• Story: Heteropaternal Superfecundation


    Author: Thornquill

    “Sometimes, you can’t have the family you want. Even if you’d give anything for it.”
    For Sunburst, risen from obscurity to Court Wizard of the Crystal Empire, life has taken an incomparably good turn. Shining Armor and Cadence have almost become a second family to him, and Princess Flurry Heart like the daughter he never had.
    Hoops, by contrast, has lived life on his terms since day one. With flight school behind him, his career in the professional leagues ought to be all but guaranteed—if only the pros would let him in already.
    And when Sugarcube Corner burns down, it should not affect either of them.
    Yet, when fa├žades start to fracture, their connections to Ponyville's model family will threaten even the most sacred bonds. Before long, Sunburst, Hoops, and the Cakes will all have to decide if the past can be buried again, or if the old, comfortable stories just aren't enough anymore. In only one way, they are all alike: To get what they want, they are all willing to risk shattering every life around them—and maybe even their own.

    Heteropaternal Superfecundation

    Additional Tags: A shipwreck of unlikely characters.