• Daniel Ingram and Terry Klassen are Bringing the Magic of Sound to Everfree Northwest 2019

    It's a new year so conventions are really kicking up their announcements for their events in 2019! EFNW has two new VIPs making their way to the Seattle area this year with both Daniel Ingram and Terry Klassen joining the event.

    Get all the details after the break!

    We can’t have friendship school without the arts, so we found two special guests who are ready to bring the magic of music and sound to Everfree Northwest 2019!  Composer Daniel Ingram and Vocal Director Terry Klassen will be joining us in Seaddle this May to share their special talents with us!

    Daniel Ingram is an award winning, five-time Emmy nominated songwriter and composer. He has written songs for notable stars such as Emily Blunt, Zoey Saldana, Kristin Chenoweth, Weird Al Yankovic, Rachel Bloom and Tony Award winner Lena Hall, among many others. Daniel’s distinctive musical style has earned him a place as one of the top songwriters working in Children’s/Family entertainment today. He has had over 300 song commissions, with eight Billboard charting albums, some of which reached the #1 spot on iTunes in the Children’s category. Some of Daniel’s most popular songs on YouTube have over 100 million online views, with a cumulative catalogue approaching one billion views.

    In addition to being a prolific songwriter, Daniel has scored hundreds of episodes of television, for clients including HBO, NBC, Netflix, WGBH/PBS Kids, Hasbro Studios, Discovery Kids, Knowledge Network, Rainmaker, Moose Toys, DHX Media and Corus/Nelvana, etc.

    Daniel’s orchestral score and songs can be heard in My Little Pony: The Movie released worldwide October 2017. Daniel currently lives and works in Vancouver, BC, Canada with his wife and two dogs, Tempo and Cajun.

    With shows in various stages of development and on the air, Terry Klassen has always been noted for his original comedic ideas. ‘Yvon of the Yukon’ was a 52 episode animated comedy he co-created and was optioned by Studio B Productions/Alliance/Atlantis. It ran around the world, included far off markets like Australia Russia and England.

    Terry has a passion for comedy and has been at it for more than 15 years. His keen eye for funny allows him to incorporate characters in genuinely innovative situations. Just a sampling of some of the series Terry has written on include- the Gemini nominated CGI comedy ‘Weirdo’s’ (Fox/Mainframe), Billy the Cat (Family Channel) and Dragon Ball Z (Cartoon Network US). Terry has worked as a series/staff writer on other animated series including Fox Kids, Fox Family, YTV and the number one rated series on Teletoon/Fox ‘CyberSix’.

    Terry has voice directed hundreds of episodes of animation including four seasons of ‘Ed, Edd & Eddy’ (Cartoon Network US/AKA Animation), Mega-Series like ‘Mega Man’ (Ruby/Spears) and ‘Mega Babies’ (Fox Family/Teletoon), ‘Fat Dog Mendoza’ (Cartoon Network/Sunbow) and ‘ Argh! It’s the Mr. Hell Show’ for the BBC/Sexton Entertainment. Terry was nominated for an Emmy for the PBS series “Martha Speaks.”

    Terry Klassen has appeared as a voice in over 50 animated series including the Emmy nominated “Wacky World of Tex Avery”and Baby Loony Toons as the voice of Baby Sylvester. Also, he was the voice of ‘Stinky’ in the Mainframe/Harvey CGI animated feature “Casper’s Haunted Christmas”.

    To read these new guests’ full bios, and for more information about all our currently announced guests, visit
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    Art by: https://imdrunkontea.deviantart.com/

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