• 40 Fanfics to Read for Spike Day!

    We've got your usual list of fanfics for the pony themed day, compiled up by Whisper Key. This is a completely new list, with stuff that doesn't include anything from last year.

    Anyway, go get it all below!

    Slice of Life

    Training His Relief by LuminoZero
    Twilight is growing older. Shining Armor is rising through the ranks of the guard. Their paths will soon diverge, but Shining Armor cannot bear the idea of her wandering off alone. Thankfully, he has someone just as reliable to take over his job.

    Game Day by Baal Bunny
    Relaxing after a rousing session of "Ogres & Oubliettes," Spike, Big Mac, Discord, and Shining Armor begin questioning certain of their life choices. Not all their life choices, of course: just certain of them...

    Princess of Nothing by Such A Chlorbag
    A few days have passed since Tirek was defeated and Twilight was named the Princess of Friendship. Now with a huge burden of responsibility bestowed upon her, Twilight is depressed and unable to sleep. Getting up to assist Spike with his own issues, Twilight may find that she is the one in need of help.

    Spike's Story by Quintus
    A visit from Twilight's parents prompts Spike to investigate his own origins.

    Side Stories Are Never Successful by A Pony Farce
    A story I wrote way back over the summer, slightly revised and brought over to Fimfiction. The basic idea was to take that moment in Suited For Success where Spike bursts in and says he convinced Hoity Toity to come see Rarity's show and expand upon it, exploring the implication that everyone's favorite baby dragon is a highly effective networker who's built up such a wide web of friends and acquaintances throughout Canterlot that he has enough clout to drag a big-shot fashion designer to a goofy little just-for-fun fashion show in the middle of nowhere. However, I found myself enjoying the characters and setting enough that it ended up being the start of a little fanon side-continuity I've taken to writing in, one where the action focuses on Canterlot and musicians have the spotlight.

    My Little Assistant by Larathin
    Growing up is never easy, especially when you're a dragon among ponies and the closest thing you've ever had to a parent is a slightly scatterbrained young unicorn. When tempers boil over, can this makeshift family pull itself back together?

    Dragon Your Hooves by Twinkletail
    While helping Twilight rearrange her lab, Spike comes across a magical powder that changes him into a pony! While Twilight tries to find an antidote, pony Spike has some adventures of his own.

    Porcelain Secrets by Nathan
    On her way home, Apple Bloom discovers Spike rifling through Rarity's belongings. Heading in to confront the dragon, they accidentally knock over a priceless vase! Will they be able to cover it up or will suspicion tear the town apart?

    Antaboga by Reptilicus
    It's been only a short amount of time since the centaur, Tirek, razed the forest of Everfree to the ground, and was defeated by the very ponies he hated, being sent back into the belly of the earth from which he escaped. And in that time, life has mostly returned to normal for the citizens of Ponyville. Normal that is except for the recently promoted princess, Twilight Sparkle and her assistant Spike, the baby dragon. Neither of whom know quite how to go back to normal since the incident.

    Carry Me Home by PropMaster
    Spike carries each of the most important ponies in his life home after a long day.

    Patience, She Said by TheMessenger
    If she had been a good little filly, she would have listened to her mommy and daddy and her teacher and the esteemed mayor of Ponyville. If She had been a good little filly she would have stayed indoors, hiding under her bed as she waited for the Royal Guard and the Princesses to arrive and deal with the dragon. If she had been a good little filly, the kind of child that always got what she wanted for Hearth's Warming, she would not be on the trail leading up the mountain, to where the dragon now rested.
    Glitter Belle is not a good little filly. She is a curious one, whose curiosity has brought her face to face with a very, very large dragon. Let's hope it's in the mood to talk.

    Heart to Heart by Crosis
    There was a question... and Spike wanted the answer. The curiosity of it was gnawing at his little dragon brain like gerbils in a vat of candy corn. In desperation, he turns to Cadence for help, and she's more than happy to assist.
    After all, it's just a simple question. What's the worst that could happen?

    Hellpiercer by somatic
    Princess Twilight Sparkle has sought long and hard for the weapon of which the old tales tell. Hellpiercer, mystical lance and bane of the Wraithworm, has at last fallen into her possession.
    She sets out to take it to the great dragon of the Badlands, praying she arrives in time.
    An utterly fluffy story.

    A Guide to Magic by bookplayer
    Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns is the center of magical research in Equestria. Since Apple Bloom developed a love of potion making and an interest in the theory behind magic, she recognizes what an honor it would be to study there. But that would also mean being the only non-unicorn student to ever attend, leaving her friends and family, and moving to a strange city... and that's if she can pass an entrance exam designed to select the most magically gifted unicorns.
    Spike has never wanted more than to be Twilight's number one assistant. But when Twilight points out that there's a pony right in front of him who needs an experienced assistant even more than she does, it means considering a life where he's making the most of his talents... but one without Twilight by his side.
    For both of them, facing hard decisions are just part of growing up.

    One Last Ride by Hasty Revision
    Spike is growing up, a little bit at a time. It has its upsides. He can carry Rarity's luggage more easily, he gets to have a bigger bed, he doesn't fall asleep all the time, and, hey, wings are pretty cool, too!
    Unfortunately, part of growing up is outgrowing things you used to take for granted. Alicorn Princess or not, Twilight's still a pony and ponies weren't built with carrying adolescent dragons in mind.

    I Look Into the Flames and See by Tramper
    Twilight Sparkle uses a teleport spell and goes into the future. It works.

    More Than Her Mane by Westphalian_Musketeer
    Pinkie Pie has always been random, but when she shows up to Twilight's library with a straight-cut mane, Spike is immediately worried that some tragedy has caused her to enter into a depression.
    Sometimes a girl is more than the fur on her head.

    Arcane Realms by Prane
    After several years spent amongst the dragons, Spike returns to Canterlot to take an entry exam at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Individuals. His old friend is there to witness it, and she is not too happy with what she sees.

    The Price of Generosity by gmen15
    After her face and body are permanently scarred, Rarity seals herself off in her room with the lights off and drapes drawn, too disgusted by her own appearance to be seen. The only comfort she has comes in the form of daily visits from Spike, though she keeps the room dark to hide her deformities from the baby dragon. Can he convince her that she has nothing to fear; that her beauty is not limited to what she looks like?

    May I Sleep on You? by jkbrony
    Unwilling to sleep in his own boring and less-than-comfortable bed, Spike presents Twilight with a deep and compelling argument as to why she should be his bed for the night.
    TwiSpike cuddle time abounds...

    Winged Siblings by Westphalian_Musketeer
    Years after Twilight's coronation, Spike's wings have sprouted, and the Princess of Friendship takes time off to fly with him. During this time, Spike grows confused as to what Twilight and Princess Celestia are to him.

    Dragon Bucking by deleteme29358
    Spike, though he's accepted that he's really a pony at heart, still feels down about the differences between him and the rest of his species. He tells Rainbow Dash how he feels, who does her best to cheer him up, her way.

    A Pup's Place by PropMaster
    Spike isn't sure where he fits into Twilight's family. Maybe he needs a reminder of what is important.

    Puppy Studies by Jay David
    As one would expect, finding that your dog suddenly has the ability to talk would be something rather shocking. For Twilight, while she has certainly had time to get used to such a fact, she has always been brimming with questions about it. Which is why she's decided to try and learn more about it.
    Unfortunately, some of her friends realise that she might be taking things a little too far.


    Till Death Do Us Part by AugieDog
    Spike's been dealing with crazy ponies his entire life, but when he coughs up an invitation to the double wedding of Celestia and Luna to Flim and Flam, he realizes that he hasn't yet seen half the craziness ponies are capable of.

    Dragon-Dog Day Afternoon by Estee
    One man is responsible for Spike being turned into a dog in the Equestria Girls movie. And now that man is getting a few complaints about it -- straight from the dragon's mouth.
    On the bright side, it's not a 6' 3.5" rabbit.

    Rocks, Boomboxes, and Kidney Stones by alexmagnet
    Having been rejected, yet again, Trixie decides that drastic measures must be taken in order to gain entry to the Golden Oaks Library... and Twilight's heart. Fortunately for her, and the rest of Ponyville, she's stopped by someone who knows Twilight intimately. Against his better judgement, Spike agrees to help Trixie with her purple pony problem. But what does Spike know about wooing mares? Apparently a lot.

    The Library Club by Inky Swirl
    When Twilight Sparkle asks Spike to order her a computer, he thinks nothing of it. But when Twilight begins devoting all her time to the magical device and hiding her activities, things begin to get strange. Spike's fear for his best friend's condition increases as she cleans the basement all by herself - and demands that Spike stay out of it. The young dragon attempts to seek help from the rest of the Mane Six, only to find that they, too, are too enraptured by their computers to deal with Ponyville living.
    A forced trip to the basement lands Spike in the middle of the answers he's looking for - and all the shocking revelation those answers entail.

    Spike Steel: Ace Detective by BrookwoodBronco
    On the outside, he's just a baby dragon. But in his mind he's the greatest detective in Equestria. He's Spike Steel, private eye. This is a pony adaptation of a comic by Bill Watterson in "Calvin and Hobbes." This is where i got the idea, and some of the lines.

    Big Dragon by Lucres
    Pinkie Pie agrees to perform an epic April Fool's prank on behalf of a mysterious stranger. It's unintended effects eventually put the whole town in danger. Meanwhile, Spike just wants to fly...

    Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal by Cosmonaut
    Spikes dragon friend drops into town one day to hang out with him, but when his brash attitude starts conflicting with the other ponies will he be sticking around?

    On the Courtship Behavior of Swamp-Dwelling Chimeras by Kwakerjak
    Finding love is hard enough under normal circumstances, but it's even more complicated when you're the tail of a chimera. As much as Irene may want a fairy-tale romance, her fantasies have so far been stymied by her sisters' rather different opinions on the matter, not to mention the limited choice of species available to chimeras (well, to chimeras who want to have children, that is). However, when the orange pony with the delicious pies gets herself cornered during a delivery, she claims to be the personal friend of a dragon... and apparently, he's single!

    Go Nuts by Obabscribbler
    "Where are my balls, Twilight?"
    Spike the Puppy has some questions now that he can speak.

    Doggone It by Justice3442
    Spike the dog approaches Sunset Shimmer with an important question. A question she simply must find the answer to for the sake of Equestria's future.

    Shadowbolts Adventures: Puppy Love by DragonShadow
    Spike was thrilled to be able to talk to Twilight, and she was thrilled to be able to talk to him. But when he meets a fellow canine who he just can't seem to relate to, he starts to wonder if he wasn't better off before being infused with Equestrian magic. Especially when that canine is a cute girl he would really like to get to know better.


    Friendship by Ekhidna
    Spike writes a letter to anyone in particular, in hopes of it reaching his dear friends someday, in it he talks about his memories, promises and motives that lead him to become what today is for his friends and what he wishes to accomplish.

    Unnoticed by Estee
    It's only been a few moons since Spike moved to Ponyville, and the settled zone hasn't quite gotten used to having a dragon around, any more than his sister has become accustomed to managing all the duties of a small town library. So while she sorts out late fee notices, he's expected to work the front desk and speak to patrons. Ponies who don't know how to talk to him. Ponies who seem to be having a hard time even looking at him. So when Twilight finally sends him to collect a book from a truly unresponsive patron, it's almost a relief.
    Except that the pony isn't there. Will never be there again.
    And just about nopony seems to care if she was ever there at all.

    I'm Lost Without You by FamousLastWords
    A lengthy business trip causes Spike to forget the most important date he's ever had with Rarity. Now, a day late, he has to get to Ponyville as fast as he can to make things right.
    But, will she accept his apology?

    Feed Them by RainbowBob
    Spike takes care of Twilight the best he can. She's sick, but he knows she'll get better and everything will get back to normal. But first, he needs to feed her.

    In Memory Of by Obselescence
    Dear Princess Celestia,
    I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. Things seem to be falling through the cracks lately. Spike thinks I should go see the doctor, but...

    Growing Up by RustedRabbit
    When he was younger, Spike thought nothing would ever change. But part of growing up is learning that letting go is a part of life. He'd never forget them.

    Not The Same by Zehntacles
    Spike loves Rarity! But now Rarity loves Spike too. Sadly though not everyone agrees the love between a dragon and a pony is something that can be accepted when they're so different. A love story between two individuals that are not the same and have to face the fears and uncertainty of those around them to try and be together. If they even should be.

    Spike's Hoard by Shotoman
    Dragons. Big. Selfish. Treasure mongers. No other creature in Equestria is as selfish as they. The spend their entire centuries long lives building and hoarding huge stockpiles of treasures, which they guard fiercely and frighteningly. Many are the treasure hunters who've attempted to cash in on the goldmine that is a dragons hoard. They almost always regret it.
    One dragon is actually really strange about it, however. Oh, he has a hoard, which he guards just as fiercely as any other. But! But, he actually has the capacity to trust certain ponies and other creatures enough to let them gaze upon his most precious of treasures. This isn't the most surprising thing, however, despite its seeming impossibility. No. The most surprising thing is just what treasures his hoard contains...

    Spike's Centennial by CinnamonFritter
    Spike the Dragon has been the librarian at Ponyville's Golden Oaks Public Library ever since...
    For a long time.
    Today, an old friend comes to wish him a happy 100th birthday, but then a letter arrives, which leads to more letters, left to him from his youth and adolescence.
    A bittersweet tale of Spike coming to terms with his place in the world through looking back at how he grew up.


    The Root of the Problem by BlazzingInferno
    Rarity is turning into a plant, which is the least of her troubles.

    Love's a Drag-on by The Lord Thunder
    A chance meeting with a cute young dragoness puts Spike on top of the world. However, it quickly becomes clear he may be forced to chose between his pony friends or the girl who captured his heart.

    Blonde Moments by FamousLastWords
    Spike has had a lot of extra time since Twilight and Starlight have become busy with their various duties. It's understandable, but he feels rather useless at times.
    After taking a trip to the local hospital, Spike starts volunteering to entertain the fillies and colts in the children's wing. Spreading laughs and smiles to children and families who need encouragement is more fulfilling then he could have ever wished.
    But, when a certain blonde-maned pegasus with much less fortunate circumstances takes notice of Spike and just how caring he truly is, how will Spike react?

    Love is Abloom by DarkJester
    A romantic tale of a love-struck pony and her attempts to impress the dragon of her dreams.

    Lies and Lyres by King of Beggars
    Spike is a dragon with mare troubles, and one of those mares just happens to be his mother. When he meets Lyra, who has troubles of her own, he hatches a plot that they think will be mutually beneficial.

    Playing the Scales by King of Beggars
    Spike needs to get out of Ponyville, and when an advertisement for an affordable travel package finds its way into his mailbox, he jumps at the chance. Little does he know that he isn't the only one who took the offer. What will come of his chance meeting with this beautiful mare? Friendship, or something more?

    Remember Me by Avox
    Spike's been feeling down on himself lately. Perhaps a flower might help?

    The Ballad of Firebrand and Olivine by paleowriter
    As Spike pines after Rarity, he remembers a bedtime story Princess Celestia told him long ago, called the Ballad of Firebrand and Olivine. The ballad was about a dragon and a pony falling in love, and the consequences that love brought upon them.

    Dog Nonce by forbloodysummer
    ”You’re my diamond dog, Spike.”
    Pretty much a love letter to Aragon. A really weird one.


    Grief is the Price We Pay by Scyphi
    Spike led Thorax into the throne room of the Crystal Castle confident he could convince the others that the changeling could be trusted. That he meant no harm, and instead wanted to be an ally and live peacefully with them. That he could make them see Thorax for what he really was. That they could befriend the changeling and accept him as one of their own.
    They didn't.
    And consequences followed.

    Small Scale by Twinkletail
    Spike's got three whole days to himself while Twilight is away at the Crystal Empire. Three whole days to be independent and free to do whatever he wants.
    Or he would have, if a female dragon hadn't mistaken him for an abandoned hatchling. Now he's been snatched up and taken to her home to be "properly cared for."
    Stuck in a cave with an overly-protective dragon intent on mothering him...maybe he should have just gone with Twilight.

    Don't Feel by ArgonMatrix
    Losing your home isn't something that you get over in a day—Spike doesn't think so, at least. But Twilight insists that she's not overly distraught by the destruction of the Golden Oak Library, and she says that she's simply ready to move on. Spike, on the other hand, can't let go of his old home quite so easily. Is Spike just blowing this whole thing out of proportion, or is there something Twilight isn't telling him?

    "She didn't use the Memory Stone on you." by LuluCalliope
    Wallflower only erased the memories of the humans at Canterlot High. She completely overlooked the animals. When Sunset Shimmer shows up at the beach and is shunned by her friends, Spike comes to her aid. With the help of the others who haven't forgotten about Sunset Shimmer, they'll need to get to solve the mystery of the missing memories.


    Broken Heart by Tale Weaver
    Since he was a hatchling, Spike has always ridden on Twilight’s back. Now he wants to return the favor, but he is too small. He finds the answer in an old spell that can age him one hundred and fifty years. But when he tries to cast it on himself, he inadvertently finds himself in a future where ponies are at war with the dragons.

    Around the World in 81 Days (And Other Problems Caused by Leap Years) by GaPJaxie
    When Twilight and Celestia have an argument about the existence of leap years, there’s only one possible way to settle their differences: a race around the world!
    With the full benefit of hindsight, there may have been other ways.

    Of Age by paleowriter
    When Rarity writes to Princess Celestia inquiring after how dragons age, she gets a plea for help in reply. A war is brewing, and Princess Celestia thinks Rarity's the one to stop it. Now, still completely uncertain what her feelings for Spike are or if they're even plausible, she's off to meet with his distant relatives to negotiate a truce between the dragons and the sea serpents before the world gets caught up in their destructive clash.

    To Change a Heart by The Descendant
    Have Spike take the C.M.C.'s on a tour of Canterlot so that they don't interrupt Braeburn's ceremony? It was such a simple solution, but even the best laid plans can go awry. Now, Luna and Applejack must contend with some unfinished business from the princess's past as Twilight deals with the fears and concerns of two little fillies... and two little dragons.

    The Guardian of the Elements by Whateverdudezb
    Many ages after the original adventures of the Elements of Harmony, a certain dragon has his own role to play in the world. Strengthened by what they see as lacking, he stands apart from his own kin as they look upon him with both the fear and respect of one completely devoted to the destined task that he had been hatched for.

    Flipside by Bed Head
    Inspired by the story image, RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse and Trinary's "Rainbooms and Royalty", I give you my take on the alternate universe concept. Namely, a universe where Spike is the pony and Twilight is his dragon assistant.
    The thousandth Summer Sun Celebration is approaching. With it will come the return of Nightmare Moon. Celestia has no student to call upon to save Equestria, and is doing all she can to make the last day of peace meaningful for her people.
    Meanwhile, Spike "Purple Prose" Flail is a reporter for the Canterlot Sun. He finds himself being shipped down to the boonies with his longtime friend and assistant, Twilight, to cover the biggest festival Equestria has seen in a millennium!
    But even with a visit from the princess, there's no way someplace as boring as Ponyville could ever be newsworthy. Right?

    The Ancient Heart of the Everwood Dragon by Grey Faerie
    A crisis with a strange creature pulls the Mane Six and Spike out to the edges of the Hollow Shades Forest by Fillydelphia. What they expected to find was a baddie needing a beat down, not an ancient with knowledge of Spike's heritage.
    Against their wishes, Spike runs away with the Nature dragon to a realm far from the reaches of civilization.