• 50 Shining and/or Cadance Fanfics to Read for Today!

    Shiny and Cadance have had a pretty good run on the fanfiction side of things. We have a boatload of them again for you all to read today. Hope you want loving horse words.

    Get them all below!

    Slice of Life

    Gone So Long by Skywriter
    The Royal Ceremonial Headdress takes ages to fix up.  Just ages.  Plenty of time to chat about love, and time, and those big steel cups they serve alongside your milkshake.

    In The Bleak Midwinter by Skywriter
    In which Cadance I of the Restored Empire is given a very unusual Hearth's Warming gift.

    Winter Lily by Silver Tongue
    Every pony has a goal. Some are grand. Some are not. Sometimes a pony doesn't even know they want it until it happens. But not many realize that a lifelong dream can spawn from simply telling a bedtime story. Shining Armor knows this all too well. As a B.B.B.F.F., it is his duty to read to his sister every night before bed. And sometimes, a simple story can spawn so much more.

    B.B.B.F.F.B.R. by 8686
    When Twilight and Applejack have a falling out over who can claim to have the best big brother, each will stop at nothing to prove theirs is better. And their brothers will stop at nothing to make their sisters happy.

    Tea Time by Einhander
    Every week, Cadance and Celestia used to have tea and discuss everything. Now that Cadance has become Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, ruler of the Crystal Empire, those weekly tea sessions have gone away. So Celestia decides to visit the Empire, unannounced. Why? Because, as Cadance is about to learn, when you are a Princess, making a pot of tea is more than just making a pot of tea...

    Awful Lot of Coffee in Equestria by NorrisThePony
    Every week, Equestria's princesses take a break from ruling their kingdom and discuss life. Usually over coffee. Here are their assorted conversations.

    Flurry Heart Goes to Magic Kindergarten by PresentPerfect
    Flurry Heart has just turned six, and that means it's time for her first day of school! It's sure to mean lots of fun, learning and new friends!

    How to Remove a Unicorn Tooth by Skywriter
    Three missing pieces, two loving alicorns, and a single stupid decision that will set young Princess Cadence on a fresh new course. Story One of the "Cadance of Cloudsdale" cycle.

    Not By Its Cover by applecinnamonspice
    An ordinary afternoon at Canterlot's Summer Sun Faire becomes extraordinary when a young filly gets too curious and Princess Cadence experiences every foalsitter's worst nightmare. This is how one Princess discovered there is more to Twilight Sparkle than she ever imagined, and realized she is truly anything but "a regular old unicorn."

    Shining Armor Shows No Fear by Arwhale
    It's that time of year again. The leaves are turning, the air is cooling, and the chimneys are smoking.  But to a young Shining Armor, this can only mean one thing: pony flu season has arrived. And, thanks to his mother, this inevitably means a date with the dreaded needle. Only this time, Shining isn't the only one who has to be worried. His filly sister is coming along for the ride for the first time... albeit, against her will. And despite having fears of his own, Shining Armor knows that, for Twilight's sake... somepony has to be brave. Warning: Cuteness abound.

    Games for Brothers and Sisters by Yacob
    Shining Armor doesn't have a clue what to do with his little sister Twilight. She's moody, egotistical, screechy, and she constantly begs him to play with her because she has nopony else to play with. Fed up with her tormenting ways, Shining takes it upon himself to do the impossible: find Twilight Sparkle some friends!

    Leaving Home by Carmine
    When the call to go to war in foreign lands has finally arisen, Shining Armor takes one last look at the pictures that adorn the hallway and staircase. Doing so reminds the unicorn of times of innocence, peace, and devotion to the greater good.

    Heart to Heart by Crosis
    There was a question... and Spike wanted the answer. The curiosity of it was gnawing at his little dragon brain like gerbils in a vat of candy corn. In desperation, he turns to Cadence for help, and she's more than happy to assist. After all, it's just a simple question. What's the worst that could happen?

    The First Time You See Her by Skywriter
    In which Shining Armor receives a promotion, Princess Cadance reunites with an old friend, and cloudfall is finally made.

    Spa and Order by Skywriter
    Princess Cadance's first diplomatic post to the City-State of Cloudsdale is off to a rocky start, as she deals with a mysteriously intransigent sitting ambassador, the damnable ever-present pegarazzi, and an insatiable alicorn metabolism that just won't quit. But even the coldest of cities can hide places of warmth and friendship to help you get back on your hooves after a fall, and on one bitter night, Cadance finds hers in a little place called "Posey's."

    Big Brother Best Friend... Forever? by Karrakaz
    Fights between siblings are a part of life. Being the father that has to comfort a crying filly, is also a part of life. A quick little look into being the parent of an introvert. Fluffy.

    Training His Relief by LuminoZero
    Twilight is growing older. Shining Armor is rising through the ranks of the guard. Their paths will soon diverge, but Shining Armor cannot bear the idea of her wandering off alone. Thankfully, he has someone just as reliable to take over his job.

    A Royal Morning by Poptard
    The life of a mother is challenging, but the life of an expectant one is excruciating. Maybe one day, Princess Cadance can reach the challenging part. For now, all she faces is the cold bathroom floor and a solid bout of nausea, and she is losing miserably. Can she survive this morning?

    A Captain's Legacy by gmen15
    Shining Armor wants to know what his parents mean when they talk about his grandfather's "legacy". To do so, he ventures into the nearly untouched attic of his house. Will he find the answer to his question?


    On The Natural Rise And Fall Of Celestial Bodies by Georg
    Princess Cadence and Princess Twilight Sparkle are called to Canterlot to take over two very important responsibilities: The Sun and the Moon. Oh, and just one additional thing.

    The Battle Of Fort Book by PinkamenaPiePrincess
    Twilight Sparkle's imagination as a child was unbelievable, probably due to all those books. Which also make up the amazing Fort Book, Twilightopia's first stronghold against the country of Armor! With the help of Captain Smartypants and Private Cadence, General Twilight defends her fort against her brother's advancing army of one! A tale of Twi's childhood told from her point of view.

    The Floor Is Lava by Caliaponia
    Fresh cookies are a great start to a summer afternoon, and an unexpected surprise makes things even better, but what's a little filly to do when the best foalsitter ever is running late, her BBBFF starts acting funny, and her house is filled with molten rock? Peril, adventure, and cookies await, when the floor is lava.

    Worst Princess by DrakeyC
    A reader's poll in Equestria's leading newspaper rates the Princesses by approval ratings. OOC meta humor ensues as the four discuss the findings.

    A Couple of Tossers by PresentPerfect
    After noticing that Pinkie has a peculiar talent -- one she's only seen once before -- Twilight decides to have a little fun while doing some research. Yes, it's time for the first Ponyville Pony Throw-Off, between Prince Shining Armor and Pinkie Pie! Who will win? It's anypony's game!

    A Gift Fit For A Princess by Bad_Seed_72
    Swept up completely in his guard duties, Shining Armor nearly forgets his upcoming first anniversary! With only one day to find the perfect present, will Shining obtain a gift fit for his Princess in time? With the help of two inept Crystal Guard recruits, of course he will! One way or another.

    An Unepic Pony War In The Non-Distant Future by anowack
    Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria... One week ago, Twilight Sparkle was crowned the fourth Princess of Equestria. Tonight, Ponyville hosts the 1003rd Summer Sun Celebration, and Princess Celestia and Princess Luna want a vacation. With two fine young princesses like Cadance and Twilight to take over for them, nothing could possibly go wrong.

    Two Peas in a Pod by Blueshift
    "Like two peas in a pod we did everything together!" sang Twilight in the season finale. But what if she was letting on more than everyone else knew? What if Twilight really was a pea?

    A Hell of a Time by Aragon
    The princesses gave their magic to Twilight to prevent Tirek from stealing it. As a result, they end up stuck in Tartarus. Marvelous place, Tartarus. Really brings ponies together. The fact that things manage to go downhill here says a lot about the wonders of family and alicornhood.

    A Joke Too Far by Carapace
    Cadance didn't know what to expect when her formerly banished Aunt Luna returned from her thousand year banishment. But, she's quite entertained by the hilarity. Especially if it means a chance to play a little joke.

    Your Money or Your Life by Gulheru
    Princess Cadance, just like everypony else, needs some time of leisure from her many duties. While Shining Armor is taking care of their daughter, Cadance enjoys her lone trips to the nearby Nephrite Forest, where she can be away from all of her burdens and obligations for at least a short while. She was simply destined to get mugged eventually, wasn’t she? Why not by somepony who takes his job very seriously.

    A Princess by Any Other Name by Skywriter
    Princess Cadence tries to legally change her name to "Princess Cadance." Footnotes ensue.

    Sugar Games by Nitrox
    Coming back to Canterlot shortly before Cadance's wedding to Shining Armor, Celestia and Cadance soon grow bored on the train ride and decide to have a bit of fun...at the expense of a sleeping Luna. Needless to say, the princess of the night is none too pleased with this development and decides to enact some revenge of her own. Hilarity ensues, and bananas may or may not be involved!

    Ménage à - Quoi?! by Noir de Plume
    Sometimes, when I look at fanart... things happen. This was one of them. I'm sorry. Shining Armor has everything - the wife, the house, the life. So when he rolls over to find the creature that crashed his wedding and nearly wrecked his chance at happiness snuggled oh-so-sweetly at his side, with his darling Cadance at his other, it's all he can do to keep it together and try to assemble the missing pieces.

    Cleaning Up the Mess by Justice3442
    In the wake of Rarity’s ‘improvement’ spree, the Princesses have a discussion about their duties and what it means to be a princess… also they complain a lot… In fact they mostly just complain.

    My Brother, The Tooth by Georg
    Shining Armor is a tooth. Really. Princess Luna says so.

    "Shining? You Think Mom And Dad Might've Been Kidnapped By Ninjas?" by naturalbornderpy
    "Shining? You think Mom and Dad might've been kidnapped by ninjas?" Twilight Sparkle nervously asked her brother. "Looks like it," Shining told his sister openly. "Why else would they be so late?" Thus began the night of a thousand fibs.


    Hear The Baby Laughing by Aragon
    Princess Flurry Heart has been a little kidnapped. And only Shining Armor and Princess Cadance can save—roughly three quarters of—her. (A study on fairytales.)

    Cosmic by ArgonMatrix
    Serenade has not had an easy life. Being a high-school dropout, estranged from her family, penniless, unemployed, and a single mother to her infant daughter Cadenza, it's hard to imagine things getting much worse for her. But all too often, things get worse before they get better. Yet despite it all, Serenade endeavors to keep her chin up and work hard for the sake of her foal. She's come too far and suffered too much to give up now. But just how far can a mother's love carry her?

    A Nightmare in Love by Oroboro
    Princess Mi Amore Cadenza receives a lot of love letters every Hearts and Hooves Day. Most of them are harmless, maybe even a little silly. Most. Some precious few are too sincere, too earnest for that. This can have unintended consequences in a kingdom powered by a love radiating artifact.

    My Fluttering Heart by Titanium Dragon
    After the birth of Princess Cadance's fourth child, an adorable little pegasus filly, Princess Flurry Heart wants to know why none of her brothers and sisters are alicorns. Her parents claim not to know why she's different. They're lying.

    A Good Princess by HoofBitingActionOverload
    Prior to the events of "A Canterlot Wedding" Princess Celestia asks Cadance what ought to be done with the changelings that have been discovered living hidden in Equestria. Cadance's proposed plan of action is swift, brutal, and ruthless, but absolutely unnecessarily so. Celestia has never heard Cadance speak an ill word of anyone, and she cannot fathom why the young princess seems to so despise the uncovered changelings. Cadance just can't fathom why the uncovered changelings have chosen to forsake their own kind to live among the ponies.

    Three Nights by Bradel
    Hearth's Warming Eve is supposed to be a happy event—Cadance knows this, but all she ever feels is lonely. Now, with Shining Armor gone and a freak snowstorm battering her kingdom, it's up to Cadance to salvage the holiday and teach her crystal ponies to care for one another.

    Her Scarf Fluttered in the Absence of Wind by ArgonMatrix
    A dragon has lived alone for centuries in a cave far beneath the earth. When a pony trespasses on his domain through no fault of her own, what will become of her?

    A Million Little Lights by Aragon
    Tonight, Celestia will talk to Shining Armor. With just one conversation, she needs to save Equestria.

    More Precious Than Silver or Gold by Georg
    The worth of a dragon is measured by their hoard, so what happens when a dragon finds something so valuable as to make all other hoards small by comparison, but so precious they cannot keep it for their own? A young dragon discovers the answer when she finds the priceless treasure kept by the Sisters of Song. A tiny alicorn, named Cadenza.


    Three Goddesses, the Apple, and the Stallion by Snake Staff
    Once, long ago, there lived three goddesses atop a mountain, ruling over ponykind in peace and harmony. Until one day, there came a spirit of chaos, bearing a certain gift...

    Love and Barriers by CvBrony
    Shining Armor and Princess Cadence's marriage has become legend. However, the two were not always a couple. Learn how the famous lovers first met and the stunning lengths that the Princess of Love herself had to go to in order to get her destined beau's attention after years spent drifting apart while Shining served in the military.

    I Found Love: A Princess Cadence and Shining Armour story by Kuromi
    Princess Cadence is a lonely filly who has been shielded and protected all her life as a princess and member of the dwindling race of Sacred Alicorns. She longs for a friend her age to play with, and as a young teen she is sent to stay in Canterlot where her Aunt Celestia would personally mentor her in developing her magic. There she hopes to finally have the freedom she longs for and find somepony to be her friend. Instead, she is asked to foal sit for one of her aunt's royal adviser's fillies who may just be as lonely and reclusive as she. This is the story of how Princess Cadence learns that the ability to give love cannot be complete without finding love for yourself, and sometimes it is found when you least expect it.

    Morning Mi'Armadura by Overlord-Flinx
    The morning after the most memorable night of your life should always be used for reflection. Whether it is by yourself and your thoughts, or just the sweet nothings you speak to your amor. Love is always around and always commits some thought.

    Honeymoon by Darth Link 22
    As she rides off into the night with her husband, Cadence takes a moment to reflect on how lucky she is, and to assure Shining Armor of how great he is.


    Back And Forth by adcoon
    A mystery arrives in the Crystal Empire! Cadance receives a letter which no one delivered, written by two little fillies who never lived. It mentions a daughter Cadance didn't know she had, and a great wolf no one's ever heard of. Cadance decides to find the two and grant their wish, but why did she go alone, and what did Clover the Clever write on a rock in the middle of nowhere?

    Behind Closed Doors by Cynewulf
    Where does Cadance go the fifteenth night of every month? Shining wishes he knew. She claims that she's having trouble sleeping, or that she's attending some sort of meeting with her aunts, but he can tell something is different when she comes home. He'll stop at nothing to find out what's going on. And he'll regret knowing.

    Happily Ever After by Benman
    Shining Armor will do anything to save his marriage. Anything.

    Sleep by Cynewulf
    Cadance has felt off recently. Restless. One could say she felt... not herself.

    Il Duce e la Principessa by GIULIO
    Days prior to the planned march on Rome, Benito Mussolini is anxious. Oh yes, he has been given the go-ahead from the American ambassador and has thousands of blackshirts and some of the most avant-garde fascists behind him. However, this strength is deceptive, just like the confidence he made sure to wear in front of his fellow fascists; his own blackshirts commander told Il Duce that he would not act against the king if he resisted, and there is still the army loyal to the king that is ready to fight on his word. Doubt plaguing him, Benito is now at a crossroad: should he continue as planned or perhaps flee Italy altogether? He decides to take a night stroll to iron out his thoughts. That is, until a freak earthquake hits Naples and changes history forever.

    Together Forever by Snake Staff
    Hundreds of years have passed since the wedding of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. As with all mortal life, Shining Armor was fated to die and his soul to pass from the world. But with magic, his end was averted. What price will his immortality demand?

    Mi Amore by Shoeblock
    They all say that love conquers all. I've seen it for myself. And for the longest time, it was my rock; my foundation. Love was the cadence that filled my life with music. But what do you do when love becomes nothing more than empty lies and shadows? What do you do when the things you thought you could trust fade? What do you do when everything falls apart?

    The Quiescence of the Crystal Empire by Aldrigold
    Before Twilight and her friends saved the Crystal Empire, its ruler had to watch it die. Long before she meets Shining Armor and Twilight, Cadence walks through her home for the last time.

    Minnkandi Stjarna by Bad_Seed_72
    There is an ending to every great story. For Spike, Shining Armor's story will never end. No matter what Twilight, Cadence, or the doctors say. Spike isn't ready for that story to end. Not yet. There is one more thing he needs to add... if he can find the words to do so.

    Wires by Dark Avenger
    The news had shocked the entire nation. Anger, violence, and even threats of war have erupted in the colony on the borders of the harsh Frozen North, all of it centered around the infamous city of Gueldergrad. If Equestria is to put an end to the chaos before it escalates, somepony must venture into the foreign lands and set things right. A noble unicorn steps up to meet the challenge: Shining Armor. Newest prince of the Crystal Empire. Captain of the Royal Guard. The pride of the Equestrian armed forces. But there is a lot hidden in the far-stretching lands of the Frozen North, and even more can it reveal among those who dare to enter. Things the valiant captain does not yet know about his own company, those who command him, or even himself...

    The Cost of Life by Softy8088
    Twilight Sparkle’s own body has betrayed her. Her life hangs by a thread, and her only hope of survival is a vital organ transplant. But when the sole possible donor turns out to be a young, healthy, and honourable pony, Celestia proves just how far she is willing to go to save her student. In the decision to trade one life for another, the most serious casualty may be everypony’s ethics.


    Essenza di Amore by Cerulean Voice
    Orphaned as a filly, a young pegasus named Kaviyayu is raised by an adoptive Earth pony family in a secluded, peaceful village. When a strange unicorn drops by the village, Kaviyayu and the other foals are captivated by her tales of the world, as well as her various spells and illusions for their amusement. But there's something about the way she doesn't speak of her own family... how she never removes her traveller's cloak... how she seems to take a very strong interest in Kaviyayu... Who is this mysterious mare, what does she seek, and just what is so special about that pendant she wears? This is the tale of how a seemingly ordinary filly rose to become both a princess and a beacon of love to ponies all over Equestria.

    Three Solos, One Cadence by Inquistor M
    Cadance, Discord, and Fluttershy walk into a blizzard, but it's no laughing matter: there's something out there, buried beneath centuries of ice. But it's going to take teamwork to find it, and it's neither the Princess of Love nor the Lord of Chaos that are holding all the cards. What's more, somepony predicted everything that is about to happen, and it turns out that history has an unexpected cadence.

    The Six Deeds of Harmony by Defoloce
    A lovestruck knight in Equestria's early days, unconvinced of his own worthiness, decides that he must prove himself to the mare he loves. With Princess Cadence as his guide, he is put on a quest by the Crown to go forth and right wrongs and ease sorrows associated with latent Chaos, all while learning of the Elements of Harmony from the ponies' companion races. The entire piece is written in iambic pentameter, with the exception of a few English sonnets, which are italicized.

    To Make a Spark by Chris
    The tale of Cadence's ascension to alicornhood.

    Canterlot Cantata by Ringcaat
    Things ended well in "A Canterlot Wedding", but the characters didn't always act as rationally as they might have! How might Queen Chrysalis's schemes have gone differently if she or Twilight had made other choices? This story is a three-part exploration of what might have happened in the season finale if... * ...instead of making a scene at rehearsal, Twilight had gone back to Spike for ideas. * ...when Luna said "Stay indoors, Twilight Sparkle," Twilight had actually listened! * ...Queen Chrysalis had decided to maintain her cover for Twilight. Curious? Read on.

    The Birth of Harmony by AugieDog
    The friendship between Clover the Clever, Smart Cookie, and Private Pansy led to the founding of Equestria. But what can they do in the face of a new and chaotic menace who calls himself Discord?

    Lady Prismia and the Princess-Goddess by Skywriter
    Filly Cadence turns her first heart. Part of the "Cadance of Cloudsdale" cycle; familiarity with the previous work is not required.

    Washed Up by Ambion
    A familiar Captain of the Guard finds himself dredged out of the ocean and into the dubious company of totally-not-pirates. He doesn't remember who he is, and he's not entirely sure he likes the looks the all-mare crew is giving him. Cadence is certainly not going to be happy about that when she catches up with him. He might have been better off in the water after all.

    Thanks to Whisper Key for sending them.