• Bonus Music #130

    Bonus music again! We've got some pretty neat stuff from electronic, orchestral, rock and metal here, so check it all out below the break!

    [1] Source
    Flyghtning & Flutter Rex - Nothing But Discord
    Instrumental - Hard Trance

    [2] Source
    アイスベア - スパイクブレーク!
    Instrumental - Breakcore

    [3] Source
    Ponytronic - Motionless
    Instrumental - Drum & Bass

    [4] Source
    Reverbrony - Razors On The Wind (Remaster)
    Instrumental - Metal

    [5] Source
    One Track Mind - It's In The Past Now
    Instrumental - Electro

    [6] Source
    Steel Chords - Sweet Apple Acres (feat. EVBP & Djhon Mema)
    Vocal - Rock

    [7] Source
    Zephysonas - Tavern By The Road
    Instrumental - Irish Folk

    [8] Source
    Charlie.EXE - Pinkavenom
    Instrumental - Metalstep

    [9] Source
    Frozen Snow - Frozen Snow
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    Not enough pony for you? Open up the treasure chest to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!

    P.S. No automatic playlist this week sorry, messed up something with the compiler so had to do it all manually!