• Season 7 Gettin' Saucy! Spicy Synopsis for All of it Revealed!

    Good news, sauce fans! The already-revealed first four episodes of the new season won’t be the only ones sponsored by the WWCSP (World-Wide Collective Sauce Party). They’ve signed on for the whole enchilada! So here’s the complete sampler platter, including those four appetizers you’ve no doubt grown to love, as well as episodes 5-26. It’s as saucy as the FCC (Federal Condiments Commission) will allow, so open wide and take a big bite!

    Sauces for Horses, Part 1

    Twilight Sparkle is exiled from Ponyville when she reveals that she honestly can’t tell the difference between cheese packet sauce made with powder and water, and cheese sauce made from the finest ingredients. Can she convince Ponyville of the error of its ways?

    Sauces for Horses, Part 2

    A mysterious benefactor sends Twilight Sparkle a sample of the latest scientifically created cheese packet sauces. This could usher in a bubbly, melting, golden age of cheese awareness and end the debate once and for all. But just where did that serendipitous technological advance come from? That will have to remain a mystery, and it’s not like Twilight could taste the difference anyway.

    Eggs Benedict Arnold

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders try to make breakfast in bed for their siblings, but instead make a giant hollandaise monster.

    High Sauce-iety

    Rarity enters a competition to make the best white sauce, but so does Twilight. Will class win over books?

    Using Your Noodle

    Applejack has always sworn Granny Smith makes the best pasta Bolognese ever, but when Pinkie Pie introduces her to fettucine alfredo, will she have to admit to her new tastes? Or will she be able to keep the secret?

    Rainbow Dash Goes To Jail

    Rainbow Dash decides ice cream needs to be more awesome, so she adds liquid rainbow extract. But when everyone adores her new sauce, how will she keep up supply once her legal stash runs out?

    Duck, Duck, Goose

    Lyra likes to spout homey expressions she claims to have learned from humans, but when “sauce for the goose” enrages the local anserine population, she must spend the day avoiding them.

    The Egg and I

    Fluttershy likes mustard on her eggs, but how will she react when she finds out this is highly offensive to her chickens?

    To-may-to, To-mah-to

    Scootaloo is running while holding a bottle of ketchup, trips and gets it all over her. Everyone thinks she is dead - how long will Scootaloo pretend to be a corpse to prevent social embarrassment?

    BBQ For You

    Twilight Sparkle gets addicted to drinking barbeque sauce. However the side effect is that her wings fall off - will buffalo wings prove an adequate replacement?

    Twilight Signs Up To Tumblr

    Twilight Sparkle worries that white sauce is racist, and so attempts to have it banned from all of Equestria

    The Tooth, And Nothing But The Tooth

    Apple Bloom makes the most delicious sauce - but the secret ingredient is Granny Smith’s teeth, which fell into the pot! How can she get more old person teeth to continue production?

    Ponyville Nightmares

    In a final attempt to stop Twilight Sparkle from being awful, Celestia sends Gordon Ram-Sey to sort her out.

    Ponyville Goes Meta

    Trixie returns to Ponyville, but leaves as everyone is too busy making really unfunny sauce-related puns.

    Stir Crazy

    At the Great Equestrian Cook-off, Mulia Mild introduces her slow-roasted pesto, but what makes this version green? Some kind of herb the griffons call “catnip,” and it makes them half-crazy, but when Capper makes an accidental pre-movie appearance to taste it, he spends the entire day staring off and pawing at the air. Will he live down reports of his catatonic caterwauling, or will catastrophe arise when he’s categorized as an embarrassment?

    Sweet or Savoury?

    When Sweetie Belle dies after eating a green crisp, Rarity goes mad and constructs a replacement out of sauce bottles and string. How will Sweetie Belle’s ghost react when no-one notices the difference?

    The Return of King Sombrero

    King Sombra returns in disguise as King Sombrero, salsa salesman. But he soon discovers that the simple art of salsa is more fulfilling than being an evil overlord - can he continue his new life or will Scootaloo uncover his secret and ruin everything for everyone forever?

    Now You Sea Me

    Rainbow Dash makes a terrible, terrible error when told to make a cocktail for the prawn ambassador. Facing trial by combat for turning the ambassador into a delicious dessert, she does the only thing she can - switch places with Scootaloo.

    The Death of Twilight Sparkle

    At an important state dinner, Twilight Sparkle serves packet mix cheese sauce to Princess Celestia. How will Celestia take her revenge?

    Hitting the Sauce

    Pinkie Pie has a problem with fudge, so she enters a twelve-step program, but when you have four legs, that’s only like three paces, right?

    Scanners 2

    Pinkie Pie buys some hot sauce that makes your head explode - literally! As Ponyville becomes addicted to the stuff, only Rainbow Dash is immune as she has no sense of taste. Can she save the town and get the heads back on the right bodies? Or will Ponyville forever be reenacting Sleepy Hollow?

    Citing Your Sauces

    When Twilight Sparkle discovers her personal book of recipes has been plagiarized, she must find the perpetrator and instruct them in proper citation format, because ignorance of that is the only conceivable reason they would have failed to give her credit.

    Say Cheese

    Twilight Sparkle brings her cheese sauce packet mix to the ‘Sauciest Pony of the Year’ competition after horrifically misunderstanding everything about it. Disaster ensues.

    A Souper Day Out

    When Apple Bloom dies after drinking an energy drink and eating icing sugar at the same time, Twilight and friends go on a mission to change history and bring the little pony back to life - but they go too far back to the dawn of time and accidently stop life forming in the primordial soup. Can Twilight work out the recipe for the soup of life - with only a cheese sauce packet mix at her disposal?

    Clearly a Vegetable, Part 1

    Applejack is stabbed after getting in an argument about whether peppers are a fruit or a vegetable. Twilight must solve the riddle for a final time, before more ponies fall victim!

    Actually it’s a Fruit, Part 2

    Twilight Sparkle determines that it doesn’t really matter, because they all taste great when smothered in cheese packet sauce like that she received in the season premier, leading Kraft Foods to establish a monopoly in town. Their new business representative, Kraftos, claims that everything will continue as normal, but soon the entirety of Ponyville becomes dedicated to making squares of plastic cheese.