• Applejack Day - Open Art Submissions

    The open art submissions for AJ Day have been compiled!  Altogether she earned herself 40 drawings for her event. I'm pretty sure you artists out there are the ones that ended up selling me on apples. She's pretty great now.

    Get a bunch of art below! If you want the best of compilation, go get it over here.

    [1] Source

    Post Harvest Downtime by harwicks-art

    [2] Source

    Applejack Stock Vector Redone by BugABooStreak

    [3] Source

    Applejack Cart by Malte279

    [4] Source

    Twily Coco Dash AppleJack Starlight w8 in the Pub by sallycars

    [5] Source

    Twilight Trixie Starlight Fluttershy Apple Jack by sallycars

    [6] Source

    AppleJack in Paint by sallycars

    [7] Source

    Sister Keeper by TheRavenCriss

    [8] Source

    Part of the family (Applejack Day) by VeryComicRelief

    [9] Source

    How Not To Draw Rarijack Sketch by AceWissle

    [10] Source

    Applejack sketch collage by AceWissle

    [11] Source

    AJ Day Friday! by Simon-DJPulseBeat

    [12] Source

    Just a normal day at Sweet Apple Acres by DON2602

    [13] Source

    Apple Tree by ptitemouette

    [14] Source

    Happy Father's Day! by DON2602

    [15] Source

    Applejack as Arthur (Ghosts n' Goblins) by DON2602

    [16] Source

    Human Applejack Fashion Vector by icantunloveyou

    [17] Source

    Applejack's New Tree by PerplexedPegasus

    [18] Source

    Chalk Applejack - GalaCon 2017 by Malte279

    [19] Source

    Gel Pen Applejack by Malte279

    [20] Source

    Applejack - My precious (first Marker attempt) by Malte279

    [21] Source

    Applejack Copic by BugABooStreak

    [22] Source

    by t72b

    [23] Source

    Battle-Ready AJ by Metallic-Roselle

    [24] Source

    Dagnabbit, Hat! by TexasUberAlles

    [25] Source

    Applejack's chill spot. by FidzFox

    [26] Source

    Wot In Ponderation by thediscorded

    [27] Source

    Preparations for Nightmare Night by MirrorCrescent

    [28] Source

    Applejack - The Aggravation by MustachedBain

    [29] Source

    Applejack with another Applejack (Applejacks???) by MustachedBain

    [30] Source

    Satu Applejack by Andromedasparkz

    [31] Source

    Pastel Apple by Andromedasparkz

    [32] Source

    ~I hope you're proud of me~ by Chimichangar

    [33] Source

    Halloween 2017 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre by jamescorck

    [34] Source

    AJ Day by JacksandDashes

    [35] Source

    Simple by JacksandDashes

    [36] Source

    AJ in her Work Outfit (Full Color) by JacksandDashes

    [37] Source

    AJ DAY! by 462gha

    [38] Source

    Subtext by AspieFluttershy

    [39] Source

    Applejack by AFlurryofDragons

    [40] Source