• Poll Results: How Deep into Pony Oblivion Are You? (AKA Clop Poll)

    Welp... that happened. It's OK though! Spotlight totally isn't judging you. She isn't looking deep into the souls of 46% of this websites audience and wondering where it all went wrong. She's not at all looking back at older polls and seeing how many have swapped into the deepest point of pony oblivion while questioning what process lead us here.  She's not super relieved that that side of the fandom has largely left her alone, even if they are frequently exposed to her face all over the place. Nope! Everything is fine.

    Seriously though, in an artistic and animation driven fandom like ours, we are always going to attract some oddities. I hear even at Disney the artists draw lewd stuff and slap it on the walls as a joke. Stuff involving Mickey and Mini that would make even the most hardened of Deviant Art users blush. Art is weird man.

    ANYWAY, lets send some people to Equestria. Seems like a lot of you would be right at home there.  New poll time:

    Would you become a pony or stay human if sent to Equestria?

    Go vote on the side bar, and get the results of this one below!