• Twilight Day Discussion - Future Episodes, Likes, Dislikes, and Theories!

    Twilight Sparkle has been our main character since the very first episode, the first pony we ever saw (assuming you watched the premiere of the show and nothing else back in the day), and she has been with us ever since. Over time she has grown a lot as a character: from a mare that took friends for granted for studying, to learning to master the magic of friendship and eventually ascend to princess status. Even then her journey continued as she tried to find her place as a princess (which could often times be frustrating) until she found purpose in not only taking on a student of her own but many students as she started her own school.

    Of course there have been hiccups along the way and there are a fair number of people that prefer the pre-princess Twilight back when she seemed neurotic about just about everything. While others have embraced the changes and gone with the flow so to speak.

    Now as Twilight continues her journey we can only wonder what still awaits her. Whatever it is, we're along for the ride!

    So what do you guys think? What do you like or dislike about Twilight or her progression in the series? What sort of episodes do you hope she'll have in the future? And theories do you have about where her journey will take her?

    Talk about it all in the comments!

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