• (Update) Scootaloo Lives With Her Possibly Lesbian Aunt in Official "Ponyville Mysteries" Series

    New Update from Mike Vogel: 
    Sorry to disappoint everypony but I feel the need to clarify something before it gets out of hand... Auntie Lofty is terrible at quilting.
     Keepin it vague!

    Update 2: There we go, confirmed and everything.

    The recently released Ponyville Mysteries: Riddle of the Rusty Horseshoe actually reveals quite a bit about the home life of Scootaloo. Apparently her parents are usually away, and her father's sister "Aunt Holiday" joins her seemingly lesbian partner "Aunt Lofty" in watching over her.

    The screenshot of this was floating around earlier, so we asked someone to open their physical copy to double check that it was real, and they took two pictures of the pages it takes place on.

    We can't say this will be canon for the show, but the books do tend to try to stay somewhat accurate to the story built by the team over at DHX. Will this concept be explored in season 8? Considering Mike Vogel was also on board with this one in partnership with Nicole Dubuc, it would not be surprising. If anyone at Hasbro could convince them to open up to newer ideas, it's him.

    Anyway, go get the pictures of the page below.

    Thanks to Ajnrules for the images.