• Youtube Drama - Classic Pony Song "Awoken" Taken Down by a Random Youtube Musician.. Who Allegedly Stole It

    If you've been around the Youtube drama sphere at all lately, you've probably run into the world of people falsely flagging content. We've had a few of the occurrences over the year in ponyland, with many a video getting nailed by a random entity hoping to either claim it as their own, or wipe it out from embarrassment. This time around, it's the former.

    A Youtube musician has claimed the classic pony song Awoken as his own, causing it to be removed from Glaze's channel. It hasn't been confirmed yet, but the instrumental to the song was uploaded in 2016 under the stolen name "City Lights" and a link back to the name you see up there in the copyright claim.

    All of these channels are below 20 subs. Someone on /mlp/ posted screencaps of an alleged conversation with the striker, where he claims the song is his own and stolen by Glaze. Obviously this is false, as Awoken released away back in 2012.

    Youtube has been notified, and chances are it will be restored.

    Needless to say, it's pretty ridiculous that a nobody can claim a song with a million views as their own, but here we are.

    Thanks to Zahn and Miak for the heads up.