• My Little Pony Movie Theater Etiquitte - AKA Don't Be Annoying

    The time has finally arrived! After two years of HYPE, the My Little Pony Movie is starting to release in theaters around the world! Pony fans from every age group, country, and background are all flooding in to see our beloved cartoon equines entertain for an hour.

    Unfortunately, this also means some not-so-great interactions are taking place. Adult fans mixing with the actual kid demographic isn't always going to be smooth, but it should be. We've received a few emails now about people being obnoxious, causing trouble, and generally making the movie-going experience suck for everyone else. This isn't cool. We are better than that!

    Below the break, what NOT to do at your showing of the movie based on a few examples we've already gotten. Lets make it awesome for everyone!

    Regardless of who you go with, please just be generally courteous:

    Cut back on the swearing. Sure, we all swore like sailors stubbing their toes as kids in private. Everyone knows little Timmy isn't an angel when Mommy isn't around. That doesn't mean it's fair game to do it at the theaters, regardless of how many people you are going with.

    Don't sing the songs. Yes, we already know the songs. The album released last week. This doesn't mean people want to hear your expert shower singing in the theater.  Even fellow brony group members probably don't want to hear it regardless of how much better you think you sing over the professional singers in the movie.

    Stop talking about pony butts. We get it, some of you clop. No one wants to hear about it in public, and it's not a funny inside joke kids don't understand. Feel free to do it after the movie in private, but we don't need people whistling every time Rarity flashes a crack.

    Don't discuss Equestrian economics and law while the movie is playing. I almost think this email was a troll,  but it's kinda common sense that no one cares about your theory on Luna's relation to Cadence while watching the movie. Save it for after.

    Don't wear cosplay that covers your face or blocks the screen. We already know most theaters will ban fursuits, but in general it's a good idea to avoid covering your face with whatever cosplay you are rockin'. And definitely don't wear a costume that makes your head taller. Some theaters don't have stadium style seating yet, and covering the screen for some kid behind you sucks.

    Leave the parents and their kids alone. Unless you are approached by them to engage in conversation, please avoid bothering families viewing the movie. A lot of parents aren't even aware the brony fanbase exists. Friendship may be magic, but most probably don't want a 15-30something butting in on their daughter's Rainbow Dash monologue with how much better Twilight Sparkle is.

    Shower beforehand. This goes for conventions too, no one wants to smell you! Even if you think you are fine with a day off in between, do it anyway.

    Don't record and tweet during the movie. This one is obvious, but that shiny little screen of yours is distracting. And definitely don't record it.

    Leave the baby with a sitter. Surprisingly, a lot of pony fans are having kids. We are 7 years old as a fandom after all. The My Little Pony Movie has a LOT of loud and explosive action. Stuff that will most likely set babies off. It might be primarily a kid movie, but that doesn't mean everyone is cool with crying for the entire length of it.

    Obviously some of these are flexible if you are going with a 100 person meetup group and literally renting out a theater, but even in those cases, a lot of this is still relevant. Your fellow fan may not say anything, but they too just want to enjoy the movie. Lets make this showing awesome for everyone. Be cool, and above all, don't be annoying!