• Japan Ponycon Gets Exclusive Ukiyo-e Style My Little Pony Comic Cover!

    Friendship is Magic Volume 1 Japan Ponycon Exclusive Cover
    We interrupt Applejack Day to bring you breaking news out of Japan.

    Bronies heading to The Land of the Rising Sun in January for Japan PonyCon are in for a special treat! This morning, Japan Ponycon announced they will have an exclusive cover for the Trade Paperback collection of the Japanese Translation of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Volume 1: The Return of Queen Chrysalis.

    Now that's one sentence I never thought I'd write in my life. I wonder if anyone will ever try saying it three times fast.

    Anyways, the cover by Japan PonyCon artist Kolshica , and features the Mane 6 visiting Poniko's little tea stop eating a traditional snack "manjyu" (basically steamed buns with red beans). The piece is drawn in the Ukiyo-e style of Japanese art (which flourished from the 17th – 19th centuries).

    Specifically the piece featured to the right by Kyosai Chikamro was the inspiration for this My Little Pony Cover. Absolutely incredible work!

    And Kolshica absolutely nailed the cover! Absolutely incredible work! I seriously need to get my hands on it…

    I really wish I could afford to fly to Japan Ponycon 2017, which is taking place on the weekend of November 3th & 4th!

    The exclusive cover is limited to only 200 Copies. So if you if you're heading to the convention and want to pick up a copy, be sure to pick it up quick!

    Special thanks to Yas for help with the Japanese Art history lesson!