• Hasbro Investor Webcast Contains Tons of Info - Equestria Girls SERIES, Growth of Pony and More

    Lots of interesting tidbits in a Hasbro Investor Webcast that was released today! Everything from Equestria Girls to a bunch of cool information on the growth of the series. Apparently there are plans to have Equestria Girls expand to a series that will be found on Youtube, so for those of you wondering what the future the series may hold you finally have a bit of an answer!

    Furthermore, Hasbro has a handy chart showing the growth of MLP, before the show, after the show and what they predict after the movie. Things are looking good for the series!

    I haven't listened to the webcast myself and only gone through the slides, but check on after the break for the graph I talked about as well as a link to where you can listen to the webcast.

    Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

    Didn't get a good look at the center picture in the header above but it appears to have some characters and a location I don't recognize? Something from season 8?


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