• DOG & PONY GAME™ is officially released!

    Hey everyone! We've got a new game for you guys tonight, one that has gone under the radar for quite awhile and it looks quite good with that awesome GBA feel.

    Dog and Pony Game has been in development for quite awhile now, but has only recently been released! Customize your Dogs and Ponies and go head to head with up to 8 players in this multiplayer adventure.

    Check after the break for some screenshots, descriptions, as well as where you can find a place to download the game.

    Long ago, pirates plunged the world into mild dejection by stealing all the shiny crystals of the land. Over time, the thieves were consumed by greed, and ultimately perished beneath the ruins of their crumbling hideouts. Dogs and ponies now sail across the seas in search of the fabled precious stones. Will you join them and reclaim your lost fortune?

    DOG & PONY GAME™ is a turn-based online multiplayer game where up to 8 players can compete for hidden treasure. Figure out who's on your side, and secure the highest score for your team before all four gemstones are found!

    Customize your dog and pony characters' hairstyle and colours!

    Dig your own path as you race to find the four buried gemstones!

    Scavenge old pirate weapons to fight your way through unpredictable foes!

    Twitter: Calpain