• Forest Rain's Winter Moon Festival Concert Survey

    Prominent musician Forest Rain has gotten together with a whole bunch of other experienced people, and is in the process of planning a big standalone concert event featuring a whole heap of different fandom musicians. To help make it the best event it can be though, she needs some feedback from you all! There's a survey you can fill out here, and a bunch more information from their website below!

    'Forest Rain has partnered with musicians and technicians throughout the fandom and around the world in an effort to provide you, the brony fandom, with the ultimate concert experience

    We are proud to announce: The Winter Moon Festival

    A proposed 2-day event jam-packed with a healthy dose of fandom favorite musicians as well as plenty of new and undiscovered acts from around the country.

    Convention concerts have been a fantastic creative expression of the brony fandom, run by dedicated individuals who put the utmost effort into creating the best possible atmosphere– but we have found that they have limitations when it comes to the concert experience. We want to create a truly immersive event that is entirely focused on the music and performers.

    But before we start with fundraising efforts or musician applications, we want to find out how to provide you with the absolute best concert experience possible. That’s why we’re asking you to take 5-10 minutes to fill out a short survey— just head on over to our survey and answer the questions as fully and truthfully as you can.

    Please continue to watch our website, Twitter, and Facebook, or sign up for our mailing list if you’d like to receive updates on our progress. We’re very excited to be working on this event, and can’t wait to give you more details!

    Think you can help? Complete our volunteer application and show us your stuff!'