• Hasbro 2018 Entertainment Brand Preview Live Blog!

    Hello everyone on Equestria Daily! This is the Illustrious Q reporting to you live from Hasbro's 2018 Entertainment Brand Preview Media Event at New York Toy Fair!

    The presentation doesn't start until 1:30 PM EST, but you can be sure that I shall be bringing you all the latest news to come out of the event as it is announced!

    Which you can check out after the break!

    Update 1:20 PM: Presentation has not yet started.

    Update 1:30 PM: Presentation has started. Darrel D Priest has taken the stage to MC the event.

    Once again,  the audience has been reminded that there is no photography or video recording allowed to occur during the presentation.

    Presentation has moved onto the new Stretch Armstrong Netflix Cartoon. Just a quick plug for the new cartoon.

    Hasbro's Mighty Muggs. A brand new collectible toyline from Hasbro. They are adding new brands such as Transformers and My Little Pony! Hey Pony news, almost right off the bat! Ther will be Mighty Muggs Exclusives at Gamestop later this year.

    Dwight Stall has walked on stage to talk about Marvel, wearing the Inifity Gauntlet.

    They currently going over the product release timeline for the upcoming Marvel movies coming out this year. STarting with Black Panther, Spider Man (ANimated), Infinity War, and Antman and Wasp.

    New playset Iron Man Power Up HQ.

    Marvel Legends. First ever Movie 12 Inch figure is Black Panther. 12 Inch Tiger Stripe Wolverine. 6" Inch Ultimate Riders for Black Widow, Ghost Rider, and Wolverine!!!!

    Wave 2 for 6 In Spider Man will Include House of M Spider Man, Scarlet Spider, Doctor Octopus (perfect to finish the classic Sinister 6).

    6" legends will launch Cloak and Dagger this year.

    6" Daredevil (black costume) and Electra.

    the Build a figure is SPDR.

    6" Avenger W2. Black Knight, Malaketh, Ant-Man and Wasp Movie figures.

    6" X-Men figures. Year of Tiger Stripe Wolverine. Apocalpose is the build a figure for the year. New Magneto figure, new Sabertooth figure.

    6" Venom wave featuring Venom and Carnage (complete with alternate heads). Scream announced. Poison. And last but not least SPIDER-HAM!

    Deadpool time!

    First up, deadpool Nerf Blasters.

    6" Wave 2 Legends figures. Omega Red, Deadpool in X-Men Uniform, and Lady Deadpool, Bishop Announced!

    And a Deadpool who forgot his pants figure.

    Marvel Gamerverse. Featuring Marvel Vs Capcom. Three different two packs,

    Marvel Premium Roleplay. Black Panther helmet based on the movie. Available for pre-order on Amazon.

    And they are finally talking about the Infinity Gauntlet in the room. We shall post nothing but positive information about this presentation.

    Walmart Exclusive: Thanos and Black Panther.

    Target Excliusive: More black panther figures.

    Toys R Us: Grey X-Force Deadpool, Ant-man two pack. Days of Future Past 6" Wolverine vs Sentinel Two pack.

    Walgreens Exclusive: The Fantastic Four, The Thing just announced! New Silver Surfer
    figure being shown off.

    Marvel Studios: The First 10 Years.

    10 Items for the anniversary. One for each major film.

    Iron Man 1: Mark 1 Iron Man figure with updated Tony Stark!

    Avengers: Mark VII Iron Man figure.

    Itron Man 3: Hot Rod Figure, Pepper Pots, and Manderin

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Ronin the Executioner

    Age of Ultron: Hulk vs Hulk Buster Armor two pack.

    Captain America Civil War: Captain America vs Crossbows Two Pack

    Build a Figure for Deadpool Two announced: Sauron Figure!

    My Little Pony Time!!!

    Meghan McCarthy and Emily Thompson have taken the stage. Started off by bring up the 35th anniversary.


    Tempest Figure.

    Entertainment Accurate Molded figure.

    The Cutie Mark Crew figures.

    Upcoming Entertainment. The world of Equestria has expanded dramatically because of the movie!

    Meghan how are they going to

    World premiere of the trailer for season 8!!

    Friendship Quests beyond Equestria! Need to teach the magic of Friendship far and wide! Open a new school of Friendship.  MORE MAUD! DISCORD! It's amazing A roc. Most important thing thye have ever done. And will run the school together as friends.

    Twilight's Friends will be teachers while STarlight will be a guidance consular

    New Characters:
    Yona Yak (girl)
    Smolder (girl)

    Episode Clip: The Mean Six. Chrysalis is wondering where her other minions are... who are the Discorded Mane 6 somehow. And Chrysalis wants revenge on Starlight for ruining her life.

    My Little Pony: The Best Gift Ever! Holiday Special. The Mane 6 decided to do Hearthswarming Helper this year. Think secret santa. Pressure to get the perfect gift leads to chaos! And thus Discord will be in it in an outfit from Christmas Vacation.

    Season 9 officially announced! Makes a joke about the hasbro hacks (shoot an e-mail about it).

    Hasbro's new Power Rangers Brand Time!

    New Franchise Logo epicly animated and debuted at the media event.

    Not only reveal today. Brian Casentini Executive Producer Prower Rangers Franchise has taken the stage.

    The 26th season of Power Rangers will be Beast Morphers! New Ranger team runs out onto the stage!

    The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be available for photo ops in the Hasbro booth after the presentation.

    Transformers! More Than Meets the Eye! Whole TF Design from both Hasbro and Takara Tomy team has taken the stage. Given a round of applause for all their hard work for the past 25 years.

    New Transfomers Series in 2018: Transformers Cyberverse. The story will be told through the eyes of Bumblebee, and now an animated sneak peek at the series.

    It looks freaking sweet!

    Team will be WIndblade, Grimlock, Optimus and Bumblebee

    Shadow striker (Female Deception), Starscream, Shockwave, and Megatron will be the villains.

    4 different scale sizes for the figures, From Scout Class (starscream) to ultimate class (Prime). New action attacker figures.

    Ashley Creedon and John Warden have taken the stage to talk about Transformers Generations.

    Hasbro Studio Presents 80s TV Classics. Transformers SOundtrack will be on Vinyl Record!

    Transformers Prime Wars Trilogy will end this year in 2018 with Power of the Primes.

    Transformers Legends--Wave 2. Battleslash, Road Trap, Can combine to form Battletrap.

    5 Terracons were revealed at NYCC. Combiner Abominus revealed first here at NYTF.

    Elita-Infin1te combiner figure shown.

    Novastar (NYTF Reveal)

    Wave 3--Optimal Optimus! Revealed!

    The wait is over...

    Predaking revealed! Able to take on Matrix of Leadership! Exclusive to figure: Onyx Prime! Breaks down into 5 Predacons.

    So what's next?

    Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy!

    Fan Vote: Autobot vs Decepticon!

    Option 1: #Needlenose vs Tracks
    Option 2: #Spinister vs Wheel Jack
    Option 3: #Impactor vs Mirage

    Vote by Hashtag. Will go live on Tuesday. Winner announced on the 27th.

    New Toyline: Transformers: Studio Series

    Celebrating the Movie Universe.

    Most accurate new tooled figures, numbered, and completel in scale with each other.

    TF1 Bumblebee,

    Wave 2 TF1 Jazz and TF4 Lockdown.

    Voyager -- Wave 1 Starscream!

    TF2 Optimus vs TF2 Megatron!

    TF1 Decepticon Brawn.

    TRU Exclusive: Thunderscracker.

    Leader Class: TF4 Grimlock! He looks amazing!

    TF1 Blackout!

    And that's it for Transformers. Star Wars Time!!!

    Han (Steve Evans) and Chewie (Andy Ochiltree) just took the stage.

    So many Porgs!

    Z6 Riot Baton announced! Full sized. Black series!

    Nerf Rival First Order Stormtrooper blaster!

    Vice Admiral Holdo is being brought to the black series as well are the Porgs.


    The new 3.75" Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

    Solo: Chewbacca, Qi'ra Range trooper, stromtrooper mini0gun.

    Force Link 2.0 Comes with Han Solo!

    New Glowstrike Han Solo Blaster.

    Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie! Collaboration with Fur-real friends. Looks amazing! I need it now! over 100 different sounds and expressions.

    Star Wars Black Series
    Photo-Real Black Series: Han Solo, Qi-ra, Lando, Beckett (announced), Ranger Trooper, Mimban Stormtrooper (Walmart Exclusive).

    Main Line Princess Leia Organa (Hoth) announcement!

    Commander Wolf announced. Exclusive to Disney Stores, Barnes and Noble, and Gamestop.

    Zuckuss Bounty Hunter black series figure announced.

    Gamorrean Guard black series figure announced (Target Exclusive).

    The Black Series Centerpiece. Next Figure: Kylo Ren.

    The Vintage Collection:

    Wave 3: Doctor Aphra, Cassian Andor, Luke Skywalker, Ranger Trooper, Imperial Tank.

    Walmart Exclusive: Rey (Island Journey), Stormtrooper (Mimban).

    Sneak Peek Spring 2019.
    First Figure revealed: Saelt-Marae

    One more thing... Designed by HasLab. Hasbro's new crowd founding platform. Starting with Star Wars Vintage Series:

    Jabba's Sail Barge!!!!!!!!! It's over 4 feet long! Fully Funtioning interior! Fits Jabba the Hutt!!!! (Comes Included) 2.5 Square Ft of Display Area.

    Price Point of $499.00. Project is live now at www.hasbro.com/haslab

    And that concludes the presentation! Off to the show floor!