• Pony Community Soapbox #106 - Twilight's Thievery in the Movie, Glimmy's Wings, G5 Succes, and More!

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    Headlines for the week:

    • Why there needs to be more Cadance and Twilight Velvet
    • Why Starlight shouldn't be a princess
    • Will G5 be a Success?
    • When Motivations Don’t Match Actions
    • Defending 'thief' Twilight

    And get your soapboxes below!

    Why there needs to be more Cadance and Twilight Velvet
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    There is a lot of potential for these two to share some really amazing episodes when paired together. It was made clear back in “Three’s a Crowd” that Cadance is an adrenaline junkie. We see in “Once Upon a Zeppelin” that Twilight Velvet is, too. Together, these two could get into all sorts of crazy, adrenaline fueled hijinks! Having them invite Rainbow Dash could just add fuel to the fire- maybe crossing the line from fun adrenaline activities to crazy dangerous ones, and I’m a little disappointed a little that we didn’t get an episode like this, and instead got “Grannies Gone Wild” for season 8. On the opposite end, I can only imagine the potential there is to be had with these two and a “Mom-Cation” with Mrs. Shy. Or Fluttershy having to take her mom’s place with them, when her mom gets sick and calls in a favor with her daughter. There’s so much potential to be had, yet not being taken advantage of!

    Why Starlight shouldn't be a princess
    By: MegaSean45

    There are people amongst the fandom that are afraid of Glimglam being a princess, and lemme just tell them, I don't think it's happening! ;) Yeah there are people that hope for this, but we don't want her to be too much like Twilight, right? :P I mean think about it, Glimglam is big on friendship, she's awesome at magic, and sometimes she makes a better leader than Twilight; but honestly, you think Starlight's gonna actually accept the princess role even if she's offered it? Starlight is someone who likes to make the world a better place but without making a big deal about it. She doesn't even need alicorn magic with how powerful her magic already is! Starlight is someone who likes to keep things causal, and being the #2 assistant to the princess of friendship really suits her! Just like Spike, she is a voice of reason and is there to help Twilight out at her time of need! Besides, what would Starlight be the princess of anyway?

    Starlight's perfect just the way she is! Which is why she truly an amazing pony! <3 hr="">
    to me

    <3 hr="">

    Will G5 be a Success?
    By: Burt R. the Spirit Guide

    Some of you can tell I have been chomping at the bit to hear more about the next generation of pony. I have plenty of reason to believe it will be even bigger than G4. This current generation left a huge impact and has made Hasbro big bucks, so a quality G5 show will attract an even larger audience and keep the money going. It makes financial sense to put even more effort into the show thanks to G4's success. But they also may want to shed the negative labels given to bronies and all the drama that has resulted in the fandom. So they may just revert to G3 or make the next gen so ultra-hip it becomes obnoxious to scare off the bronies. Plus we don't know much about who's going to write for G5. I'm just praying for it to be a hit.

    When Motivations Don’t Match Actions
    By: BramtheBrony

    I have noticed there have been a number of times recently in the show where a character’s actions suggests their motivation is more…corrupt than it turns out to be.

    The most popular example is Starlight Glimmer. Her remark in “The Cutie Map part 1” just before the final commercial break about “they’ll finally understand what we’re trying to accomplish” is said with a particularly evil grin. But then it turns out she just wants to stop ponies from losing friendship over cutie marks; far less sinister than her face implied.

    And then there’s Sassy Saddles. I thought for sure she was trying to hijack Rarity’s ownership of the Boutique. For goodness sake, she even refers to it as “my boutique” at one point! But nope; she just wanted to keep the boutique from closing, like the other ones she apparently worked at. (I’m still a little disappointed we didn’t learn more about that!)

    A third example is “The Fault in our Cutie Marks” when Gabriella claims to have a cutie mark. She does this not to make herself feel better, but to make the CMCs feel better. (Though this feels more of an example of her possibly being too perfect of a character.)

    Lastly, the most recent example is Cozy Glow, and her deliberate flunking of her test. It is eventually revealed she did this in an attempt to help the CMCs, but I thought at first that perhaps she did this to humiliate the CMCs. (I blame all the speculation of her actually being a villain. So far, this seems to be purely speculation. Then again, I know almost nothing of what is going to happen in the second half of Season 8, let alone anything relevant to her. And I enjoy that so much I think I want to try to keep it that way!)

    Defending 'thief' Twilight

    Twilight stealing The Pearl is considered her low-point, and it's easy to see why.

    But think about it: What else was she supposed to do?

    They'd travelled all the way to Seaquestria, trusting in Celestia that the Queen would help them, and she was their only hope.

    They almost get sold, tossed overboard and captured by Tempest, only to finally reach Seaquestria and get refused by Queen Novo, who doesn't give them any advice or other options either.

    At that point, they can either go back to Equestria and hope they can fight back and win, even though Tempest knows they're at Mt Aris, or they can stay in Seaquestria.

    Twilights increasing desperation through the movie is what makes this scene what it is. She has no other idea's, nobody's going to help them, Tempest knows where they are and they came all that way for nothing.

    Knowing that, what else could Twilight have done? A horrible, and wrong, descision, of course, but an understandable one too.