• PIRATE Pony Plushies Listed by Toywiz

    It looks like Guardians of Harmony isn't stopping at just figures as Walmart exclusives. Toywiz has popped up a listing for a new Rainbow Dash pirate. Exact description:

    The Guardians of Harmony are ready for an adventure at sea! Inspired by My Little Pony the Movie, this soft and cuddly Rainbow Dash plush figure is designed to look like a pirate! Approximately 9 inches in size, she's adorably colorful with movie-inspired pirate details. Pretend to recreate favorite scenes from the movie or imagine new stories with this huggable pony plush figure. 

     Unfortunately we don't have any images yet.

     You can pick her up over here. Shipments happen in September.

    Thanks to Raritymlp for the heads up.