• Pony Community Soapbox #109 - Relating to EG Vs. Pony, Diamond Tiara Replacing Starlight, Nickelodeon and MLP, and More!

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    Headlines for the week:

    • G5 on Nickelodeon?
    • Zecora and Mage Meadowbrook
    • Diamond Tiara Would've Been a Better Pupil for Twilight than Starlight Glimmer is
    • Why I can relate to the Equestria Girls more than the Mane Six
    • A Bigger Mystery than Starswirl- Granny Pie and Nana Pinkie

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    Zecora and Mage Meadowbrook
    By: MegaSean45

    I've been wondering what the legends have been up to since the season 7 finale, and I got a great idea for what Mage Meadowbrook can do! What if she started working with Zecora, and the two become close friends (so close that everyone in the fandom's gonna ship them)?

    Zecora and Mage Meadowbrook have so much in common, and Zecora is pretty lonely out in the woods by herself with very little amount of friends to share common interests with - mostly Apple Bloom, but with AB being really busy with the CMCs and being a tutor, who's Zecora gonna share some common interests with? Even though she might be used to being a hermit, Meadbrook doesn't have to LIVE with her, but they can share their knowledge and work together to make awesome potions! Hey maybe when we finally get the episode where Zecora goes back to her home land, Meadowbrook can join along! I can really see Zecora and Meadowbrook being best friends, and both of them being outsiders as well with Zecora being a zebra in a pony world and Meadowbrook being in the future, this would make a well-needed friendship for both of them! :D

    G5 on Nickelodeon?
    By: Burt R. the Spirit Guide

    Recently, promos for the second half of Season 8 have appeared on Nickelodeon. It may just be a simple screw-up on the network's part, but I think it could possibly mean something for G5. Rumor has it that Hasbro is working on the movie that will kick off the next generation of pony right now. The leaked emails-- that we don't know if they are true or not-- claim that they are trying to get Paramount to launch the film, who has very strong connections to Nickelodeon. And then you have the promos of the current show that are airing on Nick, possibly to test the waters? If this is true, then this is an excellent move to boost exposure to the show, since pretty much every TV I can find has Nickelodeon on it. And if the show is of any substance, then there will be even more bronies who come to watch the show.

    Diamond Tiara Would've Been a Better Pupil for Twilight than Starlight Glimmer is.
    By: FearTheBelle

    Firstly, I don't think Starlight needed Twilight; she was pretty good at almost everything Twilight can teach from the word go after her reformation; and in some cases maybe even better than her. What did she need Twilight to teach her? It wasn't how to make friends, seeing as how she made her best friendship with Trixie all by herself, and in fact directly in the face of Twilight's objections; ditto for Maud, minus the objections. The only friendship she had problems with was Sunburst, and that was only because they both had embarrassing baggage that hampered the connection and made things awkward, not because of friendship-knowledge holes. And she needed no help with magic.

    As for Diamond Tiara, sure, she says that the CMC are her friends in that episode, but it is unreciprocated; her only known friend is Silver Spoon, which was sycophancy on the latter's part more than real friendship. She needs to learn how to be a nice pony, especially with her parental situation. And who better to teach a pony the intricacies of nuaced and friendly pony relations than the Princess of Friendship?! Even better, we would get to see Twilight have to teach without magic as a crutch. Plus, as mentioned before, Starlight didn't need pony-skills; she already had them. Diamond Tiara needs/needed help to turn herself around, and in precisely the areas of Twilight's expertise. She would've been better served than Starlight.

    Why I can relate to the Equestria Girls more than the Mane Six
    By: Moonlit Stones

    I feel more of a connection with the Equestria Girls than the Mane Six characters of the actual show. It's odd, I know; still it should be relayed down for everyone to help me explain these thoughts.

    When I watch something on television, YouTube, or other mediums of broadcast media, something I like to see is a familiar thing or being for me to truly relate with. Seeing human (or humanoid) characters makes me feel some sort of bond with them. In this strange way, even though they aren't real, they feel as real as human flesh itself.

    Another fact is we humans have more language through body and emotions than most. That's something that the ponies, some dragons, and other mystical and magical creatures in Equestria don't really have for me, save for Capper and Captain Celaeno and her pirate crew from the movie. You barely see it on the mainline show. Sure the ponies sometimes stand on their hind legs, but I believe that's for comedic or dramatic effect. Also you can relate to what a person wears sometimes; another thing that the show really doesn't have for the ponies.

    Hope this will help you see more otherwise.

    A Bigger Mystery than Starswirl- Granny Pie and Nana Pinkie
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    These two have gotten snippets of mention from Pinkie Pie in the course of 7 seasons of animated series and chapter books. Granny Pie’s name being dropped in the very second episode of season 1, where she’s credited as teaching Pinkie (who was then a filly) how to laugh at the things that scared her, and giving us our first song of the series, from Pinkie, “Laughter Song”. Also mentioned in “The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone”, as the one who taught Pinks her “super-special triple-chocolate fifteen-layer marjolaine recipe”.

    Nana Pinkie was namedropped in “Too Many Pinkie Pies” as the pony who taught Pinkie about the legend of the mirror pool, and both she and Granny Pie are given mention in “Pinkie Pie and the Rockin’ Ponypalooza Party”.

    Both Granny Pie and Nana Pinkie are more deeply shrouded in mystery than Starswirl himself, and have contributed to who Pinkie is, just as Starswirl has done for Twilight. They are bigger mysteries than whether Pinkie is an Apple or not. There is no doubt that these mares deserve more than mere namedrops in the show and chapter books.