• Fanfiction: The True Psychopath

    Author: The Psychopath

    Description: The Psychopath is a stallion with an unknown relation to the princesses, and yet he is held within the lowest levels of the Canterlot castle dungeons. He is completely chained up in his dark and dry cell, only ever thinking about his next prank and humming tunes that come from nowhere. His existence has been kept secret for centuries, and only the council and a few select guards know of him. Now, another mare will know of his existence. Twilight Sparkle will free him inadvertently, causing the psychotic pony with a strange appearance to float about Equestria, causing mayhem and destruction in the form of "pranks". How will the student deal with somepony who is apparently not trying to cause harm but does so anyway?

    The True Psychopath

    Additional Tags: Chaos inferior! Illogical superior!