• Community Soapbox #53 - Tech Vs Future of Pony Toys, Masculine Vs. Femanine, Tempest Shadow, and More!

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    Headlines for the week:

    • MLP Has a Both a Masculine and Feminine Side!
    • Is the future of MLP bleak with tech outshining toys?
    • Is becoming a mage Fluttershy's true calling?
    • Can History Not Repeat for Tempest Shadow?
    • Could Sunset Shimmer Be The Next Celestia?

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    Is the future of MLP bleak with tech outshining toys?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    While Hasbro may boast that its sales for pony are up when quarterly reports come in, I have to worry- with less babies being born in the U.S., toy stores becoming scarce, and kids more interested in buying phones and tablets for digital entertainment over actual toys that require physical exercise and/or imagination, the latter which pony toys fall into, I can’t see My Little Pony toys being a hot seller for much longer. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I just don’t see the future looking too good. Less babies being born means less of the target audience to push merch to, and digital entertainment being preferred by the youths today means less stock of toys flying off of store shelves. Of course, Hasbro to being a toy company, I am left to wonder how this shift and decline will impact them beyond the scope of MLP’s franchise…

    MLP Has a Both a Masculine and Feminine Side!
    By Booksmart

    Back in the old times, everyone is put in a norm, especially in gender roles! It was a phase We All gone through: known The Pink And Blue Syndrome" . Boys were label for blue and girls in the pink.The gender role back then had a tight legalistic on us!Males weren't allowed to Feminine things and Female weren't allowed to do Masculine things! Especially When G1 Transformers and My Little Pony made their debut, They made it clear that Boys should love Transformers and Girls should love My Little Pony and nothing more , nothing less!

    but now that We're in 2010's, things have changed! Ever since The Birth of Bronies came to be, it definity become a conflict of interest! To the Anti Bronies and girls: "Go away! MLp Is a feminine show!" From The Bronies Side: "No! MLP is masculine! " What if told I You told That My Little Pony is now Both masculine and feminine?! It's androgynous ! It's has action adventure and fantasy (masculine ) and slice of life moments attunement to one's feelings,heart, and taste for art and philosophy (feminine) It's both Equal and diverse! Look , you don't be a victim of conformity anymore! Be who you are ! just look at Shows like Star Trek & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles For examples! They are both popular for both audience s of varieties and it's heaven for them! So can My little Pony! Be who you are! Be a warrior of loyalty like Rainbow Dash, a student of science and art and knowledge like Twilght Sparkle o r a modern day messenger angel of co-existence Like Spike The Dragon! Express both your masculine and feminine qualities through MLp ! True We Bronies May not "cured The Pink and blue Syndrome" per se. But slowly but surely, every day, every year , we are breaking glass ceilings!

    Is becoming a mage Fluttershy's true calling?

    After watching A Health of Information a thought occurred to me that Fluttershy's destiny (aka official job) is to travel around Equestria healing sick ponies and animals just like Meadowbrook.

    The reason I came to this assumption is because all of the other Legends of Magic ponies are exactly like the mane six member they represent. I.e. Rarity is the embodiment of Mistmane spreading beauty and generosity across Equestria. Flash Magnus is basically a male version of RD. Rockhoof is strong yet humble just like AJ. Just like Sonambula Pinkie never gives up hope or a simile. Twilight has based her whole life off of Star Swirls teachings and has sometimes even out performed her idol.

    Yet until A Health of Information Fluttershy really wasn't anything like Mage Meadowbrook which is why I came to the conclusion that the writers intended for Fluttershy to pick up where Meadowbrook left off in which she will become a Mage and travel across Equestria healing anypony or creature that is in need. Because isn't this not the ideal destiny for the embodiment of Kindness?

    Can History Not Repeat for Tempest Shadow?
    By: Sirius Face

    We all have expectations for the MLP movie, but the most reasonable expectation was the introduction of a memorable antagonist to challenge the mane six. A good villain makes for a good hero, and it seemed reasonable that the Storm King was going to be that villain.

    Seems that role is being passed to Tempest Shadow instead. She gets the antagonist hype in the trailers, and has her own song. The Storm King has almost zero presence.

    That raises new expectations that I hope are wrong, but open up your eyes, you’ve seen this before. A unicorn villain appears, magic of friendship happens, and now they join the group of redeemed villains: Trixie, Sunset, and Starlight (Sombra too, if you count the comics).

    I don’t want this for Tempest, and I don’t believe the story of the movie can fit a believable redemption arc for her without repeating the mistake made with Sunset at the end of the first EQG movie.

    Expectations can be wrong, but I would bet money she turns good at the end of the film. That just feels like lazy, predictable writing that is so common in MLP that it borders on being a bad joke.

    Could Sunset Shimmer Be The Next Celestia?
    By: Mr AJ

    When I watched one of the Equestria Girls specials, I noticed something. In the intro wherein they show all the girls Cutie Marks, I noticed a foreign mark, until I realized that it was Sunset Shimmer's. But the odd thing is what her Cutie Mark is. A symbol of the sun. The only other pony with a sun Cutie Mark is Celestia. If Sunset was Celestia's student before Twilight arrived, would that have meant she was a candidate for replacing Celestia? Did Celestia replace Sunset with Twilight to take her place? Does Twilight study friendship so that Celestia can mend her relationship with Sunset?
    As far as I can tell, raising and setting the sun isn't something anypony can do. It is such a unique ability, that it is the Cutie Mark of anyone who can do it. So far, only Celestia has been seen doing it (Luna doesn't count, she did it with the sun Cutie Mark). Since Sunset was the best student of Celestia (before Twilight) it is likely she has learnt how to control the sun, as she has the sun Cutie Mark. Does any of what I am saying mean anything, or is it gibberish?

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