• More Movie and Pirate Stuff Released in Gameloft MLP Game Patch 4.0.0

    The movie content flood has finally completed on the My Little Pony Gameloft app. This continues the content dropped in the previous version, with a new town from the movie, a full pirate adventure, new characters, buildings, and more.

    To download it, hit up the usual iTunes or Google Play page.

    Below the break, get the patch notes!

    My Little Pony: The Movie is making its grand finale here in Update #30!

    With the power-hungry Tempest Shadow and Storm King invading your Equestria, the Mane Six have to go on their wildest adventure yet to set things right – and you’re coming with them! Take a trip to Klugetown to find furry & feathered characters unlike any you’ve met before, and rally the forces of Friendship in a desperate push to free your kingdom for good!

    ***WHAT’S NEW***

    Explore rustic Klugetown, home to aquatic creatures, feline friends, and many more unique characters, as you restore its districts to full glory.

    Join the Mane Six on an exciting limited-time journey through foreign lands to recruit Capper the cat and the Pirate Parrots to help sail your way to victory!

    In addition to more great ponies, you’ll meet Capper the charismatic cat, the mighty Storm King, hippogriff Princess Skystar and the many unique Klugetown citizens!

    Build up your Klugetown with great locations from the movie and more, including Resistance HQ, Smugglers' Den, Dusty Mill, Klugetown Bazaar and Adventurer's Emporium. Oh, we didn’t forget about your Ponyville either, so check out Trixie's Stage to make that place even more magical!

    Give your Klugetown that seafaring feel with the Pirates' Skiff, Pirate Flag, Abyssinian Figurine, Palm Grove, Market Tents, Lighthouse and Pirates' Chest.

    Get this update now to join the adventure and rediscover the magic of friendship!

    Thanks to Topicranger, Nicholas, and everyone else for the heads up.