• 54 Crafted and Custom Figures for Fluttershy Day

    Flutterbats too! I need a Flutterbat figure Hasbro. Use that Fan Series! Get it going!

    Get tons of  customs and sculptures below!

    [1] Source

    FlutterBat2 by AplexPony

    [2] Source

    MLP Fluttershy Variant Flutterbat Sculpt Auction by VIIStar

    [3] Source

    Flutterbat Spirits by EarthenPony

    [4] Source

    Flutterbat by Shuxer59 by Shuxer59

    [5] Source

    Feeding Time at Fluttershy's Cottage. by EarthenPony

    [6] Source

    Fluttershy and Angel Bunny by renegadecow

    [7] Source

    Fluttershy Commissions by krowzivitch

    [8] Source

    Fluttershy by EarthenPony

    [9] Source

    Fluttershy by Groovebird

    [10] Source

    Fluttershy and Butterfly by EarthenPony

    [11] Source

    Filly Fluttershy by CadmiumCrab

    [12] Source

    Fluttershy! by EarthenPony

    [13] Source

    Fluttershy's Bird Choir by renegadecow

    [14] Source

    Fluttershy papercraft by KennyKlent

    [15] Source

    Fluttershy 3D Print [Bronycon] by Clawed-Nyasu

    [16] Source

    Fluttershy and Angel by WorkbenchManiac

    [17] Source

    Fluttershy 3D Print [Everfree] by Clawed-Nyasu

    [18] Source

    Fluttershy! by EarthenPony

    [19] Source

    Fluttershy by CadmiumCrab

    [20] Source

    Sculpted Hair Jousting Fluttershy by Gryphyn-Bloodheart

    [21] Source

    Fluttershy Custom by ELJOEYDESIGNS

    [22] Source

    Moonlight Fluttershy by AlisteRosenheim

    [23] Source

    Fluttershy Action Figure by a8702131

    [24] Source

    Fluttershy Ornament by CadmiumCrab

    [25] Source

    Contest Giveaway: Danger Suit Fluttershy Custom by Nazegoreng

    [26] Source

    Fluttershy Sculpture by CadmiumCrab

    [27] Source

    Fluttershy Anime version (Custom Figure Mod) by Sazuko

    [28] Source

    Agent Fluttershy by EarthenPony

    [29] Source

    Elegant Fluttershy For Sale! by EarthenPony

    [30] Source

    Fluttershy (Free custom pony winner) by EarthenPony

    [31] Source

    Fluttershy by Whippetluvpony

    [32] Source

    Model Fluttershy by Sophillia

    [33] Source

    Fluttershy and butterfly by StrayC70

    [34] Source

    Custom crystal Fluttershy by ShiveringCanvas

    [35] Source

    Fluttershy figure by AplexPony

    [36] Source

    Fluttershy Sculpture [SOLD] by AlicornParty

    [37] Source

    Fluttershy in Gala Dress Custom by atelok

    [38] Source

    Fluttershy and Rarity by EarthenPony

    [39] Source

    Dangerous Mission Fluttershy Custom by Amandkyo-Su

    [40] Source

    SOLD: Jousting Fluttershy Custom 2 by Nazegoreng

    [41] Source

    Gala Fluttershy (Raffle winner 4/5) by EarthenPony

    [42] Source

    My Little Crystal Joust Fluttershy by mooncustoms

    [43] Source

    Dangerous Mission Fluttershy by ceramicpony

    [44] Source

    Fluttershy Necklace by MaryBunnie

    [45] Source

    Fluttershy is uncomfortable with bellyrubs by EarthenPony

    [46] Source

    Sleeping Fluttershy for sale! by EarthenPony

    [47] Source

    Brushable Jousting Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash Set by Gryphyn-Bloodheart

    [48] Source

    Fluttershy by Groovebird

    [49] Source

    SNK Fluttershy by VIIStar

    [50] Source

    Fluttershy by Githgulcag

    [51] Source

    Fluttershy and Caiderbug by VIIStar

    [52] Source

    MLP:FiM - Fluttershy Sculpture by Arnne

    [53] Source

    Flutterbat sculpture by Merionic

    [54] Source - Cloud Kicker