• 7 Years of Pony Celebration Event! - What Has MLP Meant To You?

    I doubt many of us thought seven years ago that we'd be lovin' cartoon horses as much as we do now. The very idea of "My Little Pony" before this crazy fandom had most of us running for the hills. It was the stuff of low end 80's cartoons, where glorified toy commercials were the norm. Surely not something that could turn into a humongous fandom with conventions all around the world, right?

    The stigma still remains if the movie reviews have been any indication, but all of us here watching this show and the millions of fans across the globe aren't addicted to it because we want to buy toys. Lauren Faust created something amazing when she pitched modern MLP to Hasbro, and we discovered a quality that just wasn't being explored in modern day cartoons.

    I don't know if Pony is the main reason for so many higher budget shows aimed at children these days, but there is no doubt that we made waves throughout the industry. Everyone wants that lightning in a bottle, and many an animation studio has started doing exactly what Lauren originally visioned - create something that both kids and their parents will get a kick out of. With fun, memorable characters, a deep and interesting world, and an art style that has inspired thousands to hop on board and draw it.

    Anyway, that's an editorial for another time. We are running an event to celebrate our 7th year of pony with a prize from K'NEX! Head on down below for the details!

    Friendship is Magic has effected all of us in different ways, and it's time to tell your story!

    Head on over to this google form, and drop off your response. Be sure to include a pony name if you don't want to use your real name.

    General rules:

    • Max 500 words
    • No Gore
    • No explicit
    • No attacking other people or politics 

    We will compile them up into one big post in a few days.

    One random winner will get a set of K'NEX pony toys, including Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity playsets: 

    Unfortunately the K'NEX set can only be shipped to the USA and Canada, so we will randomly pick a winner out of that selection. Feel free to enter the event outside these two locations though! All are welcome.

    Now go write things! The compilation will go up on Saturday with winners announced shortly after, so get your submissions in before Saturday at 12:01 AM PST!

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