• Vinyl & Octavia Day - Open Art Submissions!

    I think this one represnts this post well. Some have honed their craft over years and demand perfection, while others are still learning and just enjoying the act of art. There are no quality control requirements here, just freedom of art!

    Below the break, get some pones from people at all levels of skill. If you are looking for the best-ofs with Octavia and Vinyl, you can get those over here.

    [1] Source

    Arts and Crafts by CloudyGlow

    [2] Source

    Music by ptitemouette

    [3] Source

    How To Train Your Octavia Melody by BubblegumBeats

    [4] Source

    Noteworthy Roommates by FortressBrony

    [5] Source

    Lovely Melody by ElusiveAutumn

    [6] Source

    Lazy Afternoon in Canterlot by nowego

    [7] Source

    Chibi Octavia Bust by Tinyninja9000

    [8] Source

    DJ-ADON3 vs DudleyTavia - Who'll come out on top? by DON2602

    [9] Source

    Musichoerses by StartledFlowerPony

    [10] Source

    Prescription Lenses by TexasUberAlles

    [11] Source

    Tiny Huge Tavi and Pon3 relaxin' in da City! by RupertBlueFox

    [12] Source

    Vinyl by doogong1688

    [13] Source

    Naptime by EbonyCrystal1986

    [14] Source

    Vinyl and Octavia by Flourret

    [15] Source

    Fancy Pants and Commoner Musicians by TsaritsaLuna

    [16] Source

    Musical Harmony by xThe-Bubbly-One

    [17] Source

    Those Two Musicians by Huffy26

    [18] Source

    Dubstep Bed by bobthedalek

    [19] Source

    by 3pwnys

    [20] Source

    Musicians by Alexander56910

    [21] Source

    DJ Pon-3 by MLPpencilArt

    [22] Source

    Vinyl and Octavia by Chrispowa

    [23] Source

    Chibi Vinyl Scratch and Octavia by vcm1824

    [24] Source

    V and O Old Style by MrFlubberNugget

    [25] Source

    Vinyl and Tavi by BlazieLight

    [26] Source

    Octavia and Vinyl Celebration day! by Katakiuchi4U

    [27] Source

    Thank You Everypony, and Good Night! by punzil504

    [28] Source

    The Piano Mares (Vinyl and Octavia - the album) by PattiBCreations

    [29] Source

    Level-Cap-Challenge-Day-40 Lv130 Not Sorry by bassmegapokemonlover

    [30] Source

    Vinyl Octavia by Brok-Enwings

    [31] Source

    5 Minutes Sketch: Octavia Day by LiaAqila

    [32] Source

    Dj pon3 Vinyl and Octavia in MS-Paint by sallycars

    [33] Source

    by t72b

    [34] Source

    by t72b

    [35] Source

    by t72b

    [36] Source

    by t72b

    [37] Source -Wissle

    [38] Source -Wissle

    [39] Source -Wissle

    [40] Source -Olivia

    [41] Source -CrescentScript

    [42] Source -Steven

    [43] Source -StrandedPenguin

    [44] Source -Blast Processor

    [45] Source - Blast Processor

    [46] Source

    [47] Source