• Legends of Equestria Releases Winter Warm-Up Spring Update

    The pony MMORPG Legends of Equestria that went live a few months ago has released a new Winter Wrap Up style Spring update. Included in this one are a bunch of new accessories (and socks) for your pony to wear, a banking system added to Cantermore, secret NPC's, Teleports, and way more! Full Patch Notes can be found below the break, or you can hit up their website for a breakdown.


    • Added quest 'Tomorrow, Spring is Here'.
    • Added secret quest. You can't access it yet. Very hush-hush.


    • Bunny Socks added.
    • Kitty Socks added.
    • Kitty and Mouse Socks added.
    • Horizontal Knit socks added.
    • Moon and Stars socks added.
    • Blossom Dress added.
    • Winter Warm Up Animal Vest added.
    • Winter Warm Up Ground Vest added.
    • Winter Warm Up Weather Vest added.
    • Winter Warm Up Organizer Vest added (note: currently not available to players).
    • 3 secret items added. Top secret stuff. You can't get them yet, so don't ask.


    • Reworked phasing system to allow quests to trigger environmental changes.
    • Revamped friends list.
    • Bank system developed, first bank added in Cantermore.
    • Created system to expand bank storage space based on quest completion.
    • NPC Bank Guard implemented.
    • NPC Check List implemented.
    • Secret NPCs prepared. They're secret for a reason. Stop asking, you'll find out soon enough.
    • Revamped trading interface, including trade value indicators.
    • Enabled trading of bits.
    • Added ability to offer custom amounts of items for trade ('Offer X Amount').
    • Altered item sale value: items are now sold to shops at 20% of their purchase value.
    • Book GUI now scales with game window size.
    • Purchased/not purchased abilities show properly in skillbook.
    • Added teleport to gryphon roost in the Heartlands.
    • Various terrain fixes in the Bramble Woods.
    • Holiday trees removed.
    • Snowfall particles removed from maps and menu.
    • Limited bunnyhopping speed increases.
    • Added Medical ability icons.
    • Lowered scaling of slide acceleration on slopes.
    • Fixed lighting on lanterns and torches.
    • Fixed an issue causing players flying straight down at the ground while wearing Enchanted Ice Skates to launch across the map.
    • Fixed Sugar Cane Corner radio text blocking camera rotation.
    • Fixed issues with disappearing trees in Ponydale.
    • Shop GUI improved to better show prices of items.
    • Fixed text alignment issues in the journal.
    • Added ambient audio to Sweet Apple Orchard and Gem Mines.
    • Fixed issues with socks and bronze armor not displaying properly on foals.
    • Added flinching animations for most mobs.
    • Added some new set dressings in a few places.

    There's also a whole bunch of smaller, back-end tweaks and changes, but you guys won't really notice them!


    • Check List's completed quest markers sometimes don't clear until the player seeing them refreshes the room (relogging, moving to another zone and back, etc).
    • Players may see unresolved quest markers from other characters on their account if they log out of one character and then immediately onto another one on the same account in the same zone.
    • Quest marker missing to send players on the Weather Team back to Check List after defeating enough clouds. She'll still continue the quest for you, though!
    • A server-side issue is preventing the friends list from populating correctly; we're looking into it.