• Letters FROM the Staff - A Twitter Outpouring from FiM Staff

    While we may be going on with our own event to thank the show staff for what the show and all their hard work has meant to us (which you should totally check out here and participate!) the show staff over on Twitter have been leaving their thanks to all the fans over the past few days.

    As I know not everyone uses Twitter I've compiled as many of these that I could find and have placed them below the break (A big thanks to Derpibooru users for collecting most of these).

    While the show meant a lot to us it certainly meant a lot to all the men and women who worked on this magical show over the years. So check on after the break for what they had to say! I'll leave the links to their Twitter accounts so you can comment and leave a little thank you back if you want!

    If there are ones I missed please put links to them in the comments and I will update the post! Also if I messed up anyone's show role let me know!

    Jim Miller (Show Director)

    Lauren Faust (Show Creator)

    Cathy Weseluck (Voice of Spike)

    Claire Corlett (Voice of Sweetie Belle)

    G.M. Berrow (Episode Writer and MLP Book Writer)

    Josh Haber (Episode Writer, Occasional Lead Story Editor, Producer)

    Stephanie Mahoney (Layout and Animation)

    Tori Grant (Storyboard Artist)

    Megan Willis (Storyboard Artist)

    Nicole Dubuc (Episode Writer, Story Editor, Former Executive Producer)

    Mike Vogel (Episode Writer and Producer)

    Krista-Marie Porter (Storyboard Artist)

    Peter New (Voice of Big Macintosh and Various Others)

    Daniel Ingram (Song Writer)

    Nicole Oliver (Voice of Celestia, Cheerilee, and others)

    Nicole Oliver's Account

    Anneli Heed (VA for Swedish Spitfire and More)

    Anneli Heed's Account

    M.A. Larson (Writer and Princess Maker)

    Nick Confalone (Writer)

    Nick Confalone's Account

    Kat Stenson (Layout Supervison)

    Kat Stenson's Account

    Chelsea Woolman (Board Artist)

    Twitter: Calpain