• GalaCon 2018 Livestream on Brony Radio Germany

    Only a short week and a half left until GalaCon opens its doors again in Ludwigsburg, Germany. For those not able to attend the convention, Brony Radio Germany will be broadcasting several events taking place on the premises.

    Find the press release containing more information below the break!

    GalaCon 2018 Livestream at Brony Radio Germany

    It's only a few more days until GalaCon in Ludwigsburg, Germany. And as you may know they will, as every year, have their live music events in the evening, featuring several awesome musicians of our fandom. This year featuring Re:Make, The Sea Pony Orchestra, 4EverfreeBrony, Javier, John Kenza and Waranto Wingbeat.

    Most of you, especially those from overseas, may not be able to attend GalaCon and miss these live performances...but worry not! Brony Radio Germany got you covered!

    On Saturday, July 28th, there will be a live broadcast from GalaCon 2018 telling you what's going on and featuring several live interviews right from the venue. And in the evening, as the music events are starting, there will be 2 Livestreams at Brony Raido Germany (BRG) covering both, the Gala Ball and the Gala Party, so you can choose which one you'd like to listen to!

    More info about the broadcast and the livestreams will be available shortly at www.bronyradiogermany.com

    Also visit www.galacon.eu for more information about the live events and the timetable of the events!

    See and hear you at GalaCon 2018 in Ludwigsburg!