It's got to the point were even people compare me as well as nickname me Pinkie Pie. She has definitely inspired me to the most for being the weird crazy person that I am today. Pinkie pie has taught me to love and care about my friends and make them happy and a way I never thought of before. I absolutely want to Thank Andrea Libman for giving such a beautifully iconic voice to this crazy optimistic pink pony. Andrea you are so extremely talented and hard-working and I look up to you for that. I also want to thank every single person who has ever worked on the show. All the directors, producers, animators, voice actresses and actors, writers and all the above I thank you all so much. Of course I want to thank the creator of this beautiful masterpiece Lauren Faust for creating a show that kids and adults can relate to. You have all inspired me to create my own stories and to possibly make my own cartoon series in the future. You guys and the show will definitely be my number one inspiration. With the show ending this year, for me it's like a chapter in my life coming to an end for the start of a new one. Specially since I'll finally be an adult next year. Even though I will be very sad once the finale comes and the show will end. I will always think of how much good it brought to my teenage years. Also how much inspiration and positivity it will bring me in the future. Thank you everyone for inspiring a 10 year old girl for the greater good. Your creation will always live on in my life.Thank You!

    Malena K.

    Dear Current and Former My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Creators,

    I wanted to write this letter along with the rest of the community to express how much your efforts and what you have built means to me. Words cannot express. The current generation of My Little Pony first appeared during my junior year of high school and exploded like wildfire, absolutely consuming the internet. I had been exposed through internet culture, but didn't try for myself until college. I didn't get it, but when it seemed I could not go a single day without encountering a hat, shirt, button, computer wallpaper, or slogan that originated from the show, I decided to give it a chance. The virus was in the air, and I caught the bug. I watched one episode, and then two, and pretty soon I stayed up all weekend to binge the first two seasons. I couldn't get enough of the characters, the stories, the music, the themes, the animation. Luckily, I was not alone. A great community had sprung up producing tons of material, a literal flood of derivative art and music, and a constant source of instant friends. YouTube and video makers were a constant distraction from the stress and difficulties I faced in college. A show that focused on personal relationships was so 100% relevant to a group of adolescents experiencing newfound loneliness away from home. I can't count how many people I have watched find their first real creative outlet through pony.

    Throughout the most turbulent time of my life, moving from high school to college, and now adulthood, My Little Pony has been a constant reminder and source of entertainment, cheer, and community. When I was going through chemotherapy, I listened to show songs on repeat to give me the strength to endure that torture. My Little Pony is something special. I am never alone with it around. Even though the current generation is ending with season 9, I am glad. It is better for the show to exit on its own terms, rather than keep going until it gets stale. The longevity so far as been nothing short of miraculous, surviving the departure of the original creator and much of the original staff, and multiple major character changes and introductions while barely slowing down. There have been hiccups, but never a downward spiral. Season 7 honestly has every bit of the heart and quality of season 2, and this is entirely because of your dedication to be true to the vision of a girls cartoon that doesn't need to suck. That resonates with people, and it resonated with me so strongly I know the fandom will last for decades. I hope all of you that have made this show what it is go to sleep every night knowing that you didn't just make cartoons for children, you picked people up when they were down. You made us all smile, and I hope you all keep that alive in all future endeavors.

    -- Cotton Fluff

    Dear MLP Staff,
    Thank you.
    Thank you for creating such a wonderful show.
    I honestly don't know what I would watch, or draw, or think about if this show hadn't been there.
    And sure, while it does stink that MLP G4 is ending, I'm really excited for the future!
    I probably couldn't even begin to understand the amount of time and effort you guys put into making these episodes for the world to watch.
    I started watching when the movie came out so I haven't been here very long.
    But, I've met some of the nicest people ever.
    You guys have truly created something beautiful.
    And I don't think it's going away any time soon. :)
    Keep up the good work!
    I, for one, will definitely be watching. :)

    Best of wishes,

    To all the staff and artists (both physical and vocal) who made MLP Friendship is Magic possible, I want to give a heartfelt thank you for all your hard work. I didn't come into the herd until fairly recently only around 2-ish years ago, but I feel that MLP has changed my life in some ways, I have done things that I probably never would have considered otherwise like attempting to direct a voice project, I have probably done more drawing in the last two years with MLP alone than I can say I did in the many years before not counting small scribble drawings and the few art classes I've taken in school-related settings. And finally, though I have yet to meet anyone in person, I've made a lot of online friends through Deviant Art and other social media platforms. I hope that the ponies despite reaching the end of this chapter, will continue on with the same love care and devotion for many years to come.

    Your Fan and Friend,

    Where do I even start with this..... I But because of it, I was often bullied and one occasion, Winnie the Pooh, which brought me here in the first place)

    At first I thought this series was stupid, and Bronies were just some Internet joke. That all changed in October 2017, when my mom and I took my 4 year old great cousin to see My Little Pony: The Movie.

    As I mentioned above, I also really love Winnie the Pooh and how it's about love and friendship. But because of it, I was often bullied and one occasion, I did something very illegal to obtain stuff for my collection: Bank Fraud.

    I was stealing left and right from even my own mother and grandmother. So much that I would have ended up in federal prison.

    But then in the fall of 2017, that all changed, with the 6 colorful ponies: Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity.

    These guys showed me that there was a better way to deal with our problems and get what you want at the same time: Friendship. They also showed me how upside down this world really is.

    If we could all learn to get along in this world without wars and things, then society would be so much better...

    MLP has really helped with my autism, because as you know, having no friends comes with it and gets very depressing at times and that's where the plush ponies play their part.

    I have built myself a Pony Empire if you want to call it that, with everything from books, toys, DVDs, and everything in between. As I got into MLP more, I began to take a liking to the Care Bears, which I now love too.

    My favorite ponies are Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, DJ , Starlight Glimmer, and Rainbow Dash.

    I am planning to go to the last BronyCon this year, no matter what it takes. I also don't plan to give up MLP after.

    I can't say thank you enough for all of this. Yoy change my life and many others, and I hope for the same in generation 5.

    An extra special thanks goes to Tara Strong for getting me through tough times and Nicole Oliver for making everyday a sunny one.

    Brony 4 Life!!!


    Dear Staff of My Little Pony,

    I want to thank you for making Friendship is Magic. It has brought me many hours of joy in my life and helped me though rough times. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for the final season and the new Pony series you're working on.

    Thank you to all Voice Actors, Animators, Writers, Producers, and everyone who was made this magical series.

    Yours in Friendship,


    Dear the fine artists, musicians, writers and other amazing people behind Gen 4 of MLP Friendship is magic.

    Thank you so much for the incredible show you all put so much effort into making, your show has brought myself and many other people together in harmony and friendship, it even drew me to meet some of my best friends and even my significant other, we would not have met if not for this show.

    Even though G4 is ending I am eager to see what happens with the next generation (if there is one, of course)

    Much love, Vallorie~

    Dear My Little Pony Staff,

    Thank you.

    Over the last 8 years, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has been a
    substantial part of my life.
    I cannot remember my life before My Little Pony and it feels surreal
    that this chapter should ultimately come to pass.
    Through the show I have learned to show kindness and to value kindness.
    I have learned that friendship is a wonderous and powerful thing, that
    true friends don't care that you mess up sometimes, that small things
    matter, and that you will remember the who long after you have
    forgotten the what.
    When I remember back at the first season of the show, I recall the
    excitement of finding that I, a grown man, absolutely can watch a show
    with colorful ponies, and that I should if I want to.
    I recall the friendship lessons at the end of each episode and how it
    felt silly and at the same time so serene.
    It fills me with bitter-sweet sorrow.
    We have come such a long way and it's breaking my heart to finally see
    it come to an end.
    That there is one last season before it's time to say goodbye to the
    carakters we've come to love so dearly.
    But also that it is a goodbye to you wonderful people, who have changed
    our lives by making this show.
    I wish I could thank you enough for creating this wonderful world,
    these endearing characters, these captivating stories and bringing them
    to life with your work.
    Thank you for showing us that grown up people can go out into the world
    watching a show about being nice and kind and generous.
    And thank you for showing us that our engagement in the show is
    worthwhile, the fascination with it's lovely characters, and the
    inspiration to have it become part of our lives, both in the fandom and
    in the lessons we've learned.
    Thank you for welcoming and supporting us along the way.
    Thank you for never stopping to be awesome.

    My Little Pony is a show of greatness and I hope that you all will
    never stop exhibiting the greatness and sincerity that you showed to

    Your faithful Student
    Twilight Sparkle

    Dear Staff,

    I’m talking to the whole lot of you, no exceptions. There is no words in any language strong enough to express how grateful I am for the amazing work you’ve done, and the joy you’ve brought to my life throughout all these years. I didn’t know I could love a TV show that much before MLP. You proved me otherwise by creating the most insanely clever cinematographic work I’ve ever seen, by giving birth to a rich and beautiful universe that will never stop to grow, and by healing the hearts of thousands of people (me included) who thought our world was only cynicism and egoism.

    With those endearing characters and their delightful world you inspired me when I thought I had given up on art, you dusted books I had long gone forgotten, and you woke my imagination up.

    With those 3 simple words: “Friendship is Magic”, you resurrected Humanism, you made me discover a new philosophy that I eventually made mine, and you showed me how to live a life that is beneficial not only for me but also for my peers.

    For all of that, thank you ten thousand times, and because I know I am not the only one who has been reconstructed by your hands, thank you ten thousand more for all those people you’ve also helped. You are the alchemists that transformed us, and the prophets that opened our minds.

    Faithfully yours,


    Dear staff of My Little Pony,

    My name is Leila Formanes and I am a fan of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

    To start, I want to give thanks to all of you for creating this show. Loved every episode from beginning to end.

    I know it's very sad to say goodbye to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, but to be honest, I am grateful of how the show changed my life and helped loved the world more as it goes round. I'll miss everypony from Twilight, Pinkie Pie to the Cutie Mark Crusaders and of course newcomers like Starlight Glimmer or Discord.

    I'll miss some of my favorite episodes and here they are: Crusaders of the Lost Mark, All Bottled Up, Shadow Play, Rock Solid Friendship, Fame and Misfortune, and my very first episode I ever saw, Inspiration Manifestation.

    Special thanks to Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, Tabitha St Germain, and Ashleigh Ball for combining voices together to create six powerful ponies.

    To Michelle Creber and Claire Corlett for lighting up my day with your amazing YouTube videos and bringing Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle to life.

    And finally, a huge Apple family apple cider toast to Lauren Faust for bringing the show to life since 2010.

    Time has gone by and now as people say, "All good things must come to an end."

    So when the series finale comes around I will say the last words,

    Thanks guys.


    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is my favorite television series of all time. I say this with the utmost certainty because of how much joy it’s given me and how much investment I’ve put into this series and its community compared to any other show before it or probably after. I started watching the series in late 2011 about halfway through Season 2 with some trepidation and very low expectations and since then, I’ve seen every single episode as it’s premiered and have never looked back. Being one who suffers from depression, watching the newest episode of MLP on a Saturday morning has always been something to help me get by, something for me to look forward to week after week as a means of putting a smile on my face despite whatever problems that were going on at the time. But more than that, this series has involved me in a community that makes every other series I’ve been a fan of pale in comparison. The brony fanbase is such a large part of my life now because of everyone’s amazing creativity and compassion that spawned from a common love of a silly little girl’s show about pastel colored horses solving friendship problems on a day to day basis and becoming better friends because of it. The series has done so much for me since I started watching it; it got me to attend brony meetups and meet amazing people, it got me back into drawing and led me to creating my own pony character, it got me to go to pony conventions that still put Comic-Con to shame and is even getting me to leave the state completely on my own for the first time later this year to attend BronyCon 2019. This show has brought such joy to my life and while it is sad to see it ending, I’m also glad that a series this great can end of a high note and not be run into the ground like other popular animated TV shows. And after it ends, I can return to the brony fandom and all its amazing art, stories, music, and conventions to keep our undying love for the series alive long after it’s gone. I want to give a most sincere thank you to Lauren Faust for creating this amazing show and to everyone at DHX and Hasbro that worked so hard to make MLP as great as they could all these 9 seasons, for brightening up my day with every episode, for getting every song stuck in my head even to this day, for inspiring every brony meetup and convention I’ve attended and had a blast at, for giving me a reason to return to art, and for showing me that friendship truly is magic.

    Joseph ‘Pixel Grip’

    Thank you so so much for all you've done and all the work you've put into My Little Pony. I once had to write a whole paragraph about Spike in science class. I have loved the show for literally forever. You all are just so amazing, I don't know how to express it. You have brought me joy and knowledge. Thank you so much for everything!

    Back in 2015 I decided to give a certain cartoon show about ponies a try to see what the fuss was about, and I never expected I would be hooked a couple of episodes in. This show had all of the things I love in a cartoon and new things that I wanted to see in a cartoon. A fantasy world with great word-building, stories, and characters brought to life by great writers like Amy Keating Rogers and M.A. Larson just to name a few. Amazing songs that evoke memories of growing up with classic Disney songs thanks to Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrews. But most of all, the idea of an IP that was long established as “for little girls” being made to appeal to boys and girls of all ages because of Lauren Faust’s vision for the show. I was looking for a show with more female leads that were well-developed and relatable, and this show delivered. Not only that but I was and still to this day amazed at the positive impact that this show has had on so many people. It has also inspired me to do things I never thought I would do years back. I went to my first MLP convention and convention in general back in 2017 and got to meet Lauren Faust, the voice actors, and writers and congratulate them on working on a show that changed how I look at entertainment. So I’ll say it again: Thank you to everyone that made this show possible, and for bringing such an amazing experience to me and many other people. I will cherish this show for the rest of my life.

    At first, my little pony friendship is magic meant nothing to me but after equestria girls debuted in 2013 and they started ‘pearing’ twilight with flash, I’ve grown attached to the show but ever since timber spruce came along and he stole sci twi away from flash, the shows become a total bum. I didn’t waste my life to watch and support this show just to see my favorite ship get thrown under the bus and replaced by two other ships that are really awful and overrated to the fandom. Seeing flash and his counterpart get mistreated, not getting any character development and replaced by a new love interest really saddens and hurts me and my heart so much it hurts others who love both flash and flashlight. Both flash sentry’s shouldn’t be treated like this and they don’t deserve to be replace by a new love interest. Both flash and twilight, as well as their counterparts deserve each other. Seriously, I’m nothing without flashlight and I miss it, like a lot. I can’t bear to see both flash sentry’s get little screen time and development, it’s really hurting me like a lot. So yeah, the reason I love my little pony friendship is magic is because of equestria girls, flash sentry and flashlight. Now that friendship is magic is ending and if pony flash doesn’t get a role in season 9, I hope he and his human counterpart gets a bigger and better role In equestria girls, I hope sci twi starts something with flash after things don’t turn out good in her relationship with timber while her pony counterpart gets close to pony flash. I know it’s much but I don’t want equestria girls to end with no human/pony flashlight and All I hope is that you bring both pony and human flashlight back in equestria girls for good, please.

    What has the show meant to me?

    A lot of things.

    I remember when I first decided to watch the show, being one year removed from high school and about to be a sophomore, and I still didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.

    Then one afternoon I decided to watch an episode and the rest is history.

    Ever since I started to watch the show I also started thinking that maybe the career of animation would be a good life choice for me, either as writing or animating.

    Most importantly, I’ve started to realize that friends are important and to never take them for granted. I’ve learned how to be a good friend over the years and improve myself to be the best.

    I still don’t know what I’ve be doing if I was never a fan, or how my life would turn out.

    I been a fan since Summer 2013, and first episode I watched was Party of One.

    It was definitely fun watching all the episodes, catching up before season 4 started and enjoy a Saturday of new pony.

    So much I’ve learned.

    With season 9 being the final one brings back memories of all the times I’ve had watching.

    It’s been a good five and a half years but all things have to end I guess.

    This show certainly meant a lot to me and I just can’t imagine my life without it.

    To finish this off I would like to just say thank you.

    You helped make a show that had me feel connected towards it.

    THANK YOU!!!

    MLP:FIM came out when I started college. I met my best friend of almost 10 years there and I remember we spent one of our first nights together watching MLP. From there, my love for MLP grew! From there, I created Nashville Bronies where I met and worked with so many wonderful people. Eventually this lead to working with other groups and meeting even more wonderful people. In fact, I met my boyfriend because of MLP who runs the Knoxville Bronies. We have been together for almost 7 years. The events have died down but we know how we came together and I have so many wonderful friends I love because of MLP. My life has been lead in a way I never thought I could go and I am surrounded by the love of my friends everyday. I will always know MLP is what started this life long journey with my forever friends.

    Dear Staff of MLP

    I used to think that embracing true friendship the pony way would follow along the lines of being lame, childish and sappy and not worth talking about or getting into details with. Here's what I've learned from the show: IT'S NOT! It's true that there are lessons in the show that children should be learning from however these are also lessons that adults need to be applying. It's a universal knowledge that all age groups should grasp that helps to better relationships, to develop oneself and to, of course, make some friends. I never believed that I would be sharing my hobbies and interests with other people the way that I do now simply because I gave up looking for it; and although I'll admit I am still a bit of a shut out, I know that I have good friends who will be there for me whenever I need them as I will be there for them, regardless of where they come from.

    Learning to be tolerant, caring and thoughtful and admitting mistakes is all apart of learning to be a better human being, and that's the beautiful thing about it: friendship grows with you and you're never alone, and better yet....the journey continues.

    One of your many faithful students

    Cinnamon Mint

    Hello, Equestria Daily or Hasbro Studios or (either) Lauren Faust,
    My name is Jim Glanville, and I'm a big massive fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
    I am a little upset that the show is ending at season 9, but I'm not giving up on it no matter what.
    So what does the show mean to me? The show is gives us friendship, and how to be kind to one another. What I love about the show is that it's colourful, it's friendly, it's kind, it's magic, it makes you feel good, it gives us joy, it makes you happy, it makes you feel better when you're feeling down, and it makes you want to love the show and it's fandom for the rest of your life. That's what the show means to me.
    I do have a favourite pony, but she's an OC. She has never appeared in the show, but I really wish she could. And if she did, I would like her not as a background character, but as a main character. Her name is Sweet Shutter. She a female Pegasus pony She is a photographer pony who has a camera and take photos, and she has such a beautiful singing voice, but also she is the popular pony in all of Equestria. She represents the element of sweetness.
    So thank you for understanding, thank you for entertaining us for nine years (even though we're not giving up, we are still going to continue the fandom), and we look forward to a great season.
    Thank you.
    Signed, Jim

    “I just need to be alone so I can study without a bunch of crazy ponies trying to make friends all the time.”

    This line from Twilight Sparkle is what drew me into the world of Equestria. A character that didn’t want to socialize with random ponies she just met, instead preferring to focus on the task at hoof and read books all day. That is me! I have high-functioning autism and Friendship is Magic had a main character that had traits similar to mine, but was not seen as a weirdo. I’m also as introverted as Fluttershy; while she has developed ways to assert her herself, Fluttershy can still want to avoid the lime light and her friends are willing to accommodate her special needs. Pinkie Pie starts off as an annoying social butterfly that intrudes into personal space, but through the song Smile, Smile, Smile and many episodes, her motivations are made clear and she slowly reigns in her enthusiasm.
    Rarity at first seems to be a shallow fashionista, her song The Art of the Dress explains that she is actually a thoughtful designer who tailors her creations to each pony’s personality. The show builds on the history and lore of its world, opening new paths for stories. Resolutions for most conflicts involve talking about feelings and using reconciliation to turn a fiend into a friend. The humor is not based on cheap gags or relies solely on pop culture references; the writing is well thought out and the passion of the staff shines through. They are willing to make the characters dynamic and progress the show through realistic changes that (most of time) never feels like a forced advertisement. Men are able to connect to well-rounded females, are encouraged to share feelings and be willing to admit that fighting and violence aren’t the first or best solutions to life’s problems.

    Thank you Lauren Faust for creating this world, and even bigger thanks to all the staff members who expanded it beyond what anyone expected while keeping the integrity of Faust’s vision.

    Metallic Roselle

    To the makers of Friendship is Magic

    I write this (open ?) letter to you guys thanks to Equestria Daily, this lovely Community in which I’ve spend really good time !

    I know that every good thing has an end BUT, I wanted to adress you this letter of recognition and respect.

    Because for me (and probably others) MLP:FiM changed my life at some extent, I follow the show since Im 10,

    I just got 18 the 16th of february (Ironicly, the day you announced the end of FiM), and Im still a brony after all these years

    It helped me go through some hard time in my life, and was just really good when Nothing was wrong ! But to be really honest

    Im a bit (really) sad that FiM will end this year. Even though it’s been 9 years already, I have become attached to this universe altogether

    From the character, to the locations, the lore etc…. I’ll Watch everything ‘til the end, I’ve read every comics and it’s really a Masterpiece.

    Another thing that is amazing about FiM is the amount of references to other shows, universe etc… (like Doctor Who, Slender (I still remember THAT episode) etc..)

    And all the valuable lessons that one can take from this, because let’s be honest, it’s not a show only for little girls, we can clearly see that there’s part

    Clearly meant to be understood by adults, and that’s also a thing that I respect alot : You guys KNOW about us, and so you adapt you’re work

    To the Community without us having to ask you, and it’s wonderful !About all these lessons : we might be grown up

    But I have to admit I learned alot, because while they might not be applicable in all situations, these lessons helped me understand more thing about friendship (really).

    not to mention the fact that the show is VERY relatable (and that helps alot to understand and adopt these said lessons).

    I know FiM ends there, but I know MLP won’t be ending that soon, hell Im sure it’ll still exist in a hundred Years (like alot of thing to be real) BUT !

    I just hope that you guys will be the one who’ll make the next thing ! you know, gen 5 ! (or at least the serie that’ll follow FiM)

    I don’t know what to expect now, I know S9 will be fire, but I also know it’ll end there, and we might not see much of our favorite characters. (I might be wrong on that one though

    Since we ain’t got any info yet). And by the time this next series will be out there, I’ll probably be in the army (it’s my life project) and I’LL STILL BE WATCHING THE SHOW ! Once a brony,

    Always a brony ! One more big THANK YOU to you guys, I hope you’re doing well, and I hope you’ll read and like all of our letter !

    Sincerly, Theo, your n°1 French fan.

    PS : my English might be a bit cranky and Im sorry about that.