• MLP:CCG Defenders of Equestria Prerelease Map Now Available

    The new set of the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game is almost here! Prerelease events start in just one week, running from June 9 through June 11, and the street date for buying packs is June 16. A map of locations in North America to play at a prerelease event can be found here.

    Prerelease is the first chance to get 8 packs of Defenders of Equestria early, plus each player gets a promo foil version of the DoE Song Card "It's Gonna Work," the new Changeling Token and set button both featuring Thorax as a classic buggy changeling, and the rarely seen Apple Bloom Earth Pony Token from Marks in Time. There are also winner prizes and door prizes of stuff like MLP dog tags and pins, packs from previous MLP:CCG sets, and super rare all-foil packs.

    If your store isn't on the map and you think it should be, be sure to contact [email protected] to straighten things out. There is an international map coming soon. Anyone in North America, be sure to check out the map that's up now. Plan it out like Twilight and maybe you make it to more than one.