• Top Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Animations!

    These two have spawned quite a few giant animation projects involving their various fanon relationships over the years, and this is a compilation of some of the best! Feel free to share any we may have missed in the comments, but I think we have the majority of them.

    Go get them below!

    [1] Source

    My Little Pony in The Sims - Episode 2 - Octavia and Vinyl Scratch by Yudhaikeledai

    [2] Source

    Vinyl and Octavia - Sunrise Surprise by DILeak Studios

    [3] Source

    A Tropical Octav3 Animation by AnimatedJames

    [4] Source

    Epic Wub Time: Musicians of Ponyville by Alligator Tub Productions

    [5] Source

    Octavia's birthday |Animation| by AgrolChannel

    [6] Source

    I Am Octavia [Animation] by TehJadeh

    [7] Source

    Vinylicious (Feat: Nowacking) by ShadesofEverfree

    [8] Source

    Vinyl Fair by ShadesofEverfree

    [9] Source

    Take a Bow by ExudesAffluence

    [10] Source

    Once Upon a Time in Canterlot by kanashiipanda