• Editorial: Unconventional Ships - A Look at Less Popular Pairings

    Happy Hearts and Hooves Day! Yes, the day when love is in the air and Equestria Daily demands romantically themed posts!

    We all have our favorite couple on the show. That oh-so-special duo we just can't wait to see standing near each other in the background. I kid, but in the sea of RariJack, FlutterCord, DerpyxEverypony, less popular pairs lost. I’ve gone on a possibly regrettable journey across the pony net to try and solve the myster as to how anyone could ship non-popular couples.

    If you like a pairing that’s nonconforming or you just want to go on a cruise, get in, we're going shipping!

    Are crack shippers just crazy?

    Do you know what I’ve learned: Y’all will ship anything! I could not have imagined there were so many ships.

    I wanted to find some unconventional pairs and see if I could make any sense out of all the shipping madness. I thought this would be easy, turns out it wasn't. Half the ships were too popular to make this list and the other half didn't make any sense to me at all. Still, these ships had fan art, fictions, songs! Well, I managed a list of 10 ships I found unconventional but 'sensical' enough for me to write a coherent editorial.

    You're allowed to disagree with me of course, but these are the pairings I could at least Friend-ship. Okay, in no particular order:

    Pinkie and Celestia

    To some extent I view Celestia like everypony's mom, so shipping her is kinda hard for me, but you know what could be alluring about this pairing? The two of them could have a lot of fun while at the same time caring for everypony around them. Pinkie and Celsetia practically live for the happiness of others. They could easily help each other achieve that goal with Pinkie helping Celestia cut loose a bit and sunbutt helping party horse stay grounded.  I'd like to see them interact more in the show.

    Sunburst and Princess Luna
    I'm going to say they'd bond over feeling socially awkward. Both had trouble fitting into their respective roles and both have lower self-esteem (Luckily they could be encourged to still save the day/night). They do have their differences, but I think Sunburst's softer nature makes his friendship non-threatening and more tolerant of Luna's more brash approch. Luna wouls be an active participant in Sunburst's studies and I could see the two pushing each other to try new things.

    Sunset and Trixie

    Okay, human Trixie and Sunset probably couldn't stand being in the same room, but I think they could share a lot as ponies. Trixie tried using dark magic to steal Ponyville from Twilight and Sunset did the same to take Equestria. They know what reforming is. They've had to deal with the hatred of their peers and work hard to redeem themselves in the eyes of those around them. I think these two have more in common than people realize at first glance.

    Maud and Cheese

    Probably because of the heavy Cheese Pinkie Pie overtones that coat the fandom this pairing doesn't get as much attention, but it has it's fans. I found a few gems among it's faithful followers. But Maud and Cheese are pretty different. Still, Maud knows how to appreciate a personality like Cheese's thanks to her sister. I think the two could help each other grow and their relationship would make for interesting stories. Even though complete opposites don't usualy last in relationships, I feel that Maud's relation with her sister sets the stage for her having a relationship with almost any wild personality type. I think Cheese could benefit from have a solid foundation in a pairing (see what I did there). With traveling all the time throwing crazy parties, it's nice to have somepony calm to come back to.

    Applejack and Soarin

    I feel this couple has a very loyal following, just not a very vocal one. These two ponies know how to work. Similarly, I think they know what it feels like to be underappreciated. Soarin's team tried to ditch him and Applejack's family was quick to be replaced once a better cider machine came along. They lead different occupations thus these two could enjoy evenings relaxing and talking about all the work they got done that day while sharing some apple pie. They would be a very homey couple. And with such demanding jobs, these two would have a pony who understands when they have to put in longer hours at work. Their mature enough to be able to handle time apart without the relationship suffering. Two week tour with the Wonderbolts, not a problem. It's Zap Apple time at the farm, AJ's going to be plenty occupied.

    Starlight and Thorax

    Remember how in "To Where and Back" part 2 how Starlight and Thorax came up with that great diversion off-screen. I think the two work together very well. Where Starlight is more tactical, Thorax brings heart. Together I think their relationship would offer more chances for them to practice what they've learned.Both have recently gained friends, finding other that giving love brings more than stealing or manipulating. And seeing as Thorax is a novice at leading a kingdom, Starlight's strong leadership skills might prove useful when matched with Thorax's strong stance for moral obligations like in the episode "To Change a Changeling."

    Opal and Tank

    Who said I couldn't mention pets. So I think, with all these ponies running around, it's easy to forget their, um, furry companions? Well, Opal and Tank have fans. The two didn't have a great start, with Tank trying to steal Opal's cat toy and all, but the two seem amicable in "Just for Sidekicks." Maybe the dynamic of their personalities is what makes for an interesting relationship. Opal is a fussy pet inclined to lazy days and pampered care. Tank is a rough and tumble tortuous, but he has a lot of heart. There's something entertaining about how these pets would work through their differences to become better friends. More Pet Play Dates!

    Rarity and Discord

    I said I picked couples that made sense to me, and I meant it. These two seek novelty, possess creative energy, have a flare for the dramatic, and I'd venture to say both don't want to be alone (not necessarily in the romantic sense). If you can't at least friend-ship this, you are missing a hugh element in this possibility. This odd couple have a nasty habit of 'performing' with others. When Rarity goes for a relationship, she always tries too hard to be desirable. In the case of friendships for Discord, he's always trying to be on his best behavior so not too be scolded or overwhelmng. I think the two could share in authentic interaction as they would never initially show-off for each other. Soon they'd get to enjoy the contributions their unique brand of creativity brings . . . this is my random crack ship, so just let me having it okay. 

    Flash Sentry and Moondancer

    Stumbled on these two completely by accident. Maybe I can’t see them falling in love, but I think they would be great friends. I’d friend-ship that. They don’t seem to have much in common, but I bet they could appreciate each other’s perspectives on the world. Moondancer has studied just as hard as Twilight and could benefit from a friendship with somepony like Flash. He's part of the royal gaurd and thus probably versed in at least some measure of Equestrian history, culture and magic. They'd have plenty they could talk about. I think their interest in Twilight would be their launching point. Somehow they learn the other has a connection to the princess and so they strike up a light conversation. Something simple.

    Fluttershy and Spike

    I think it's their service-oriented nature that makes this ship plausible. Fluttershy and Spike both care deeply for others. Fluttershy from compassion and Spike from duty. It would be nice for them to be with somepony who did the same for them. They are already friends, so with some time, I could see these two actually hitting it off. For both, it would be a stress free relationship were they wouldn't have to feel the pressure of contantly tending to somepony else without anything in return. They would be caring for the other and both their needs would be met. In other words, they would never try to take advantage of each other's kindness.

    Don’t see your favorite couple? Don’t let my lack of imagination stop you. Who’s love story are we missing? 

    This doesn't even begin to scratch the tip of the surface of the shipping iceburg, but you know how ships get around iceburgs.

    I have to say, on this grand holiday, that all relationships are going to have their pros and cons.  If two ponies really love each other and are mature enough to work out their differences, any ship is possible. We as fans must craft the stories in which these characters realize the pony of their dreams is actually the last pony on their lists.

    WARNING: Below is the comment section on a post about fans and their ships! Prepare thyself lest ye lose thy mind to the maddness.