• Vinyl & Octavia Day - 15 Great Songs to Celebrate With!

    Can't have a music pony day without a music pony post! We've seen these two dominate the scene for years now with every genre on the planet, and quite a few songs have gone absolutely huge over the years. I know I'm probably not the only one that had a few of these on repeat for a month.

    Go get some Vinyl and Octavia music below!


    [1] Source

    YourEnigma - Tavi and Scratch - "On Hold" (Ft. Rhyme Flow) by Yourenigma

    [2] Source

    YourEnigma - Tavi and Scratch - My Roommate is a 'Bassist' by Yourenigma

    [3] Source

    YourEnigma - Tavi and Scratch - I'll Come Running (Feat. Lady Aria) by Yourenigma

    [4] Source

    Evening Star - Octavia by Evening Star

    [5] Source

    Carbon Maestro - Strings Unbound by Carbon Maestro

    [6] Source

    Song - Dubstep Dishwasher by The Living Tombstone

    [7] Source

    I Am Octavia [Animation] by TehJadeh

    [8] Source

    Cherax Destructor - The Rescue by Cherry D

    [9] Source

    No Strings Attached (Octavia Battle Theme) by Jeffthestrider

    [10] Source

    Chain Algorithm - Elements of Harmonics (DJ Pon-3 vs. Octavia) by ChainAlgorithmOfficial

    [11] Source

    Octavia's Overture - SlyphStorm (reimagining The Living Tombstone) by SlyphStormARCHIVE

    [13] Source

    YourEnigma - Tavi and Scratch - "Are We Insane?" (Feat. Eile Monty) by Yourenigma

    [14] Source

    Swing! Tavi Swing! - By Joaftheloaf by Joaftheloaf

    [15] Source

    Silva Hound ft. Odyssey Eurobeat - Come Alive (Original Mix) by Silva Hound