• Review: My Little Pony: The Movie is a Must See

    WeAreBorg here with my review of the upcoming My Little Pony: The Movie, in theaters in the US on October 6th and with worldwide releases already underway.

    I'd expect a movie critic's review to be from the viewpoint of a non-brony, so I thought I'd give you a brony's review for bronies.

    I don't spoil anything below that hasn't been already been shown in a trailer other than which characters don't show up in the film. Pictures below include promotional movie screenshots of just the Mane 6, Spike, and Songbird Serenade.

    Ponies, adventure, big-name actors, and an amazing soundtrack are what get every hardcore pony fan excited for an episode of Friendship is Magic. So let it be for The Movie! But since the news first came out about the movie, some fans have shied away, afraid of some Equestria shattering change or a poor portrayal of their favorite character, while others have hoped this would be our Mane6's most intense journey yet. Let me tell you, it's the latter, not the former with the Storm King being just as formidable a foe as Tirek or Discord. The MLP Movie has been worth the wait!

    The plot pivots around Equestria's first Friendship Festival, run by the Princess of Friendship herself- Twilight Sparkle. Her friends reprise their wedding planning roles for the most part in assisting the purple Alicorn, and even Spike finds himself, you guessed it, following around Twilight with a list and quill. Speaking of Spike, he plays a surprisingly big role in the movie beyond being constantly at Twilight's side. You won't find the same dragon from "Spike at Your Service" in this movie. Despite Twilight's characteristic nervousness around the event, Spike and the rest of her friends are by her side reminding her that they "got this."

    But if you've seen anything about the movie so far you'll know that no amount of planning could have prepared our Mane Mares and Spike for the broken-horned Commander Tempest Shadow and her attack on not only the festival, but Canterlot, Equestria, and it's royalty. Thus begins the Mane 6, Spike, and not Starlight Glimmer's journey to save the day all while trying to stay one step ahead of the explosive Tempest! The friends they meet along the way are fun and well thought out with all the big name actors' characters having screen time throughout. I will say though, the My Little Pony: The Movie Prequel comic really adds a whole other dimension to all the new characters by showing how they got where they are by the time of the movie. Some of these guys have had it rough. I didn't think I wanted to read it until I was given a copy and I'll tell you, if you're a big enough pony fan to read here at EQD, then the Prequel comic is a must! 

    Speaking of reading, if you've read either the movie adaptation novel or the 100+ page comic adaptation and spoiled the plot for yourself, you'll be pleasantly surprised that there still are some big reasons to watch the movie. There are a lot of jokes and subtle interactions that didn't make into either of the printed versions. One of my favorite of such jokes is also one of Jayson Theissen's favorites that he shared at HasCon; involving Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and AJ's cider. Rainbow loves that cider. There's a brief moment too when Rainbow's tongue whips out of her mouth at the mention of the Apple family's famous cider in a cute visual you won't find in the show's Flash-based animation. Every animation detail from each unicorn's unique magic effect to Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom is 200% cooler than any effect in the show. Combined with the visuals is Daniel Ingram's wonderful score and Sia's "Rainbow". I know a few people were worried about the other pop songs found on the Soundtrack release, but other than Lukas Graham's "Off to See the World", I'm rather sure the rest aren't actually in the movie. I've been listening to them on repeat for the last week, so I likely would have noticed them.

    Speaking of things missing, I mentioned Starlight Glimmer above as not joining in on the quest. Sadly it looks like our 7th Mane Mare didn't quite have her roots established in the show enough by the time the script for the movie was being written and while this might sadden some of you, it saddened Theissen too when asked about it. I'd bet she'll be in the next movie. Also missing is our lovable bringer of chaos, Discord, and uh...the entire Canterlot royal guard...including former Captain Shining Armor and his daughter Flurry Heart. But given what you'll see happen to the other princesses, you'll be fine with Flurry Heart off with daddy somewhere. PG rating everypony. Other than those notable absences, you'll see cameos of all your favorite background ponies and I mean all.

    Finally, I'd like to mention our Mane 6's portrayal and characterizations in the film because I know that's important to you. I'll say each of the Twilight's friends sticks to their Element and is absolutely the same pony you wake up early on Saturdays to watch. Pinkie Pie though has a surprisingly impactful roll in the movie, not only pulling off her expected crazy antics and elaborate silly plans but also delivering some serious dialog and action important to the story. On the opposite end though, I felt Fluttershy could have been given an extra moment to shine as I felt maybe she spent a little too much time being shy. Twilight, expectantly, grows the most in this film, and with all that's thrown at her in the plot, she finds the weight of Equestria's future pushing her to be at odds with herself, not just Tempest and the Storm King.

    Overall, I'd have to say this movie is just about perfect. It was very respectful to the source material and its fans. It borrowed everything from the show and brought it back in the same condition, if not better, and I'll have to say that's the most important thing that a film based on a show can do. Oh, that and it was a whole lot of fun to watch! Go out get your tickets now. Bottle your inner Fluttershy and be assertive and meet up with your local brony group and watch it together. I know I will be.

    Okay everypony, I hope you enjoyed a review of the new My Little Pony movie by a brony for bronies. Don't spoil it for anypony but post in the comments how hype you are, what movie toy I need to review, and on Friday, look for a Discussion post full of spoilers where you can share and read what people thought of the movie.

    On a personal note, it's been a long and exciting journey, for not just me but the rest of the Blog Ponies here at Equestria Daily, following and reporting on all the movie news for you, our readers, for nearly 3 years. Just like in the film, it's been one intense journey. Our praises go out to Jayson Thiessen, Megan McCarthy, our talented and familiar voice actresses, the newest pony voice actors and singers, and the other hundreds of people who made this movie possible. You did it!